MP Board Class 11th Special English Writing Skills Important Questions

MP Board Class 11th Special English Writing Skills Important Questions


A paragraph is a short composition, relating to one idea.

Features :

  • A paragraph is short, but there are no specific rules about how short it should be.
  • The introduction of the subject may be given in the first sentences. It should rouse the interest of the reader.
  • Logical sequence of thoughts should be maintained. One sentences should lead to the other.
  • Sentences should have different types of construction and should vary in length.
  • Unnecessary repetition of words should be avoided.
  • Ambiguous words or phrases should be avoided.
  • The conclusion may be stated in the last sentence.

MP Board Solutions

1. Write a paragraph in about 100 words, how you would like to set up and decorate your room. You may use the following suggestions as well as your own ideas :

reflect personality — favorite color scheme — arrangement of furniture. sleeping area — study and work area – cupboard -decoration, posters etc.

A Room of My Own (M.P. 2013)

My rooms is a place of my own in our new house. I have planned to decorate it according to my heart. It will reflect my personality. The walls will be painted off-white : neither shining like ivory nor dull like cream. My bed cover, curtains and pictures will be matching or contrasting the color scheme of walls or ceiling. I’II like to avoid over-crowding my room. So I’ll keep minimum furniture–my bed, a study table, shelves for books and music system. I will put my painting on the front wall. The vase in the corner will have fresh flowers to make my room fragrant and beautiful.

2. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on the ‘Role of Students in National Development’. You may use the following suggestions as well as your own ideas :

pride of nation — uplift and development – global village — responsibility of youth. problems — techniques in agriculture_valuable guidance — self employment.

Role of Students in National Development

Students are the pride and glory of a nation. The can play a very constructive role in the progress, uplift and development of a country. Information Technology has turned the world into a global village. Our educated youth have a tremendous responsibility on their young shoulders. Our country is over-populated and beset with poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and superstitions. Students can enlighten the villagers about new techniques in agriculture. By making them literate, students provide them with valuable guidance in establishing cooperative societies. This will help in generating money through self-employment.

3. Air Pollution and Children

The biggest threat to a child’s health these days is air pollution. This is major cause of respiratory diseases among children, especially in big cities and towns. The number of vehicles on the roads is increasing day-by-day. These emit poisonous gases, which permeate the atmosphere and lead to diseases like asthma and even cancer. Many industries located in these cities also add to air pollution. The Government must do something concrete to prevent air pollution so that the people, especially children can live healthy lives.

4. School Annual Day And Prize Distribution Function (Imp)

The Annual Day and Prize Distribution Function of our school was celebrated on 18th – December this year. The Chief Guest, State Education Minister, was received by the principal and the members of the Staff. He inaugurated the function by lighting a lamp. The function began with invocation of Goddess Sarswati. Then the Principal read out the Annual Report. After a series of cultural performances, the chief guest honoured the outstanding students with medals and certificates. In a brief but inspirational speech the Chief Guest exhorted us to perform better. The function ended with the singing of the national anthem.

5. Where there is a Will there is a Way

When we are determined to do a thing however different is may be we find a way to do it. Napoleon well said Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools. And he crossed the Alps. All the hurdles are conquered by persistent efforts. So our will must be strong enough to do a difficult task. Our goal is not very far if our will is very strong.

6. Work is Worship (Imp)

It is will said that hard work is a key to success. Success visits those who are diligent and industries. If we shirk work, we shall never prosper and shall never be happy. We shall bad a miserable life. In fact, we are the architect of our own fate. And it is hard work and continuous labour which clinch matters. Even if we are born with a silver spoon in mouth, we must inculcate the habit of hard work in us to sustain our inheritance. Hard work has built empire after empires. So we must take it for granted that there is no way to fortune except through hard labor.

7. Knowledge is Power (Imp)

Power does not flow from the barrel of the gun. It flows from the knowledge you are armed with it is through teh might of sheer knowledge that you can sway a scene. It is the procession of knowledge that makes masters the lack of it slaves. History bears testimony that it is not Hitlers or mussolins who rule our hearts but it is Einsteins or faradays who have pre-eminently enagaged our hearts and minds. A storehouse of knowledge is more powerful than a storehouse of arms.

MP Board Solutions

8. Criminals are not Born but Circumstances make them (M.P. 2013)

Most people must have thought the wars occured due to the invention of weapons. It is also presumed that criminals are born due to weapons, but the truth of the matter is that criminals are not born but circumstances make them. Circumstances force a person to bring a change in the mind of the people. It is said that struggle creates struggle and peace creates peace. Circumstances of a person leads her/him towards the pit of criminals. At times due to hard life situation a person looses hope on god and is easily lead to the world of criminals. Thus, circumstances can play a vital role in turning a good human being to bad.


Newspaper reports are objective description of events or thought-provoking essays.

Features :

  • A newspaper report (or a report in the school magazine) is a factual account of events written in an objective manner in the form of a short article.
  • It can also be a short essay, discussing an issue that affects many people.
  • The report starts with an appropriate headline.
  • Name of the place and date are mentioned in the beginning.
  • The first sentence is usually an expansion of the headline.
  • Facts shouit be accurate.
  • The report should be objective.
  • Views of the people concerned can be included. However, facts and views should be kept separate.


1. Bus Mows Down Siblings
(By local correspondent)

Ujjain, Dec. 12 : In what may be called a rather ghastly accident, two school children, a brother and a sister, were moved down by a city bus operating in the Free Ganj Area. The children were on their way back home from school walking down the road when a speeding bus which had swerved to the left to avoid collision with an auto-rickshaw coming from the opposite side, ran over the children. They died on the way to hospital.

The crowed on the husy road immediately reacted and prevented the bus driver from ‘making his escape. The angry mob pulled him out and beat him. He is in police custody.

Meanwhile the local police have arrested the owner of the bus. The bus has been impounded and the driver’s license has been confiscated. The S. P. (Traffic) has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

The parents are inconsolable.

2. Yesterday a fire broke out in the busy Bada Bazaar area. More than 1,000 shops were gutted. There has been a heavy loss of life and property. As a correspondent of a local daily, write a report.
Answer :

A Fire Accident (M.P. 2013)
(By local correspondent)

It was found yesterday that a fire broke out in the busy main market of Bada Bazaar Area last night: The fire flames were seen at about 9 o’clock at night the fire spread so fearfully and furiously that it covered the entire market in no time. The reporter by chance passing by the way caught hold of the incident and at once phoned the fire brigade. The fire brigade did appear in time but it took time to locate the water point. In the meantime more than 1000, shops were gutted, the fire scene became frightening. Numberless people gathered and tried to put the fire out. The fire brigade sprayed water continuously. Within, about four hours the fire subsided the damage is estimated near about 15 crores in all. The cause of fire is supposed to be by short-circuit. There is a heavy loss of life and property.


A diary entry is the record of a person’s feelings or thoughts or activities during the course of a particular day.

Features :

  • Diary entries are short compositions. They are like letters which one writes to one’s own self.
  • They are written in an informal style.
  • As the content of diary entries are generally about feelings, emotions and observation, it is a good practice to use a logical and coherent style,

MP Board Solutions

1. Sonali wrote this diary entry on her Annual Sports Day
December 12
I was so nervous standing on the far side of racetrack. The stadium was almost filled to the capacity. As the last runner of the 4 x 100 metres relay. I had the final responsibility to defend the honour of my House. But I felt feel shaking. Was it at, physical weakness? Or was my mind playing tricks on me? I closed my eyes and prayed to God to give me the strength. The sound of the whistler told me the race had began. The roar of the spectators was deafening. All the children were cheering their houses, and the parents their children. I still could not open my eyes. Suddenly, I remembered what Papa had told me before the race. “Sonu, remember, it is just a race. There will be only one winner. But that does not mean that my daughter will be a loser even if she loses the race.’ My eyes opened. The race was almost three-quarters over. Maria, who had to hand over the baton to me in the final lap, was almost ten feet behind the runner from the Green House. “Maria, come on !’ I shouted. The change over was smooth, and I ran with all my might. All the sounds, all the roar became meaning less. I had to reach the finish line. I had to make up for the ten feet gap. And I had to beat the Green House. But I dared not look over my shoulder. I just ran. Another roar sounded in my ears, with cheers of ‘Red House !’ As I crossed the finish line, I realized I had beaten the Green house girl. I had won! Red House had won !

On the victory podium, I stood proudly with my team-mates, my eyes searching for Papa and Mama. I could not locate them. But I knew they were at me, only at me. Their girl, who was not a loser.


To :


Subject :
Congrats !
Hi Ajay,
Great to know u got the job!
When do we get the treat?

Compose e-mail messages on the following themes :
1. You are Deepa. Compose an e-mail to your friend Jaya whose address is, asking her to mail you the pictures she had collected for the science project.
Answer :
To :


Subject :
Science Project.
Hi jaya ! U’v got the pictures for science projects send them to me soon.

2. You are Managing Director of Agro-products Ltd. Write an e-mail massage wishing Happy Diwali on behalf of your firm, intended to be sent to three of your vice presidents.
(Hint: Write one e-mail address in the ‘To’box and other two in the ‘Cc’box separated by a semi-colon).
Answer :

Darshan 101;

Subject :
Happy Diwali
Hi Everyone
I wish Happy Diwali to all of you on behalf of Agro Products Ltd. We pray this Diwali brings more joy & prosperity to your family.
Anju Sharma

MP Board Solutions

V. Writing Advertisements

Advertisements are mostly used to publicize products and services and to give information,

Features :

  • Advertisements can be broadly divided into two categories : classified advertisements and display advertisements.
  • Classified advertisements are put under definite headings for easy reference such as : Situation Vacant, Matrimonial and Education.
  • Display advertisements are meant for publication as well as display as signboard, hoarding, filmslide etc.
  • Display advertisements have catchy headlines or punch lines. ..
  • Display advertisements are made attractive by using visuals like photographs, cartoons, logos, attractive fonts etc.

1. Examples : Classified Advertisement

Alliance invited for Nigam, 32/
170, Doctor MS (Ortho.) hand
some boy working in Mumbai,
salary five figures, from doctor
girl. Caste no barrier. Please
write with photograph to Box
No. 31402/07, Dainik Bhasker,

Required teachers, preferably female
for teaching the following languages:
ENGLISH Attractive salary, Contact
with resume: MD. ‘Linguistics’ E-4/900
Area Colony, Bhopal.

2. Display Advertisement
MP Board Class 11th Special English Writing Skills Important Questions 1

Vi. Formal Report Writing

Ravi Bajaj’s School adopted a village for a literacy project. His Principal has asked him, as the leader of the literacy group, to write a report on the progress made after three months.
Answer :
From : Ravi Bajaj
To : The Principal
Model School, Jhabua
30, Nov. 2013

Literacy Report : Village Peepal Haat, Distt. Jhabua

I have been asked to submit a short report on the progress made so far in the Literary Project in the adopted village, Peepal Haat. The following are the finding and recommen dations.

The project started on 4 July and regular classes are being held for two hours every alternate day. On an average, 48 illiterates attend the classes.

Initially the adults were reluctant to learn. Gradually they overcame their inhibitions and now they even discuss their confusions. Most of them are found to be making a serious attempt to learn to read and write. A few of them have expressed their gratitude to the school for providing them with the opportunity.

Since there is a marked improvement in attendance, it is recommended that the hours of teaching be increased. Alternatively, classes may be taken every day. More students may be assigned the duty of teaching illiterates, as this itself is a learning process.

MP Board Solutions

It is felt that the period of three months is very short for a proper assessment. A detailed evaluation would be done at later stage.

Ravi Bajaj
Group Leader

MP Board Class 11th Special English Important Questions

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