MP Board Class 9th General English Grammar Passive Voice

MP Board Class 9th General English Grammar Passive Voice

अंग्रेजी भाषा में दो प्रकार की voice होती हैंActive and Passive Voice

We drink milk. (Active voice)
हम दूध पीते हैं।

Milk is drunk by us.” (Passive voice)
दूध हमारे द्वारा पिया जाता है।

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मुख्य बातें-
(1) केवल कर्म (object) वाले वाक्यों को Passive voice में बदला जा सकता है। बिना कर्म वाले वाक्यों को Passive voice में नहीं बदला जा सकता है।

He sleeps. Radha is weeping.
इन वाक्यों में object नहीं है इसलिए इन्हें Passive में नहीं बदला जा सकता है।

(2) Perfect Continuous वाक्यों को Passive वाक्यों में नहीं बदला जाता है

She has been waiting for me.

(3) Future Continuous वाक्यों को Passive वाक्यों में वाक्यों में नहीं बदला जाता है

-I shall be going to Delhi.

(4) Passive Voice में Past participle (Third form of the verb) का प्रयोग होता है
I sing a song. (Active)
A song is sung by me.b (Passive)

Tenses Change of Voice
Continuous Tenses

(1) Present Continuous Tense Active Voice
Structure-Subject-am/is/are (not) verb + ing-object etc.
(i) Are they borrowing money?
(ii) His brother is earning a lot of money.

Passive Voice
(i) Is money being borrowed by them?
(ii) A lot of money is being earned by his brother?


Change into Passive Voice :
[Structure-Object-am/is/are + being + verb III (other words) by subject]

1. Seema is cutting fruits.
2. The gardner is plucking dead leaves.
3. I am sending a parcel to Rohan.
4. The shopkeeper is selling rice.
5. Are they reading books?
1. Fruits are being cut by Seema.
2. Dead leaves are being plucked by the gardener.
3. Rohan is being sent a parcel by me.
4. Rice is being sold by the shopkeeper.
5. Are books being read by them.

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(2) Past Continuous Tense

Active Voice
Structure_Subject—was/were + verb + ing object etc. :

(i) He was singing a song.
(ii) She was not writing essays.
(iii) You were throwing balls.

Passive Voice
Structure-Object—was/were + being verb III form (other words by subject).

(i) A song was being sung by him.
(ii) Essays were not being written by her.
(iii) Balls were being thrown by you.

Change into Passive Voice :
Structure-Object–was/were + being + verb III (other words) by subject.

1. His sister was knitting a sweater.
2.Why was she keeping plates into the Almirah?
3. I was learning Mathematics.
1. A sweater was being knitted by his sister.
2. Why were plates being kept by her in the almirah?
3. Mathematics was being learnt by me.

(3) Future Continuous Tense
इस Tense की Passive Voice नहीं होती,यह सिर्फ Active Voice में ही लिखा जाता है

Indefinite Tenses

(1) Present Indefinite Tense

Active Voice
(i) You catch fish.
(ii) Sunita dries clothes.

Passive Voice
(i) Fish is caught by you.
(ii) Clothes are dried by Sunita.


Change into Passive Voice :
Structure-am/is/are (not) verb III form… by subject.

1. We supply hardware material.
2. You sell standard goods.
3. She does not cut fruits.
4. Do you lend money?
5. Where do you send the parcels?
1. Hardware material is supplied by us..
2. Standard goods are sold by you.
3. Fruits are not cut by her.
4. Is money lent by you?
5. Where are parcels sent by you?

(2) Past Indefinite Tense

Active Voice
(i) I broke the glass.
(ii) You knew me.

Passive Voice
(i) The glass was broken by me.
(ii) I was known to you.


Change into Passive Voice : Structure-was/were + verb III by subject.

1. They did not bring pens.
2. Did she clean the rooms?
3. How many pens did she buy?
4. Ravi wrote a letter to Shyam.
1. Pens were not brought by them.
2. Were rooms cleaned by her?
3. How many pens were brought by her?
4. A letter was written to Shyam by Ravi.

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(3) Future Indefinite Tense

Active Voice
(i) We shall see the match.
(ii) The boys will play the match.

Passive Voice
(i) The match will be seen by us.
(ii) Match will be played by the boys.


Change into Passive Voice :
1. Will you omit five questions?
2. My work will satisfy you.
3. Your brother will buy a clock.
4. My mother will look after you.
1. Will five questions be omitted by you.
2. You will be satisfied with my work.
3. A clock will be bought by your brother.
4. You will be looked after by my mother.

Perfect Tenses
(1) Present Perfect Tense

Active Voice
(i) I have done the work.
(ii) She has spent the money.

Passive Voice
(i) The work has been done by me.
(ii) All the money has been spent by her.


Change into Passive Voice :
Structure-has/have + been + verb III form by subject.

1. She has lost her purse.
2. The officer has signed the papers.
3. We have smelt the flowers.
4. You have paid the fees.
5. The students have prepared the essays.
1. Her purse has been lost.
2. The papers have been signed by the officer.
3. The flowers have been smelt by us.
4. The fees has been paid by you.
5. The essays have been prepared by the students.

(2) Past Perfect Tense

Active Voice :
(i) Seema had drunk the tea.
(ii) The police had arrested the thief.

Passive Voice
(i) The tea had been drunk by Seema.
(ii) The thief had been arrested by the police.


Change into Passive Voice :
StructureObject—had been + verb III form by subject.

1. The girls had collected the dresses.
2. They had not finished the work.
3. Had they invited us?
4. I had found my bag.
1. The dresses had been collected by the girls.
2. The work had not been finished by them.
3. Had we been invited by them?
4. My bag had been found by me.

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(3) Future Perfect Tense

Active Voice
(i) The girl will have taken tea.
(ii) She will have mentioned my name.

Passive Voice
(i) Tea will have been taken by the girl.
(ii) My name will have been mentioned by her.


Change into Passive Voice :
Structure-Object—shall/will + have been verb III by subject.

1. He will have called me.
2. The guard will have blown the whistle.
3. You shall have done the work.
1. I will have been called by him.
2. The whistle will have been blown by the guard.
3. The work shall have been done by you.

Imperative Sentences

Active Voice
(i) Buy some wool.
(ii) Do not think this.

Passive Voice
(i) Let some wool be bought.
(ii) Let this not be thought.


Change into Passive Voice : Structure-Let + object + be + verb III form.
1. Forget all your sorrows.
2. Never tell lies.
3. Do not spend all the money.
1. Let all your sorrows be forgotten.
2. Let lies never be told.
3. Let all the money not be spent.

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Change the following sentences into Passive Voice.
1. We killed a cobra.
2. Will you deliver the letters?
3. You please me.
4. The fisherman caught a fish.
5. Ram will speak the truth.
6. Sita kills a snake.
7. Hari did the work.
8. She is singing a song.
9. One should keep one’s promise.
10. Open the door.
1. A cobra was killed by us.
2. Will the letters be delivered by you?
3. I am pleased with you.
4. A fish was caught by the fisherman.
5. The truth will be spoken by Ram.
6. A snake is killed by Sita.
7. The work was done by Hari.
8. A song is being sung by her.
9. One’s promise should be kept.
10. Let the door be opened.

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