MP Board Class 11th Special English Letter and Application Writing Important Questions

MP Board Class 11th Special English Letter and Application Writing Important Questions

Question 1.
Write a letter to your father asking for more money.
Answer :
Jubilee Hostel,
Curzon Road, New Delhi.
19th January, 20……..

My dear Papa,
I received your money order for Rs. 4000/- today. Papa I don’t want to press you with my ever-increasing demand of money. But you will appreciate that the hostel fees has been increased recently. Mess charges too have been enhanced. I know you are meeting my expenses with great difficulties. But I am also helpless. Believe me I don’t spend a single rupee more than what is needed absolutely. Papa I need Rs. 2000/- more even to cope with my normal expenses. I feel, I am asking you for tightening your belt still further, but take this amount as a kind of investment. The moment I achieve my goal, I shall provide you with all the comforts that I can provide you with hope, you will not mind me this request.

Yours loving son,

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Question 2.
You are Supriya, resident of LIG-47, Rohinipurum, Raipur. Write a letter to your friend Jeena at E-7 Bhopal, congratulating her for her brilliant success in the examination.
Answer :

LIG-47, Rohinipurum,
5th May, 20………

My dear Jeena,
Hope this letter finds you in the pink of your health. I am glad to know that you have passed your examination in flying colours. My hearty congratulations to you. I wish you good luck for your further success.

However, I am glad to inform you that my younger sister’s marriage has been fixed. It will take place on 14th June, 2012. We want you to come down here on 1st week of June. The invitation card will be sent to your family soon. Please ask your parents also to attend the marriage.

You will also be glad to know that I have passed my pre-board examination in good marks and hoping to do still better in the final.

Rest is fine convey my regards to all at home.

Yours truly,

Question 3.
Write an application in not more than 120 words to your Principal requesting him to allow you to take Biology subjects instead of Mathematics subjects. (Imp)
Answer :
The Principal,
Govt. Girls’ Higher Sec. School,
Devendra Nagar,

Sub. : Change of group.

This year I have sought admission in XIth class in your school. I had intended to take Maths initially and with that aim I had filled up Maths group. But now I feel that I had made a mistake, Biology group would be better for me. Hence, I fervently request you to allow me to change to Biology group.

Hope you would sympathetically look into my matter and allow me to change my subjects.

Thanking you,

Yours obediently,
Rinku Verma

Dated : 14th July, 20………

Question 4.
Write a letter to a stranger, thanking him for sending you back your lost bag containing some money and important documents.
Answer :
M-19, Kirti Nagar,
New Delhi-110015.
3rd Nov., 20………

Dear Mr. Sunil,
I don’t know how to thank you for the return of my bag which I had left in the park, a few days back. I was really worried that I shall never get back my bag which contained very important documents pertaining to my flat without which I shall never be able to get the possession of my flat. By returning it you have really done a great service. Words fail to express my gratitude to you. I shall never forget this goodwill gesture. I don’t know how to repay this goodwill gesture. You have revived my faith in goodness of some people like you. I shall be very glad if you come to my place for returning the bag. I would love to be some use to you, if you deem it necessary.

Yours sincerely,
Sabhya Sachi

Question 5.
Write a letter of condolence to a friend on the death of his father. (M.P. 2015)
Answer :

G-53, Green Park,
New Delhi.
10th Feb., 20………

Dear Amrit,
I was shocked to learn about the sudden death of your dear father. The news was indeed a holt from the blue. It is indeed a great loss to all the members of your family. My dear friend, don’t loss heart. We must accept death boldly as we have to face death one or other day, so never get disheartened. You being the eldest brother must take care of the family. You must work very hard so that nobody in your family feels the absence of your father. I am sure God will give you the courage to face this calamity.

It is not easy to bear the loss. But if one thinks deeply, one cannot but face the facts and try to adjust oneself to life accordingly. I pray to God to give solace to the departed soul of your father and provide all of you with the strength to bear the loss.

Yours affectionately,

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Question 6.
Write an application to the Principal of your school for the grant of full fee concession. (Imp)
Answer :
5601, Lakhe Nagar,
22nd Jan., 20……..

The Principal,
National Convent School,
Shankar Nagar,

Sub. : Grant of full fee concession.

Respected Sir,
I am a student of class XI, section ‘B’ of your school. I migrated from Hindu High School. Sir my father is a petty shopkeeper. We are six school going brothers and sisters. With petty earning my father is able to make two square meals. We live from hand to mouth. I have great interest in both the studies and sports. I have been the captain of my previous school cricket team. I secured first class in my X class examination. Keeping in view my performance in my studies and games, you would kindly grant me full fee concession so that I can complete my school education without extra burden on my father’s meager income.

Yours obediently,
Sourabh Roy.

Question 7.
Write a letter to your mother describing your school and complaining against the food you get in your school.
Answer :

23, Boys Hostel,
NCS, Sundar Nagar,
Sagar (M.P.).
21st Nov., 20………

My dear Mother,
I am worried to know from father’s letter that you are not keeping well. Please take care of your health properly.

You will glad to know that my school is located at a beautiful hill side. The view all around is green. The climate is also very pleasant here. Our hostel is situated within the school compound. Here we have all facilities like playground, library, mess, etc. However, you pained to know that the food served here is of poor quality. Mostly cold stale food is served. This has reduced my appetite. Anyway do not bother for me. Some way I will get accustomed to it. Take care of your health Mummy, I would have certainly come to see you personally but for my periodic tests. Please convey my regards to dear father and love to Tinku.

Yours affectionately,

Question 8.
Write an application to Deputy Commissioner of your zone for a district board scholarship to enable you to join college.
Answer :

13/285-Nehru Nagar,
June 4th, 20………

The Deputy Commissioner,
Gwalior (M.P.).

Sub. : Grant of scholarship.

I respectfully beg to apply for the grant of scholarship, to enable me to continue my studies in the university.
I appeared in the matriculation examination from the Delhi Public School, Maroda Bhilai and passed in 1st division.

I belong to a respectable zamindar family. My father is a lambardar of our village and several members of our family have served during world wartime : Now my father is a poor man and has to support a large family. Therefore, I need financial assistance to continue my studies.

I enclose my testimonials along with character certificate and T.C. I was a good student and I hope that you will consider my case sympathetically.

I have the honour to be your most obedient servant.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Bhawna Thakur.

Question 9.
Write a letter to the Sanitary Inspector of your town about the insanitary condition of your locality. (Imp)
The Sanitary Inspector
Bhopal Municipal Corporation
Bhopal (M.P.).

It is indeed regretting and unfortunate that the local civic bodies have remained indifferent towards the cleaning of our town.

Our town presently is in a sorry state of affairs.

There are no sweepers to clear the heaps of garbage that he unattended and start emitting foul smell. The garbage also attracts street dogs and pigs who scatter this garbage on the road. The drains of our locality are perpetually blocked and this creates totally insanitary and unhygienic conditions. Installation of dustbins in the locality has not really helped to improve the situation because even if people, make use of these dustbins to disposes of garbage, these dustbins are rarely emptied. It is advisable to supply big polythene litter bags, instead of dustbins, which make disposition of garbage easier. The water logging in the locality has proved an ideal breeding place for mosquitoes. The need of the hour is to have regular visits of officials from your department to inspect the locality and to have meetings with the residents of the locality in order to make our locality a better and hygienic place to live in.

I hope you will personally supervise this situations and well bring improvement in the situation very soon.

Date 27 Nov., 20……..

Yours sincerely,
D-232, Devendra Nagar

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Question 10.
Write a letter to the Editor of a local newspaper about the importance of knowing the first aid.
The Editor Hitavada
17th Nov. 20……….

Last week, I witnessed and accident near the school gate where a child fell down and hurt himself badly. The people standing around were unable to do anything except look on helplessly. It was at this movement that I realized the importance of knowing first-aid.

I feel that it is imperative for students specially and the people in general to at least have the basic knowledge of rendering first-aid in case of an emergency. The use of first-aid often helps us to sustain a life till proper medical aid is available. The knowledge of first-aid will prove helpful not only in case of an accident, but also to treat a burn victim, help a drowned casualty and at times just to stop one from bleeding. The importance of first-aid should be instilled into the minds of children at the school stage itself so that they do not panic in an accidental situation but cautiously and sensibly put their knowledge about rendering first-aid to the person who requires it into practice. Nothing is more precious to a person than his life and if timely use of first-aid can help someone till the time professional medical help is available, it can prove to be the life-saving remedy.

Yours truly,
Ajay Kumar.

MP Board Class 11th Special English Important Questions

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