MP Board Class 6th Special English Revision Exercises 3

MP Board Class 6th Special English Solutions Revision Exercises 3

Word Power

(a) Match the Columns.

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1. → (c)
2. → (j)
3. → (d)
4. → (b)
5. → (a)
6. → (h)
7. → (e)
8. → (i)
9. → (f)
10. → (g)

MP Board Solutions

(b) Fill in the blanks with the help of given words.

(observe, judgements, stranger, bet, careless, worthy, bribe, dishes, pension, leader)

  1. Kassim and Ali ………….. of marbles.
  2. He gave his ………….. without fear or favour.
  3. You must …………… a thing carefully before you describe it.
  4. He does not know me. I am a ………….. for him.
  5. Radha lost her books. She was very …………….
  6. The king wanted to give the ring to the ……………. son.
  7. The man tried to ……………. the clerk.
  8. After retirement you will get ……………
  9. When I visited her, she was washing
  10. Robin Hood was the …………… of a company of outlaws.


  1. bet
  2. judgements
  3. observe
  4. stranger
  5. careless
  6. worthy
  7. bribe
  8. pension
  9. dishes
  10. leader.

(c) Make sentences with the given words.
(virtue, challenge, wooden, innocent, native, trap, mercy, kingdom, nature, opportunity)
Virtue           : Everyone praises him for his virtue.
Challenge     : The boy accepted the challenge.
Wooden       : A wooden house is very light.
Innocent       : The child is innocent.
Native           : He has gone to his native country.
Trap              : The elephant is trapped.
Mercy           : The criminal begged for mercy.
kingdom       : Everyone was happy in Akbar’s kingdom
Nature          : We see changes in nature.
Opportunity : It is a good opportunity to get my work done.


Question 1.
How did Kassim get back his ten marbles from Ali?
Kassim said that his pencil could write any colour. Ali made a bet for ten marbles with him. Kassim took out his pencil. He recited some magic words. He wrote red, blue, yellow, green, orange on a piece of paper. Ali lost the bet. In this way, Kasim got back his ten marbles from Ali.

Question 2.
Why did Kassim think that Ali had cheated him?
Kassim thought that Ali had cheated him. Ali had won nine marbles by asking him a riddle to which he himself did not know the answer. Kassim had given ten marbles to Ali. Ali returned one marble and saved nine.

Question 3.
Why did the old women go to the king?
The old woman went to the king for justice.

Question 4.
How did Ramanna decide the case?
Ramanna said to the thieves. “Bring your third companion and the pot will be, delivered only to three of you together.“ The thieves could, not locate their companion. They withdrew their case. In this way he decided the case in the old woman’s favour.

Question 5.
How did the rich man decide to honour the ring?
The rich man decided to honour his ring. He told his sons that when he would be dying, he would give the ring to the worthiest of his sons. This son would inherit the family property and become the head of the family after the death of his father.

MP Board Solutions

Question 6.
Why was Saladin in need of money?
Saladin had spent all the money in wars and wasteful living. He found that his treasers had become empty. Therefore he was in need of money.

Question 7.
Why did Brahmadatta leave the city in disguise?
Brahmadatta left the city in disguise to came through a man who could find fault in him.

Question 8.
Why did Mallika and his charioteer made way for Brahmadatta?
King Mallika had to make way for King Brahmadatta as Brahmadatta was more righteous than him Man is worshipped and respected for noble deeds and righteous behaviour everywhere.

Question 9.
Why were the courtiers jealous of Birbal?
The courtiers felt very jealous of Birbal as he (Birbal) was in the good book of the Emperor Akbar and enjoyed his favour.

Question 10.
What did Birbal say after returning from heaven?
After returning from heaven Birbal said to Akbar that his ancestors had no barbers in heaven and they needed one immediately.

Question 11.
How did the courtiers get the barber’s cooperation?
The barber got ready to cooperate with the courtier’s plan only after taking a large sum of money.

Question 12.
Why was Robin Hood a terror to the rich people?
The rich people were afraid of Robin Hood, because he often robbed them of their money. He helped the poor with the booty.

Question 13.
When did Robin Hood get into the disguise of a butcher?
While going to the town Robin Hood met a butcher on the way.

Question 14.
Why does the rain water have to struggle to come out of the spout?
The spout is overflowing with water. Therefore, the rain water has to struggle for coming out of the spout.

Question 15.
Why did Columbus stop for some time at the Canary Islands?
One of the ships of Columbus had lost her rudder on the way to the Canary Island. It was due to the mischief of the unwilling crew. Columbus could not sail forward. Therefore, he had to stop there for some time to get the ship repaired.

Question 16.
What reward had the king promised to Columbus and his crew?
The king had promised a pension of ten thousand copper coins to Columbus and his crew.

Question 17.
How long did Columbus and his new sail before they reached the land?
Before reaching land, Columbus and his sailors sailed for seventy days.

Question 18.
Why was the discovery of Columbus important?
The discovery of Columbus more significant in a way that he had discovered a new continent i.e., America. He had in reality discovered the New World.

Question 19.
How did Ali catch the thief?
Ali had put on the plate a liquid with a strong smell. All except the thief had touched the plate and their palms gave out the smell. The thief’s plain did not give out the smell which made if clear that he had stolen the gold.

Question 20.
What did Ali say to his followers after dinner?
After dinner Ali told his followers to sit in a line in front of him.

MP Board Solutions


(a) Rewrite the sentences in reported speech.

Example: The teacher asked Mala if she would take part in school games.
The teacher said to Mala, “Will you take part in school games?”

  1. She asked him if he was a doctor.
  2. Lata asked him if it was his pen.
  3. Mona asked her mother if she could cook idly for her.
  4. Mohan asked his father if he had seen the Taj before.
  5. The teacher asked her if she would attend the class the day after.


  1. She said to him, “Are you a doctor?”
  2. Lata said to him, “Is it your pen?”
  3. Mona said to her mother, “Can you cook idly for me?”
  4. Mohan said to his father, “Did you see the Taj before?”
  5. She teacher said to her, “Will you attend the class tomorrow?

(b) Combine the following pairs of sentences using so ………….. that.

The boy was very tired.
He could not climb the tree.
The boy was so tired that he could not climb the tree.

1. The fan is very high.
I cannot touch it.

2. The book was very difficult.
The students could not read it.

3. Her father was very poor.
He could not pay her fee.

4. Mala is very weak.
She cannot walk.

5. The weather is very cold.
We cannot go out.
1. The fan is so high that I cannot touch it.
2. The book was so difficult that the students could not read it.
3. Her father was so poor that he could not pay her fee.
4. Mala is so weak that she cannot walk.
5. The weather is so cold that we cannot go out.

(c) Combine the sentences using Neither ……….. nor.

Akbar did not find any fault in him.
His ministers did not find any fault in him.
Neither Akbar nor his ministers found any fault in him.

1. Mohan doesn’t take tea.
He doesn’t take coffee.

2. Rekha did not know the answer.
Ashoka did not know the answer.

3. Hari did not help him
Rakesh did not help him.

4. I do not live in Delhi.
My teacher doesn’t live in Delhi.

5. India didn’t win the first test.
India didn’t win the second test.
1. Mohan takes neither tea nor coffee.
2. Neither Rekha nor Askok knew the answer.
3. Neither Hari nor Rakesh helped him.
4. Neither I nor my teacher live in Delhi.
5. India won neither the first nor the second test.

(d) Put the given verb in present perfect continuous tense:

They (work) in this factory for the last three years.
They have been working in this factory for the last three years.

  1. It (rain) for the last six hours.
  2. The maths teacher (teach) in this school since 1095.
  3. The boys (make) noise for the last three periods
  4. The gardener (water) the plants since 9 o’clock.
  5. She (sing) for the last one hour.


  1. It has been raining for the last six hours.
  2. The maths teacher has been teaching in this school since 1995.
  3. The boys have been making noise for the last three periods.
  4. The gardener had been watering the plants since 9 o’clock.
  5. She has been singing for the last one hour.

MP Board Solutions

Let’s Write

(a) Write ten sentences about the town/village.
Do yourself.

(b) Write a paragraph on “An Ideal Human Being” with the help of given hints: honest, speak the truth, kind, generous, faithful, good.
An ‘Ideal’ man means a man of virtues. I know such a person is my neighbourhood. He is Mr. Philip who is really a nice person. He is kind to all. He behaves with everyone generously. He is faithful to his job. He is dutiful to his family and society. He is a religious man. Everyone loves him He is a good man in our society.

(c) Make a plan to spend your Christmas holidays and write it in a short paragraph.
Vacation always gives us pleasure. We make plans to celebrate it. For the coming Christmas holidays. I have also chocked out some plans I have decided to go Shimla with some of my friends. We will stay there for a week. It will be an enjoying event for us all.

(d) Write five sentences on how you celebrated your birthday on the basis of given hints: invited friends, wear new clothes, cut the cake distributed toffees.
I always celebrate my birthday with all joy and happiness. This year, on my birthday i.e., on 20 April. I invited all my friends. I wore new clothes. I distributed toffees among them. I was really a nice day for all of us.

MP Board Class 6th English Solutions

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