MP Board Class 6th General English Practice Test Paper 1

MP Board Class 6th General English Solutions Practice Test Paper 1

Class 6 English Practice Test Paper 1 Question 1.
Read the paragraph from your book.
(अपनी पुस्तक से एक पैराग्राफ पढ़ें।)
Students should do themselves.

Practice Test Paper 1 Class 6 Question 2.
Recite a poem that you know.
(एक कविता का पाठ करे जो तुम जानते हो।)
Students should do themselves.

MP Board Class 6 English Paper Question 3.
Fill in the blanks and complete the poem.
(रिक्त स्थानों को भरें एवं कविता पूर्ण करें।)
How do you like to go up in a swing.
Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it’s the pleasantest thing.
Ever a child can do!

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Practice Test Paper 1 Question 4.
(1) Find the words rhyming with the following words
(तुकान्त शब्दों का ढूँढ़ों।)
Wall      tall
Wide     Side
brown   town
blue      glue
swing    thing

(2) Find out the hidden words from the given words.
(निम्न शब्दों में से छिपे हुए शब्द ढूँढ़ो।)
Flower – flow, lower.
Search – sea, ear.
Swing – wing, in.

Class 6th English Practice Test Paper 1 Question 5.
(1) Make new words by joining others words to the given words.
(दिये शब्दों में अतिरिक्त शब्द जोड़कर नये शब्द बनाओ।)

  1. rain – rain coat.
  2. hand – hand bag.
  3. bath – bath tub.

(2) Write opposites of the following words.
(निम्न शब्दों के विपरीत अर्थ के शब्द लिखो।)

  1. win – lose.
  2. sad – happy.
  3. weakness – strength.
  4. Pass – fail.
  5. friend – enemy.

(3) Choose correct words to fill in the blanks.
(खाली स्थान भरने के लिए सही शब्द चुनें।)
(lie, reality, power, copied, remember.)
Till today Gandhiji is a living reality for Indians. He is an example to be copied. He did not remember ever having told a lie during his school days. He taught us the power of non-violence and non-cooperation.

MP Board Class 6 English Practice Test Paper 1 Question 6.
(1) Use these words to complete the conversation.
(बात-चीत को पूरा करने के लिये इन शब्दों को प्रयोग
Yes, I do.
No, I don’t
Mona : Do you like trees?
Shalu : Yes, I do.
Shalu : Do you like bananas?
Mona : No, I don’t.

(2) Complete the following phrases.
(निम्न वाक्यांशों को पूश करें।)

  1. a bunch of bananas.
  2. a team of players.
  3. a cluster of stars.
  4. a herd to cattle.
  5. an army of soldiers.
  6. a fleet of ships.

(3) Fill up the blanks with the correct form of the words.
(शब्दों की उचित form से रिक्त स्थान भरो।)
wide      wider       widest
deep     deeper     deepest
sweet    sweeter    sweetest

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Class 6 English Reader Question 7.
(1) Tick ✓ or ✗
(हाँ के लिये (✓) या ना के लिये (✗) चिन्हित करें।)

  1. The spider did not succeed in climbing.
  2. It is a pleasant thing to sway in a swing.
  3. It was a fifty year old mango tree.
  4. Gandhiji left Porbander at the age of eight.
  5. Gandhiji misspelt the word Kettle.


(2) Answer these questions:
(इन प्रश्नों के उत्तर दीजिए:)

Class 6th English Reader Question 1.
What do the village children do when they get tired?
The village children sleep under the tree shade when they get tired.

Class 6 English Test Paper 2.
What did the King see in the cave?
King saw a spider trying to climb up a wall in the cave and slipping down again and again. It tried it until it succeeded to climb the wall.

Class 6th English Question Paper Question 3.
What left a lasting impression on Gandhiji’s mind?
The plays ‘Harish Chandra’ and ‘Shravana Kumar’ left a lasting impression on his mind.

Practice Test Paper-1 Class 5 Question 4.
What can you see when going up in a swing?
While going up in the swing we can see rivers, trees, cattle and countryside.

English Reader Class 6 Question 5.
What does the child see in the country side?
The child sees rivers, trees and cattle in the countryside.

Class 6 English MP Board Question 6.
Who is the writer of the poem ‘The Swing’
Robert Louis Stevensen.

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MP Board Class 6 English Book Pdf Question 8.
Write a paragraph on the ‘Uses of Trees’.
(“पेड़ों के प्रयोग” पर एक गद्यांश लिखे।)
Trees are very useful to us. They make the air pure by taking in carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen. The oxygen given by them is used by living beings in breathing. They bring rainfall and prevent floods. They also prevent soil erosion or washing away of soil. The remove pollution. Their wood is used in making furniture, pencils; and paper is made from its bark. Some trees like neem, tulsi and cinchona are medicinally important. They also add to the beauty of nature. Life without trees cannot be imagined.

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