MP Board Class 7th Special English Revision Exercises 2

MP Board Class 7th Special English Solutions Revision Exercises 2


Class 7 English Revision Exercise 2 Question 1.
Where does the poet breathe a song?
The poet breathe’s a song into the air.

Class 7th English Revision Exercise 2 Question 2.
Why is Shravan Kumar famous?
Shravan kumar is famous for his devotion and obedience to his blind parents.

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MP Board Class 7th English Revision Exercise 2 Question 3.
What is a talking machine? What is a ‘talkie’?
A talking machine is one that can talk. The modem gramophone is simply an improvement on this talking machine. A ‘talkie’ is a talking picture. This is the modern cinema.

Revision Exercise 2 Class 7 English Question 4.
Why did the Americans turn off their electric lights for a while when Edison died?
Edison had invented the electric light. Therefore, when Edison died, the Americans turned off their electric lights for a while as a mark of respect to the wonderful inventor.

Class 7 Revision Test 2 Question 5.
What kind of life did Sri Ramakrishna live as a temple priest?
As a temple priest Sri Ramakrishna spent all his time in the service of ‘Kali’ the Divine Mother whom he worshipped out of religious duty. He lived a happy and a deeply religious life. He spent days and nights in prayer. He led a very hard life. He often went without food and water and ruined his health.

Class 5 English Revision Exercise 2 MP Board Question 6.
Why is quarrelling in the name of religion foolish?
All the religions lead to the same goal. They also teach the same truth. In fact, people worship the same God under different names. Therefore, quarrelling in the name of religion is foolish.

Class 7 English Revision Lesson Question 7.
What do you understand by the lines “till …….began No, time to wait?
The smile appears in the eyes before it reaches the mouth. It takes a few moments. But the poet has no time even to view that smile.

Revision Test 2 Class 7 Question 8.
What words and phrases did Anand fail to understand?
The words and phrases which Anand failed to understand are = Cross, boiling of blood, get, novel.

Class 5 English Revision Exercise 2 Question 9.
Whom do the villagers give credit for their prosperity?
The villagers give credit to God (who sends rain)

Class 7th Revision Exercise 2 Question 10.
What is the best of all for the country people?
The country faith is the best of all for the country-people.

MP Board Solutions

Word Power

A. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

  1. She is very ………. to me. (deer/dear)
  2. He has a very bad eye ………… (sight/site)
  3. The ………… was bright that day. (Son/sun)
  4. He went inside the temple to ………… to god. (prey/pray)
  5. He saved the ………. from the hunter. (dear/deer).


  1. dear
  2. sight
  3. sun
  4. pray
  5. deer.

B. Match the words in column (A) with the meaning given in column (B)
MP Board Class 7th Special English Revision Exercises 2 1
1. → (b)
2. → (d)
3. → (a)
4. → (e)
5. → (c)

Grammar in Use

A. Rearrange the words in the following sentences and rewrite them to make meaningful sentences:

  1. the/bet/is/What/?/
  2. surprised/very/am/I/./
  3. committed/a/blunder/he/./
  4. archer/great/a/was/Dashrath/./
  5. jobs/lost/Edison/many/./


  1. What is the bet?
  2. I am very surprised.
  3. He committed a blunder.
  4. Dashrath was a great archer.
  5. Edison lost many jobs.

B. Use the prefix ‘dis’ in the words given below and fill in the blank space, trust obey honest similar like

  1. We should never ………. our elders.
  2. People of ……….. nature never come together.
  3. I ………. eating kachori.
  4. Mr. Natawarlal is a ………… man.
  5. Don’t ………… a priest.


  1. disobey
  2. dissimilar
  3. dislike
  4. dishonest
  5. distrust

MP Board Solutions

Let’s Write

1. Write five sentences about the wood.
2. Write ten sentences on Shravan Kumar. Take the help of the clues, obedient, devoted, dutiful, pilgrimage, forest, put aside, thirsty, old and blind, river.
3. Write a paragraph on gramophone.
4. You are a cricket player of your school team. Give a set of three or four rules of the game using ought to and ought not to.
5. Write a message to your friend stating that as you didn’t attend the school that day and you want him to send the homework for English given by the teacher.
1. The wood :
The wood is a place of beasts. We find many trees in the wood. The trees provide us fuel, food and fruit. Rishis live in the wood. They practise penance there.

2. Shravan Kumar was a devoted and obedient son. He used to carry his old and blind parents for pilgrimage. One day he was passing through the forest around Ayodhya. His parents asked him to bring water. Shravan took a pot. He went to Saryu river to bring water. His pot produced a gurgling sound. King Dashrath drought him to be a big animal. He shot an arrow. It pierced shravan’s chest. Shravan asked Dashrath to give water to his parents just then he died.

3. Edison invented the first talking machine. It looked very funny. However, it could talk. It was a new machine. The modern gramophone or record player is an improvement on the talking machine. The present day telephones and wireless sets are also talking machines. We can play the records on the gramophone of our choice and hear songs. The modem cinema is called a talkie due to the same.

4.Three or four rules of the game-

  1. The bowler ought not to cross the crease- line while bowling.
  2. The bowler ought not to throw the ball above chest height of the batsman.
  3. We ought to obey the orders of the umpire.
  4. We ought to play a fair game.

5. Class Room Activity in School

MP Board Class 7th English Solutions

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