MP Board Class 12th General English Report Writing

MP Board Class 12th General English Report Writing

अच्छी Report की विशेषताएँ :

  1. Relevant [प्रासंगिक]-Report जिस घटना या गतिविधि को प्रस्तुत कर रही है, उससे सम्बन्धित सभी पहलुओं का सत्य एवं पूर्ण विवरण होना चाहिए। आँखों देखी या सुनी गई घटना या गतिविधि के अतिरिक्त [अन्य विषयों का] Report में समावेश नहीं होना चाहिए।
  2. Brief [संक्षिप्त]-Report का संक्षिप्त होना अत्यावश्यक है। बहुत अधिक विस्तृत Report किसी भी दृष्टि से उपयोगी नहीं होती है।
  3. Clear [स्पष्ट]-Report बिल्कुल स्पष्ट होनी चाहिए। किसी अस्पष्ट बिन्दु को इसमें सम्मिलित नहीं किया जाना चाहिए। रिपोर्ट की विषय-वस्तु व्यवस्थित होनी चाहिए।
  4. Factual[वास्तविक]-Report तथ्यों पर आधारित होनी चाहिए। तथ्य प्रामाणिकता पर आधारित हों।
  5. Report में अपनी राय नहीं देनी चाहिए।
  6. Easy [सरल]-Report की भाषा सरल, स्पष्ट व शुद्ध हो।
  7. Impressive [प्रभावशाली]-यह बहुत ही प्रभावशाली होनी चाहिए।
  8. Report को प्रस्तुत करने से उसका पुनः अवलोकन करना चाहिए।

MP Board Solutions

Some Examples

1. You are Kamal. As a responsible citizen, you have organized a campaign on ‘Say No to Polythene Bags’ in your locality. Write a report in not more than 125 words for publication in a magazine using the following details: [2018]

Campaign in our locality/disastrous effects of polythene/chokes the sewerage system/to make the public aware of its harms/to make locality polythene free zone.

Say No to Polythene Bags

Gwalior, 10 October, 20……….. Anshul Raj. ‘Say No to Polythene Bags’ campaign has gained momentum all over the country and our city is no exception. It began with the efforts of a small NGO and today many individuals and organisations have joined the movement. 1 took the initiative to organise this campaign in our locality. Polythene bags have become popular on account of being cheap and convenient. The chief aim of this campaign was to make people aware of their ill effect. They make land infertile, choke the drains and take the life of stray animals if swallowed. They produce harmful gases on being burnt. It is not safe to carry or store eatables in polythene bags. An effort is being made to encourage people to use bags made out of cloth or paper. The campaign was a huge success. All the residents, shopowners and school children of our locality participated in the campaign. We had arranged for an audio-visual show to highlight the ill effects of polythene. Alll those present pledged to make our locality a ‘No polythene Zone’.

2. Using the following input, produce a write-up on ‘The Importance of English’ in about 150-200 words: [2015]

International Language, Invention of Internet, Language of Trade, Commerce higher technical and scientific studies communication round the globe, means for earning livelihood.

Importance of English

English is an international language. It is spoken all over the world. It serves as an important link that connects people round the globe. It varies in vocabulary, accent and style nation to nation. This makes it one of the richest languages of the world. There are hundreds of additions to the vocabulary of English every year. So, it keeps on developing and growing. The invention of internet has revolutionised human life for much information is available for use at a click. Most of the material is in English through now it is being made available in other languages too. It is also the language of trade and commerce. Various trade documents, deals and agreements are drafted in English. It connects people engaged in national -and international business. The Higher Education in the field of Science, Technology, Medicine, Communication, Management, Law & Commerce is again imparted in the English medium. Thousands of students come to India and go to foreign countries to receive Higher Education in the various branches of learning. This again has become possible because of English. Thus, English has assumed great importance. The growing culture of convent education attests to this fact. English is the language used in offices, schools, colleges, courts, hospitals, media, corporate sector etc. It is the backbone of hotel and tourism industry. So, English is the means of livelihood.

MP Board Solutions

3. Using the following input, produce a write-up on ‘My Neighbour’ in about 150-200 words: [2014]
His name, age, profession, His habits, nature, His qualities, Why you like him or dislike him.

My Neighbour

My neighbour is Dr. Sunil Gupta. He is around forty years old and is an experienced and qualified doctor. He has a small and happy family comprising of his wife, a son, a daughter and his parents. He is very decent and well behaved. He is not only a good doctor but also a good neighbour. He never quarrels with anyone. He is very cooperative and sociable. He gives due respect to others. He is very fond of children and plays with them whenever he finds some time. He helps others readily. He never charges high fees from poor people and helps them with medicines. This is why he is liked by everyone in the locality. ,

4. Using the following input produce a write-up on ‘A Train Accident’: [2013]

A bus collides with a train, Location, Time, Date of accident, Casualties and Relief Dead and injured and reactions, Blood donors, Help of local people and high authorities.

A Train Accident

Various accidents are reported everyday claiming the lives of many. A school bus collided with train at Alipur level crossing in Bhopal on March
20, 20 The students were returning from an excursion tour and it was almost dark. The crossing was not attended by any man. The bus was toppled over. The driver, conductor and two students died on the spot and eight others were seriously injured. The local inhabitants reported the matter to police and rushed the injured for medical help. The authorities took prompt action. Soon parents were informed. The local people generously donated blood and thus the life of many was saved.

5. You are Rohan residing at 12 Roop Rang Colony, Damoh, M.P. You have witnessed an accident. Write a report for a newspaper in 100 words about the accident using the following details:

  1. Where, when and how did the accident happen?
  2. People, vehicle involved, loss of life and property.
  3. The scene of the accident, details of casualties-deaths, injured hospitalized.

Conclude with negligence of the commuters, suggestions to the government and people.

A Road Accident

Damoh, 18 November, 20…. A number of accidents are reported on the roads of Damoh. A school van collided with the city bus claiming the lives of two adults and a child. The van driver tried to overtake the bus but collided with a bike. The bike toppled over and the van hit the outer wall of a nearby building. The mishap claimed the lives of the couple on bike and a school girl. Three other children were injured. They were taken to the nearby hospital. The commuters, however, only stopped to look at the scene but no one came forward to help the injured. The government should be strict about the number of children these vans be allowed to admit. A number of operators do not have a licence and also try to Overspeed. People and school authorities should also pay attention to wards it.

6. Last Sunday you went to the hospital to see a friend who was admitted there. Using the following input produce a small write-up on ‘A visit to a Hospital’ [2012]

Registration counter, people in front of doctors rooms, surgical ward, nurses attending, medicine ward, patients lying on their beds.

A Visit to a Hospital

Last Sunday, I went to a hospital to see my friend who was admitted there due to some illness. At the entry gate, there was a registration counter. Patients had to register themselves before being allowed to consult the Doctors. The registration counter was full of patients. After the registration counter, there were doctors rooms on both sides of the verandah. O.P.D. patients where waiting for their number to come. The doctor’s rooms were followed by the surgical ward. This ward was full of patients. Here the patients were admitted after surgery. All kinds of patients after surgery were inside the ward. The nurses were attending the patients. Some of them were applying for medicines and bandaging the wounds of the patients.

They looked concerned towards the patients. The medicines ward was the last room. Here general patients were lying on their beds. The entire scene of the hospital was full of noise.

MP Board Solutions

7. Using the following input produce a small write-up on ‘Polythene Bags’—A Great Nuisance’ :

Polythene bags most convenient and inexpensive soon became popular, proved extremely Harmful because non-degradable, dumped in fields, drains and gutters, choke drains and gutters hampering flow of sewage, stray animals eat them, get intestines choked and die.

Polythene Bags—A Great Nuisance

Polythene bags are most convenient means to carry something. Since they are low in cost, the shopkeepers readily supply one when something is bought ranging from fruits, vegetables, groceries, sarees, suits etc. It has killed the habit of carrying shopping bags from home. Being convenient and cheap they have become very popular and affect the environment adversely. Their use has proved to be harmful on many accounts. Being non-degrad¬able they cannot be disposed and are thrown into fields, drains and gutters with the result that drains are choked and the flow of sewage is blocked. When burned they pollute the environment and release toxic gases affecting the health of all. Besides stray animals eat them and subsequently die. Therefore before the problem assumes alarming dimensions it is the right time, to say no to polythene bags.

8. With the help of the words given produce a write-up on the N.S.S. Camp : [2016]

  1. N. S. S. Camp at Rampur Village,
  2. 100 Volunteers,
  3. Planting trees,
  4. Cleaning of drains,
  5. Adults literacy classes.


N.S.S. Camp

The N.S.S. unit of H. S. School No, 2, Dhar, organised a camp at Rampur Village. The Camp lasted for ten days. Projects were stored out. Volunteers were divided into four groups. Tasks were assigned to them. First of all five hundred saplings were to be planted. Plants were distributed by the Horticulture Department of the district free of cost. The second phase of the campaign was to educate the villagers about protection of the environment. Streets and drains were cleaned. The villagers took part in the cleaning drive enthusiastically. The greatest accomplishment was the successful completion of our adult literacy campaign. Fifty adults were enrolled for adults literacy programme. ‘

9. With the help of the words given below produce a write-up on ‘The Value of Games’ : [2013, 16]

Necessary for life removes monotony, make our body healthy, learning good habits, develop equality and brotherhood.

The Value of Games

Games and sports form an important part of human life. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ goes the saying. Just as studies are essential for our mental growth, games and sports are essential for physical growth. They keep the body fit and are a good means of entertainment. They develop team spirit and cooperation among players. Players are required to play as per the rules and this makes them disciplined. Thus, games develop sportsmanship, fair play and prepare them to face various challenges in life. Games like football, hockey, cricket etc., develop team spirit and proper coordination. Lastly, Games enable players to win laurels to their school, college, state and even country besides fame, money and respect.

10. An election was held and you went to cast your vote. Using the following inputs, describe in about 100 words, what you saw at the booth, as an observer :

Queue of voters/polling officers, presiding officer and polling agents/ indelible ink/polling box/electronic voting machine.

A Scene at an Election Booth

In front of the polling booth, there was a long queue of people waiting for their turn to go in. Inside the booth, there were a couple of polling officers and a presiding officer on one side and some polling agents on the other. A polling officer was checking the voter’s name, marking it and demanding proof of identification. The other polling officer was putting an indelible ink mark on the voter’s index finger of the left hand. Then the presiding officer asked him to go into the voting box where he had readied the electronic voting machine for him to vote. The voter went in, pressed the button of his choice and left the booth.

MP Board Solutions

11. Using the following input produce a write-up on ‘Illegal Immigration A Real Threat’: [2011]

2 crore illegal immigrants, social problems, altering demographic complexion, problem acute in some states and towns, burden on economic resources, security problem.

Illegal Immigration—A Real Threat

Presently India is faced with the problem of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration refers to the entry of foreigners into Indian territory without obtaining necessary documents. According to an estimate, there are around two crore illegal immigrants in India. These immigrants are sources of social problems. They are fast assimilated into society and marry the natives. They acquire Indian citizenship and become part of Indian population. They have changed the demographic complexion of society. Thus, we have a wide range of socio-cultural groups propagating their culture, beliefs, ideas, etc. This problem is acute in Bengal, Bihar, A.P., U.P., Assam and almost all the North. Eastern states. These newly emerged states are an added burden on the economic resources-land, capital, food etc. India shares its borders with Pakistan, China, Bangladesh and the natives of these countries share some common features of culture, language, personality with the Indians Consequently, it becomes easy for the terrorists to take advantage of it and give practical shape to their destructive plans.

12. Write a report to be published in a newspaper giving a detailed account of inauguration ceremony of the annual function held in your school. Use the following details: [2014]

Name of the event, occasion, date, time, place, Chief guest, guest of honour and chairman of the function, welcome address, floral welcome, speeches by the guests, vote of thanks.

Annual Day Celebrated

Gandhi Memorial Inter College; Bhopal celebrated its 15th Annual Day on March 23,20 The function was organized in the auditorium of school and began at around 4 pm in evening. The Honourable Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh was the Chief Guest. The Guest of Honour was Divisional Commissioner while the chairman of the function was the principal. The guests were received by the Principal and the staff. They were garlanded and intro¬duced by the Principal. The function started after the chief guest garlanded the altar of Goddess Saraswati and lighted a lamp in front of her. The Principal read out the annual report mentioning the various academic, cultural and sports activities held in the school. Meritorious students received prizes from the chief guest. The guests gave speech inspiring the students to work hard in life and aim for the best. The Principal thanked the guests for sparing their valu¬able time and presented momentos to them.

MP Board Solutions

Exercises For Practice

  1. Two students of your class, Mahesh and Navin quarrelled while you were looking on. The Principal has asked you to give him a factual report. Write it with the help of the following clues :
    Mahesh/walking fast/Navin’s desk/fell down/hurt knee/accused/other students intervened/stopped quarrelling.
  2. Put the following information in the form of a report:
    School Canteen/no proper arrangement/of seats/a dirty cook/rude behaviour/sells rotten things/articles/waiter impolite/no cleanliness/ warned/complaints/no action taken.
  3. Put the following information in the form of a report:
    A meeting/Science Club/organized/problems of science students/ discussed activities/conducted/plan prepared/next session/Principal/ appreciation.

MP Board Class 12th English Solutions

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