MP Board Class 7th Special English Paragraph Writing

MP Board Class 7th Special English Paragraph Writing

Paragraph is a short composition, the following points should be kept in mind while writing a paragraph.

  1. Concentration,
  2. Simplicity,
  3. Compactness,
  4. Clarity,
  5. Word-limit

Uses of Computer

Computer is such a name which has revolutionized and replaced every other technology. Computers have become common in each field. No department can work effectively and efficiently without computers. Even professionals like lawyer, chartered accountant can’t work without computer. The information soared in the computer can be easily used up later. Computers have not left any field untouched. In the banking sector computers are playing a veiy important role. The use of computers makes bank transactions easy, accurate and swift. It eliminates harassment. So with advent of time computer education is gaining popularity and importance.

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Pleasures of Watching Television

Television combines the pleasures of radio and cinema. It lias become the most popular means of entertainment these days. It is performing the vital task of mass education. It helps in increasing awareness among the masses. Television is no more a mere means of communication but has made the people addicted to it. The increasing number of channels and world wide reporters have made the TV viewing one of the most important sources of entertainment. The pleasure of watching TV can only be enjoyed till we watch it under controlled limit and do not exceed it.

Annual Sports Day of My School

Last week annual sports day was celebrated in my school. The entire programme reflected the enthusiasm and energy of the students who not only participated in the various sports events but also gave great performances. The most exciting moment was when our honourable chief guest entered the premises of the school. Our hearts were throbbing with excitement. Our chief guest was given a guard of honour. Exciting aerobatics and drills were displayed beautifully. The chief guest gave a very impressive speech and gave away prizes to all the students who had excelled in various arts. The programme came to close by singing of the National Anthem with zestful optimism.

An Ideal Teacher

An ideal teacher is one who is committed and sincere in her task. An ideal teacher has basic qualities. She works sincerely for her students. An ideal teacher performs the duties towards the students sincerely. An ideal teacher in spite of extraordinary academic attainments, displays extreme simplicity. There is no element of show in her personality. An ideal teacher dedicates her whole cause to the well being of the student. She is a book in herself. Not a single moment of her time is wasted. She never allows here students to be idle or indisciplined. She is always before us like a beacon of light.

A Visit to a Fair

It was a cold day of January. Some of my friends came to me and pressed me to accompany them to Pragati Maidan. The exhibition was spread over a large area of several acres. The stalls were very artistically and impressively displayed. Many countries like Russia, Germany, Japan, Canada, Poland, India etc., had taken part in the exhibition. We were very much impressed to see the technology displayed in the Germany stalls. In the Russian stall, the model of the rocket attracted large crowds. The defence pavilion of the Indian stall displayed all the various rockets, aeroplanes, missiles and satellites made in India. I really enjoyed the fair. The fair not only entertained and amused but also educated and enlightened me with great countries of the world.

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Your Hobby

A hobby is that activity which is carried on in leisure time. It is a means of recreation. It is a past time. It gives delight and helps in passing the leisure time. A hobby is an activity which is carried on entirely for the sake of pleasure. Gardening is my hobby. I derive great pleasure from this hobby. At the back of my house, I have developed a small plot of land. It is my garden. I have grown some flowers and some vegetables of the season in this plot. I indulge in my hobby early in the morning as soon as I am out of bed. My hobby gives me pleasure and refreshes me for day’s hard work. So the best hobby is one out of which we derive pleasure.

My Favourite Game

Games are a part and parcel of life. They provide us both physical as mental stamina. I have to play well as many games such as football, volleyball, tennis, cricket etc. But my favourite game is cricket. Cricket is one of the most popular games in India. I have joined sports cricket academy. I have been the champion of cricket in my school team. It is the easiest game to learn but needs a lot of practice. I love watching cricket matches. My favourite cricketer is Sachin Tendulkar. My cricket has made me popular among my friends. Cricket keeps me happy, teaches me cooperation and mutual understanding.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is a virtue. It always pays to the honest people though it may take some time. The honest wood-cutter who did not own the golden and silver axes, got them in reward for his honesty. Honesty survives up to the grave. Even the generations to come talk and praise the deeds of honest people. Honest Raja Harish Chandra was paid in the end for his honesty. Let all people be honest and make this world a second, paradise.

Unity is Strength

It is an old saying based on truth and age-old human experience. We all pin faith in, “united we stand and divided we fall”. Weak blades of grass if woven together, make a rope strong enough to tie even a mighty elephant. Tiny drops of water make a vast ocean. Penny and penny laid up will be many insignificant atoms when joined together, make a powerful bomb. When it is exploded it brings on too much havoc. It destroys life and property on all sides. No animal or inanimate escapes from destruction. All these things whether good or bad are the result of unity and it is unity that brings on strength.

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Write a paragraph on the following topics.

  1. The Republic Day
  2. The Children’s Day celebrations
  3. Celebrating Diwali without Crackers
  4. Importance of Trees
  5. A Morning Walk
  6. A Scene at the Bus Stand
  7. A Raing Day in Summer.

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