MP Board Class 8th Special English Quarterly Evaluation

MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Quarterly Evaluation

Question 1.
Do as directed :

(i) Write the opposite words of the following :
(a) poet
(b) cow
(c) priest
(d) woman
(a) poetess
(b) bull
(c) Priestess
(d) man.

(ii) Change the number :
(a) mice
(b) city
(c) life
(d) deer
(a) mouse
(b) cities
(c) lives
(d) deer

(iii) Use the apporopriate prepositions in the balnk spaces:
(a) The colour the but is blue, (form/of/for)
(b) The bus goes from Mahow. pithampur. (to/into/in)
(a) of
(b) to.

(iv) Use the correct form of the verbs in the sentences given below.
1. She has already. her home work. (finish)
2. Ravi always his work regularly, (do)
1. finished
2. does

(v) Insert suitable articles in the following sentences :
(a) ………….. umbrella is used in the rainy season.
(b) The students join ………….. university after completily the schooling.
(a) An
(b) a.

(vi) Change into interrogative :
(a) He write an essay.
(b) The boys are playing football.
(a) Does he write an essay?
(b) Are the boys playing football.

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How Did The Parents Nature Influence Mohan Question 2.
Give one word for :
(i) One who flies an aeroplane is called a …………..
(ii) One who goes in space in called an …………..
(iii) The doctor who takes care of your teeth is called a …………..
(iv) A person who tooks after the patients in a hospital is called a
(i) pilot
(ii) astronant
(iii) dentist
(iv) doctor.

Class 8th English MP Board Question 3.
(A) Answer any six of the following questions in two to three sentences each:

Question 1
Who is the misssile man?
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is the Missile Man.

Class 8th Quarterly Exam Paper MP Board Question 2
What was the plan of shekh chilli?
Shekh Chilli’s plan was to buy a cow when I got some money.

Question 3
Why does narmada feel proud?
The Narmada say that she feels proud because she flows in India where a river is considered as a living being and is worshipped as goddess.

Question 4
What is Maheshwar famous for?
The humble palace of Devi Ahilya Bai is located at the ghat of Maheshwar.

MP Board Class 8 Supplementary Reader Solutions Question 5
Where did the part of wolves live?
The pair of wolves lived in a cave in the Seeonee Hills.

Question 6
What did Abdul Kalam do to support his family?

Question 7
Where was the pack council meeting held?

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B. Answer any two of the following questions in three to five sentences each:

8th English Quarterly Question Paper Question 1.
How did Abdul Kalam learn that persemceamce makes miracles?
Once Kalam was invited his teacher Mr. Subramania Iyer. Iyer’s wife was an orthodox Hindu lady. So she refused to serve food to Kalam. Iyer, without showing any adverse reaction, served the food himself. It was his patience and gravity that prompted his wife another time to serve food to Kalam. This taught Kalam the lesson of perseverance.

Class 8 MP Board English Book Question 2.
How did Shrad become disabled?
Sharad lost his right hand in a train ride. He left his seat in an express train after having supper to wash his hands. As he finished and turned, the train suddenly jerked throwing him off balance. He was flung night out of the door to lose his right hand.

Question 3.
How do you know about the origin of the Narmada?
The Narmada has his origin from the mackal. ranges. There is a beautiful place name Amarbeanlake near anooppur. At amarkantal the Narmada appears from a source (Kand).

MP Board Solutions Class 8 English Supplementary Question 4.
Answer any of the following questions :

1. How can we get success?
We can get success by fighting with all the difficulties that come in our life now and then.

2. Which lines of the poem ‘Don’t Quit’ do you like most and why?
Life is queer with its twists and turns,

Question 5
Write the summary of any one of the following poems.
(a) ‘Don’t Quit’
(b) ‘Tree are the Kindest things I know’

Class 8 English MP Board Question 6.
write a short note on any one of the following topics.
(a) The Narmada
(b) Cleanliness.
Do yourself.

Class 8th MP Board English Paper Question 7
Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

One day a little Indian girl was shut up in a room alone for a whole day by her father because she would not learn English. The child was Sarojini who later on. As Sarojini Naidu, became one of the most distinguished poets in the very language she had refused to learn.

Sarojini, like the rest of her family, was educated in her early years under her father’s own care. Her father wanted her to become a great mathematician or scientist, but she did not like doing sums or conducting experiments. She loved to dream and write poems. She wrote her first poem when she was hardly eleven. At the age of thirteen she wrote a long poem in the manner of the famous English poets. In this way began her poetic career.

After passing the Matriculation Examination in India, and before she was fifteen she went to England for higher education. It was during her stay in London that she met Sir Edmund Gosse, a distinguished man of letters of the time. He was very impressed by her knowledge, intelligence and learning. When he came to know from her that she wrote English verse, he asked her to show him some of her poems. On reading her poems, he was surprised to find that they were written in almost faultless English, but was disappointed that they had nothing of the East in them. They were all about English sights and this day on wards, she devoted herself to writing verses about India.

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Class 8 MP Board Supplementary Reader Question 1.
Why was Sarojini shut up in a room?
She was shut up in a room because she would not learn English.

Question 2
Where did Sarojini receive the heigher education?
She received the higher education in England.

Question 3
What qualities of Sarojini’s character does the passage reveal?
She devoted herself to writing verses about India.

MP Board Class 8 English Question 4
How were Sarojini’s early poems different from her later ones?
Sarojini’s early poems were all about English sights but her lats poems were about India.

Question 5
What does the phrase ‘man of letters’ mean?
Learned person.

Question 6
Give a suiable title to the above passage.

MP Board Solutions Class 8 English Question 8.
write an application to the Headmas-ter of your school requesting him to issue you a character certificate.
You are Radhika. Write a letter to your friend Reena, inviting her to spend Diwali vacation with you.

Question 9.
Write an essay on any one of the following topics :

  1. Teachers Day
  2. Any Great Leader
  3. Uses and Abuses of Science

Class 8 English Reader Question 10.
Answer any four of the following questions from the supplementary Reader:

  1. What effect had the book, Shrawan-Pitra-Bhakti, on Mohan Das?
  2. How did the parents’ Natures influence mohan?
  3. Who is a Shatavadhani?
  4. During his ship journey why did Gandhi feel relieved at night?
  5. Why was Gandhiji called to Africa for the third time?

MP Board Class 8th English Solutions

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