MP Board Class 7th General English Paragraph Writing

MP Board Class 7th General English Paragraph Writing

एक ही विषय पर या उससे सम्बन्धित विषय पर कहे गये वाक्यों के समूह को गद्यांश कहते हैं।

गद्यांश लेखन के नियम –

  1. प्रत्येक गद्यांश एक ही विषय से सम्बन्धित होना चाहिए एवं उसका प्रत्येक वाक्य मुख्य विषय से सम्बन्धित होना चाहिए।
  2. गद्यांश का प्रथम वाक्य पाठक की उत्सुकता जगाने वाला व अन्तिम वाक्य उसकी जिज्ञासा शान्त करने वाला होना चाहिए।
  3. गद्यांश में विचारों या घटनाओं का क्रम उनके घटित होने के क्रम में व मुख्य विषय से सम्बन्धित होना चाहिए।

Question 1.
Write about your experience of journey by train/bus/aeroplane/ship in a paragraph.
Experience of a journey by train
In the journey by train, we travel with the people who speak different languages, wear different dresses and eat different things. There is great rush in the compartment. There is dirt all around. Pure water is not supplied. Mostly, people cover their journey without having any seat. There is no light. The train journey is not comfortable.

कठिन शब्द:
journey – यात्रा
different – अलग-अलग
supplied – प्रदान करना
comfortable – आरामदायक।

Question 2.
Write a paragraph about things you like most in life (people, places, things) and how you spend time with them.
I like the hilly areas where I am able to remain in the midst of the nature. Trees give fresh air and make the atmosphere peaceful. Birds sing their songs and remove the heaviness of the mind. Flowing water of a small river or fountain inspires to move onward and makes my heart pure. This is how I spend my time in Chitrakut.

कठिन शब्द:
midstata – बीच में
fresh – ताजा
atmosphere – वातावरण
peaceful – शान्त
heaviness – भारीपन
flowing – बहता हुआ
fountain – झरना
inspire – प्रेरित करना।

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Question 3.
Write a paragraph on your grandfather.
My Grandfather

My Grandfather is a farmer. He has a good experience of farming. He is 75 years of age. He still works hard. He reads book without spectacles. He is tall and wears dhoti and kurta. He goes to his fields in the morning and watches the work done by the workers.

कठिन शब्द:
experience – अनुभव
work hard – मेहनत करना
spectacles – चश्मा
fields – खेत
watch – देखना

Question 4.
Write a paragraph on your favourite tree.
Mango Tree or My Favourite Tree

Mango tree is my favourite. It is found all over India. It grows and develops very large. It bears fruits. In rains its juice becomes very sweet. Its raw fruits are used in making pickles, chutnies and jam also. Ripe mango gives us juice. Its leaves look beautiful and are used to decorate the doors of the houses when some religious duty is being made. It bears fruits in the months from May to August.

कठिन शब्द:
grows – उगता है
develops – विकसित हो जाता है
large – विशाल
bears fruits – फल लगते हैं
juice – रस
raw – कच्चे
pickles – अचार
jam – मुरब्बा
ripe mango – पके आम
decorate – सजाना
religious duty – धार्मिक कार्य

MP Board Class 7th English Solutions

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