MP Board Class 7th General English Annual Evaluation

MP Board Class 7th General English Solutions Annual Evaluation

Question 1.
Match the column A with B :
(कॉलम A का मिलान कॉलम B से कीजिए।)
MP Board Class 7th General English Annual Evaluation 1

  1. → (d)
  2. → (b)
  3. → (a)
  4. 4. → (c)

Question 2.
Do as directed : (निर्देशानुसार करो)

(a) Combine the following sentences using ‘who’:
(Who का प्रयोग कर निम्न वाक्यों को जोड़िए)

(i) The girl is wearing lahnga chunari.
The girl is Sarita.
The girl who is wearing lahnga chunari is Sarita.

(ii) Seema studies in class VII.
Seema is the most intelligent student of the class.
Seema who studies in class VII is the most intelligent student of the class.

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(b) Use appropriate prepositions in the following sentences :
(निम्न वाक्यों में उपयुक्त Preposition का प्रयोग करें)

(i) She was waiting ……….. her husband.
(ii) She always agrees …………. my decisions.
(i) for
(ii) to.

(a) Combine the sentences given below using ‘prettier’:
(निम्न वाक्यों को ‘Prettier’ का प्रयोग कर जोड़िए।)
(i) Shobha is pretty.
(ii) Her sister is prettier.
Shobha’s sister is prettier than her.

(d) Fill in the blank spaces with the correct forms of the verbs :
(क्रिया के सही रूपों से खाली स्थानों को भरिए।)

(i) Two boys were ……….. (play) in the ground.
(ii) They were ………. (enjoy) their free time.
(i) playing
(ii) enjoying.

(e) Rewrite the following conversation in indirect form of narration :
(निम्न वार्तालाप को (indirect) रूप में पुनः लिखिए)

Bala : “Vinita, where did you go yesterday ?”
Bala asked Vinita where she had gone the day before.

Vinita : “I went to the market.”
Vinita replied that she had gone to the market.

(f) Punctuate the following lines :
(निम्न पंक्तियों में विराम चिन्ह लगाइए।)
That’s true, it’ll be difficult to trace anyone who gets lost. Can we eat something before we go for the rides?

(g) Make words by adding ‘ly’.
(ly’ जोड़कर शब्द बनाइए)
Bad, brave, intelligent, quick.
Badly, bravely, intelligently, quickly.

(h) Give the opposites of:
(विपरीत शब्द लीखिए)
wild, sharp
Domestic, blunt.

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Question 3.
(A) Answer the following questions (any five) :
(निम्न प्रश्नों के उत्तर दीजिए) (कोई पॉंच)

(a) Why did the horse trainer and his wife decide to sell the horse ?
The horse trainer and bis wife decided to sell the horse because it ate a lot of fodder and it was expensive to feed it.

(b) Why did the merchants think that the old man had seen the camel ?
The merchants thought that the old man had seen the camel because he gave the real information to the merchants about their camel.

(c) What happened when Deepak and Bhola were walking through the forest ?
When Deepak and Bhola were walking through the forest, a bear attacked them.

(d) What happened to the bus in the story One Way Ticket?
Something wrong happened with the engine of the bus.

(e) Why were the students of class VII happy?
The students of class VII were happy and excited to discuss their visit to Orchha.

(f) Why is the story called ‘One way Ticket’?
All the five friends collected their money they had and then only they were able to buy a one way ticket for the return journey.

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Question 4.
Answer the following questions (any three) :
(निम्न प्रश्नों के उत्तर दीजिए) (कोई पाँच)

(a) Why will the pussy like the child ?
Pussy will like the child because she is gentle and good.

(b) Why are the clouds prettier than boats and ships?
Because they sail across the sky and are natural.

(c) How are the days in the south during January?
The days in the south during January are very fine.

(d) What according to the poet, is not good for the environment ?
Burning the wood a lot, is not good for environment. The air gets polluted from smoke caused by burning the wood.

Question 5.
Write an application to the Principal of your school to take you on a picnic.
(अपने विद्यालय के प्रधानाचार्य को पिकनिक पर ले जाने हेतु एक प्रार्थना-पत्र लिखिए।)
See ‘Applications’ in the Grammar section.
Or (या)
Write a letter to your friend telling him about your visit to Kanha.
(कान्हा भ्रमण के बारे में अपने मित्र को एक पत्र लिखिए।)
Arera Colony,
25 December,

Dear Ashish,
Hope you are fine. I am also fine here. Today, I wish to tell you about my visit to Kanha National Park. My five friends and I visited it last Sunday. It was a great fun. We saw a variety of animals there like deer, elephants, lions etc. We gave nuts to monkeys and bananas to elephants. We also took photographs of many rare species of animals there. We had our lunch together in the park and played some outdoor games also. It was a memorable journey. We came back home by 7’o clock in evening. I missed you a lot there, we will go there again whenever you come here.
Yours Affectionatly

Question 6.
Write ten lines on any one of the following:
(निम्न में किसी एक पर 10 पंक्त्यां लीखिए)

(i) Maharani Laxmi Bai.
Maharani Laxmi Bai was the queen of Jhansi. She was brave, courageous and bold from her early childhood. She was skilled in horse riding, shooting, wrestling and all the martial arts and continued to practise them even after her marriage with Gangadhar Rao, the king of Jhansi.

When Britishers declared to merge Jhansi with British empire, after her husband’s death, she opposed it and bravely fought against them not thinking that she was a woman. She was a great patriot. She tied her son to her back and led her army against the British. She fought courageously till her last breath and did not let any Britisher touch her living or dead.

(ii) A visit to Orchha.

(iii) A Market Place.
Yesterday, I went to the market. There was hustle and bustle of vehicles. There were different shops of different articles like sweet shops eateries, fancy goods and clothes shops. Shopkeepers were bargaining with customers. Shops were decorated with colourful lighting. Children were swinging on the swings.

Question 7.
Read the passage and answer the questions given at the end of it :
(निम्न गद्यांश को पढ़िए और इसके अन्त में दिए गए प्रश्नों के उत्तर दीजिए।)

(A) (i) Why did the farmer always sing while he worked ?
Because his work was his delight and his music of life.

(ii) Who said to whom ?
(a) Tell me, my man, how are you so happy always ?
Zamindar to the farmer.

(b) If you too work hard like me, you will also enjoy the bliss of sound sleep.
The farmer to the Zamindar.

(iii) The greatest trouble of Zamindar was that he couldn’t sleep.
(iv) The title of the passage is Hard work-the music of life.
(v) What gives a man a normal sleep?
Hard Work.

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(B) Match the two columns :
(दो कालमों का मिलान किजिए)
MP Board Class 7th General English Annual Evaluation 2

  1. → (d)
  2. → (a)
  3. → (b)
  4. → (e)
  5. → (c)

MP Board Class 7th English Solutions

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