MP Board Class 8th Special English Grammar Time and Tense

MP Board Class 8th Special English Grammar Time and Tense

(A) Time and Tence

1. Look at these sentences:
Kapil plays cricket.
Kapil played cricket.
Kapil ivill play cricket.

इन वाक्यों में plays, played तथा will play verbs हैं।

  1. plays present tense है तथा इससे present time का बोध होता है।
  2. played past tense है तथा इससे past time का बोध होता है।
  3. will play future tense है (किंतु modern grammarians इसे present tense कहते हैं) तथा इससे future time का बोध होता है।

इन वाक्यों से पता चलता है कि present, past तथा future tense क्रमशः present, past तथा future time का बोध कराते हैं।

By Tense we understand the correspondence between the form of the verb and our concept of time (past, present and future).

किंतु Time और Tense दोनों एक नहीं हैं। Time एक universal concept है, किंतु Tense का संबंध verb से होता है।
Time को हम तीन भागों में बाँटते हैं:
Past Time, Present Time, Furture Time
अब time और tense के संबंध को देखें:

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(B) Kinds of Tense
MP Board Class 8th Special English Grammar Time and Tense 1

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(C) Verb Forms
English Grammar में Verb का असली रूप present tense तथा plural number माना जाता है। Verb के पाँच रूप होते हैं।

MP Board Class 8th Special English Grammar Time and Tense 2

Examples Worked Out

Fill in the blanks with the suitable forms of the verbs given in brackets:

1. The sun (shine) by day. – The sun shines by day.
2. Two and two (make) four. – Two and two make/makes four.
3. I (see) him last Monday. – I saw him last Monday.
4. He will do it if you (pay) him. – He will do it if you pay him.
5. She (be) born in 1965. – She was born in 1965.
6. I (live) here since 1980. – I have been living here since 1980.
7. Tom (arrive) last night. – Tom arrived last night.
8. Since when you know) him? – Since when have you known him?
9. I never (see) the Taj. – I have never seen the Taj.
10. The earth (move) round the sun. – The earth moves round the sun.
11. He (write) a letter now. – He is writing a letter now.
12. Did you (sleep) well? – Did you sleep well?
13. I (pass) the exam. in 1980. – I passed the exam. in 1980.
14. Honesty (be) the best policy. – Honesty is the best policy.
15. Onions (smell). – Onions smell.
16. We (see) him the other day. – We saw him the other day.
17. I (not see) him so far. – I haven’t seen him so far.
18. She (read) a book at present. – She is reading a book at present.
19. He (go) out an hour ago. – He went out an hour ago.
20. Horse (be) animals). – Horses are animals.

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Re-write the following sentences in the tenses indicated in brackets:
Examples: (i) He comes very early. (into simple past)
= He came very early.
(ii) You ride a bicycle. (into simple future)
You will ride a bicycle.

1. He comes very early. (into simple past)
2. You ride a bicycle. (into simple future)
3. He will say ‘no’. (into simple present)
4. It begins to rain. (into present perfect)
5. Soma made tea. (into future continuous)
6. We heard his speech. (into present perfect)
7. They go to the cinema. (into present continuous)
8. Boys play cricket here. (into present perfect continuous)
9. She comes here on Sundays. (into simple future)
10. I am going to have a bath. (into past continuous)
11. Did he like tea? (into simple present)
12. Moti has thrown the ball. (into past perfect)
13. He writes a long letter. (into present continuous)
14. They drove a car. (into simple future)
15. I thank him for his help. (into future continuous)
16. We waited here for long. (into present perfect continuous)
17. Mr. Sinha teaches us Hindi. (into simple past)
18. She has a sweet voice. (into simple future)
19. He does his work honestly.(into present perfect)

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