MP Board Class 7th Social Science Solutions Chapter 32 The Continent of Africa: Physical Features

MP Board Class 7th Social Science Solutions Chapter 32 The Continent of Africa: Physical Features

MP Board Class 7th Social Science Chapter 32 Text Book Questions

Fill in the blanks:

  1. There are about …………… countries in Africa.
  2. …………….. Canal separates Africa from die Asian continent.
  3. ……………… Straits separates Africa from Europe.
  4. Africa is the …………… largest continent of die world.


  1. 53
  2. Suez
  3. Gibraltar
  4. second

MP Board Solutions

MP Board Class 7th Social Science Chapter 32 Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
Write the names of any three rivers of Africa.
The Nile, the Congo and the Niger.

Question 2.
Write the name of the major desert of Africa.
The Sahara desert.

Question 3.
Which type of climate is found in the equatorial region of Africa?
Very hot climate is found in the equatorial region of Africa.

Question 4.
What do you understand by Savannas and Veld?
The region of Africa is covered with tall and coarse grasses. They are known as Savanna. Veld – Temperate grasslands are found in South Africa. It is known as Veld.

MP Board Solutions

Question 5.
Name the Continents and Oceans surroundings Africa.
The continents surrounding Africa:

  • Europe in the north
  • Asia in the northeast

The Oceans surrounding Africa:

  • The Indian Ocean in the east
  • The Atlantic Ocean in the west

MP Board Class 7th Social Science Chapter 32 Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
Explain the physical features of Africa.
The continent of Africa consists of several plateaus which are relatively higher in the southeastern part. This continent is made up of the oldest hard rocks. Narrow plains are found in the coastal parts. A few volcanic mountain peaks rise above the plateau in the eastern part near the equator. The high est-peak Kilimanjaro is located in this highland region. It remains snow covered throughout the year. To its northwest lies the Atlas mountain range.

The Drakensberg range lies to the southeast of Africa. The Hogar Mountain and the Tibesti plateau lie in the Sahara desert. To the west of the continent lies the Adavama plateau which exists between the Congo and the Niger rivers. Its highest peak is Cameroon. Abyssinia plateau is situated in the northeast of the continent.

The major physical feature of the continent of Africa is its rift valleys and waterfalls. The main lakes of the rift valleys are Victoria, Tanganyika, Nyasa and Albert Among the major deserts of Africa are the Sahara desert and the Kalahari desert The major rivers are the Nile, the Congo, the Niger, the Zambezi and the Senegal.

MP Board Solutions

Question 2.
Describe the climate and vegetation of Africa.
Africa is avast continent from north:
south extending between 37° 14’ N to 34°50’ S latitude. The major part lies within the tropical zone. In fact it is the most tropical of all the continents. There are marked variations in the distribution of rainfall. For example, near the equator, rain falls all the year round, but in die Sahara desert it does not fall at all. Near the Equator there is only one season,’ the hot wet summer but in the northern and the southern parts of Africa climate varies.

There are regions in the South Africa where rain occurs in the winter. There are regions where rain occurs only in summers. Vegetation of Africa – The rainfall is uneven in Africa. The belt lying along the equator on both has hot and wet climate. It rains almost daily and there is only one season – the hot wet summer season. Due to abundance of heat and moisture most of die region is covered with thick forest which is known as the tropical rain forest.

Question 3.
Describe the Savanna grasslands and the wild life of Africa.
The Savanna grasslands Savanna is die tropical grass land in Africa having tall and coarse grasses. These are also known as the ‘elephant grass’.

The wild life:
Africa is a center of variety of birds and animals monkey, boons, snakes, chameleon, lizards and butterflies are the animals which live on trees. The animals living on land are elephant, rhinoceros, zebra, bison, wild boar etc. Ostriches are found in the Kalahari desert Crocodiles, hippopotamus, alligators are some of the important water animals. One can also find a variety of fishes there.

Map work:
Mark the following in the map of Africa.

  1. Mt Kilimanjaro
  2. Drakensberg
  3. Sahara desert
  4. Congo and Niger river
  5. Lake Rudolf
  6. The rift valley
  7. Victoria waterfall
  8. Kalahari desert
  9. Savanna grasslands
  10. Veld


MP Board Class 7th Social Science Solutions Chapter 32 The Continent of Africa Physical Features

MP Board Class 7th Social Science Solutions

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