MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition: Visual Stimulus

MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition: Visual Stimulus

1. Look at the visual input given below and produce a story: (M.P. Board 2011)
MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition Visual Stimulus 1
It was a hot summer day. A thirsty crow was wandering for water. It saw a pitcher. There was a little water in it. Crow was unable to drink water from it. Suddenly an idea struck in its mind. It took a pebble and dropped it in the pitcher. It saw the water level come up. Then it began putting pebbles in it. Very soon the water level came up. It drank water and quenched its thirst. So it said where there is a will there is a way.

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2. Harish wants to make a speech at the assembly titled Patriotism and the Young on Independence Day. He notices the chart given below in the paper and decides to use it as the basis for his speech. Using the chart and your own ideas write out the speech in about 150-200 words.
MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition Visual Stimulus 2
In the present day it has become imperative to make the young people of India realize the importance of being patriotic for acquiring political strength which was always keenly felt by the leaders of India’s national movement.

While the call for throwing out the British struck a responsive chord in every Indian heart, the significance of the campaign in favour of patriotism has seldom been fully appreciated. We should take pride in being Indians and value the unity in diversity that our culture possesses. When a foreign leader praises our country or an Indian wins an international award, are the times when our pride for our country should soar high. A wave of nationalist fervour should sweep our countrymen on hearing the National Anthem, while watching the National Flag being hoisted and while watching the Republic Day parade. The plant of patriotism which sprouted when India gained her independence, was the culmination of more than a century of sacrifices offered by numerous soldiers at the altar of national freedom. At present, when we hear or read about the sacrifices of these soldiers, our heart should be filled with gratitude for them.

Just as it is the moral duty of everyone to maintain and preserve good health, it is the bounden duty of our countrymen to develop the patriotism further so that they can exist in this violence-ridden world wTith self-respect and proudly proclaim, ‘We are Indians’.

3. ABC Bank, a private bank is celebrating its 10lh anniversary in Jaipur. A director of the company is requested to give a short speech on the bank’s service to the town. Study the information given, and together with your own ideas, write a speech stressing the importance of this public service and make some practical suggestions too. Write your speech in about 150-175 words.
As a director of ABC Bank (Ltd.), I feel extremely privileged in reading out the achievements and services rendered by our bank during the last ten years in the historical and beautiful city of Jaipur.

We came to Jaipur with a dream ten years ago to build up a nationalised bank to cater to the needs of the people. “Customer satisfaction” has been our motto ever since. Today our bank is
MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition Visual Stimulus 3
regarded as one of the most prestigious banks of the city having 15 local branches all over Jaipur. Our bank has felicitated the growth and development of many small-scale industries by providing almost 60% of the total loan to them. We have also offered modest loans of 7% and 9% to housing and medkal aid respectively. In our move towards advancement we have not ignored even our rural sector and have provided farmers with 24% of the loans I feel our greatest achievement during these ten years has been our attitude of ‘service before self’ which is imbibed most naturally by each and every person associated with our bank. We have tremendous success by increasing the number of people who have their accounts in the various branches of our bank. To further enhance and strengthen our services, it is our proposal to fully computerise all the branches of our bank in the near future and to further propagate the idea that for us each of our customers is special in his own way.

With this I would like to conclude my speech by congratu-lating all the employees who have contributed greatly towards the development of our bank.

4. A Survey was conducted to find out how teenagers spend their free time. Following trends were observed. Using the data given in the pie-charts below together with your own ideas write an article for your school magazine on the topic “How do teenagers spend their free time?” Write your answers in about 150 words giving your own reasons and conclusions for the trends.
How do Teenagers Spend their Free Time?
With the changing times the priorities of all teenagers have .also changed. The revolutionisation of the modern times has made the teenagers of today aware of a greater number of options to spend their free time.
MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition Visual Stimulus 4

Recently a survey was conducted by a weekly magazine to determine. How do teenagers spend their free time? It clearly in-dicated that about 50% of the girls and 40% of the boys spend most of their time watching television programmes. These programmes include movies, songs and serials or the sports channels on television. Though there are also about 30% boys who spend their leisure in playing indoor and outdoor games, only 5% girls spend their time in playing these games. Reading comics and general knowledge books still holds good with almost 25% girls but barely 10% boys spend their time reading books. Talking to friends comes next on the teenagers’ priority list. 15% girls and about 10% boys spend time chatting with their peers. With so much to occupy their minds in their free time, pursuing a hobby has taken a complete back seat with the teenagers. Hardly 5% girls and 10% boys collect materials for their hobbies. Thus, we note a steady downward trend in the percentage of teenagers who now pursue a constructive recreational activity as they are more prone to indulge in options that are easily accessible to them.

5. Gauri sees the following scene as she looks out of her bedroom window. She is alarmed at the way hier city has changed in the past five years. She writes an article for his city newspaper expressing his alarm and painting the present position cautioning people against environmental pollution. Write the article in not more than 150-200 words.
MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition Visual Stimulus 5
In this vast universe, the earth is so far the only planet to be endowed with an environment that can support the lifeform which we are familiar with. What sustains life on earth is a thin cover of air and water encasing the earth and known as the biosphere. Without that our planet would have been just another lifeless, desolate form spinning around in the musky depths of space.

But nature has been suffering due to the thoughtlessness of mankind. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the two main ingredients that sustain life, have been polluted. The air that we inhale is polluted due to the smoke emitted by vehicles and chimneys of industries, indiscriminate felling of trees and over-population. Water becomes contaminated due to a variety of pollutants. Waterborne diseases have always posed a threat to mankind. The use of loudspeakers on various functions and occasions causes noise- pollution. The garbage that lies here and there on the roads is also polluting our environment at a dreadfully fast pace.

It is a serious concern today for environmental scientists and enlightened statesmen all over the world regarding man’s misuse and abuse of nature and his deliberate demaging activities to the environment under the guise of modernisation, automation and scientific or technological progress. If we do not undertake ways and means to check environmental pollution, it will gradually lead to our doom, for the day might come Soon when nature might be in no mood to stand any more abuses and excesses at the hands of humanity.

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6. You are Anand/Anandi. Write a speech to be delivered at the morning assembly in your school about the increase in violence and social unrest in your area, interpreting the data given below. Also give suggestions to curb them. Write your answer in about 150-200 words.
MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition Visual Stimulus 6
It is indeed unfortunate that there is a visible increase in the cases of violence and social unrest in our area in the past few years. Some antisocial elements are working very hard and have as good as succeeded in disturbing the peace and harmony of our area.

No longer do the people of our area feel a sense of security while walking on the roads and there is constant fear in the minds of the people that some unnecessary violence may crop up anywhere. A data study shows a constant and steady rise in the number of cases of violence during the last six years. In the year 1992-93 the number of cases of violence was ten and these cases have gone up by almost four times during the last 5-6 years. If effective and concrete steps are not taken up by the police and local authorities to curb the cases of violence, our area will surely end up as being declared as one of the most troubled areas of the city where it will become almost impossible for the common man to even exist peacefully.

The antisocial elements, who are bent upon disturbing the peace of our area, should be dealt with very strictly so that just thinking about the severity of the penalty for causing social unrest should make them feel scared constantly. Each and every one of us should also make an effort to voice our protest against the increase in social unrest more loudly and emphatically and ensure that our complaints are seriously dealt with by the concerned authorities so that our lives can be more secure and peaceful.

So, the need of the time is to collectively stand up against the increase in violent activities so that we can make our area a better place to live in without having to fear constantly about the next. hour.

7. You aie Varun/Aruna. Write a speech to be delivered at the morning assembly of your school about the increase in road accidents in your city, using the following data. Also give suggestions to curb them. Write your answer in about 150200 words.
MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition Visual Stimulus 7
We at our school have decided to observe the Road Safety Week by making students aware about the hazards and dangers they face while walking on the road. It is extremely important to keep in mind and follow the traffic rules while one is on the road considering that there has been a constant and steady rise in the number of road accidents in our city.

It is indeed unfortunate that due to the carelessness of pedestrians and drivers alike, there has been an increase in the road accidents in our city. The number of road accidents has gone up hy more than 100% in the past four years. A data study shows that while there were 50 cases of road accidents in the year 1995, the number went up to 110 in the year 1996 and after a gradual steady rise, in the year 1999 the number of road accidents went up to as many as 205. Let us not forget that life is precious and it should not be lost due to sheer carelessness. We must always remember that traffic rules are made keeping in mind the safety of the people and so it becomes our duty to observe these rules. The result of rash and negligent driving is always dangerous. So one should always practise patience and restraint while driving. Likewise while walking on the road, pedestrians should be alert and vigilant so as to avoid any untoward incident.

Only if each and every one of us makes a combined and collective effort can we possibly lessen road accidents and make our city a safe place to walk in.

8. Based on the cartoon given below and your own ideas, write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper on the need to educate people about keeping the environment clean. Write your letter in not more than 150 words.
75 M.G. Road
New Delhi
The Editor
The Daily News, New Delhi
3 March, 20xx

Dear sir,
MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition Visual Stimulus 8
It is indeed unfortunate that people have adopted a very callous attitude towards the environment.

The air, that we breathe in, the water that we drink and our whole surroundings have become polluted. It is high time to do something useful to curb this situation. If each and every one of us, in our own little way, helps in keeping the environment clean, we will be leading cleaner and healthier lives. This awareness about cleansing the environment will also enable us to hand over to our future generations an environment where there will be less of pollution.

Unless we do not realise the need to keep the environment clean soon, it may be too late to repair the damage done.

Yours sincerely

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9. You come across the following advertisement for graduate stu-dents. Write a letter to the Editor of a local newspaper express-ing your views on the lack of job opportunities and counselling to the youth after class X.
Write the letter in your ariswer sheet in not more than 150 words.
The Editor
‘Jaago Bharat’
New Delhi
10th March, 20xx
MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition Visual Stimulus 9

I had the opportunity of going through the advertisement on page 3 of your 5th March 20xx issue regarding expert counselling to students who want to study in the USA. I thought I must write to you in the hope that through the medium of your esteemed news-paper I am able to bring to light a fact that is troubling me most.

It is most astonishing that we Indians are more concerned to impart counselling for foreign universities for graduates whereas our own Xth standard students lack not only the job opportunities but also the availability of a counselling centre for them after they pass out their Matric Examination. Our priority at present should be to try and help the students of Xth standard to choose proper career in the most formative years of their life. Times have greatly changed and life has become more complex. There is an infinite variety of jobs and vocations and hence a Xth standard student is confused as to what his next step should be. So, it is the duty of our society to assess the native intelligence of the child, develop and groom it and decide where it should be placed.

To successfully harness this concept may take time. So, let us seriously divert our attention on to the accomplishment of this target.

Yours sincerely,

10. Sunil Surana is an active member of the Youth Wing of the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). He saw the following scene on one of the roads. He decided to write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper, protesting against cruelty to animals. Using the’ information in the picture, together with your own ideas, write the letter in your answer sheet in not more than 175-200 words.
MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition Visual Stimulus 10
13, Baira Road
Puri (Orissa)
The Editor,
The Bugle, Bhubaneshwar
2nd March, 20xx

Dear Sir,
I am an active member of the Youth Wing of the SPCA and am writing to you to protest against the cruelty to animals after I witnessed the most over-burdened bullock-cart on the road, the terrible weight of the burden almost making it impossible for the poor bull to even move. This is just an example. There are innumerable examples of cruelties against animals by Man.

Man has become so self-centred that to suit his own selfish means he does not mind inflicting any kind of unspeakable cruelty on animals. This cruelty may include over-burdening animals using the cane to make the animals perform to amuse the children, caging them, selling them or even slaughtering them. It is hard to believe that Man, in spite of being logical minded living being can treat animals so terribly. We should realize the wrong on our part and be humane towards all the animals. Even if each one of us decides to take one step in the positive direction, it will be a healthy sign.

I sincerely hope that through your esteemed newspaper, I am able to put forth to the readers the need for a change in our attitude towards animals. I must urge them that animals should not be taken for granted.

Your’s faithfully
Sunil Surana

11. Harish has to make a speech at the assembly on The Qualities Required for Success. He notices the chart given below in the paper and decides to use it as the basis for his speech. Using the chart arid your own ideas write the speech in about 150200 words.
MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition Visual Stimulus 11
The present day generation is very conscious and highly aware of the qualities in life and the qualities required to attain success. Knowledge, by far, is regarded as the most important thing in life by the young people. Knowledge leads to excellence of the mind; it facilitates the creation of a critical, creative outlook, seeking the happiness of all and perfection where attainable. Love is regarded as another important virtue which enables one to win over people and value human relationships. The money factor is also important because it enables us to live a life of comfort, and be free from daily worries such as how to make both ends meet. Thirst for fame and hunger for power are also considered as essential ingredients in modern life without which it becomes almost difficult to fulfil our aims and ambitions.

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If one is fortunate enough to follow and abide by these virtues which are considered important in our present life, one must not ignore the most essential factors that ensure success. It is an old saying that ‘hard work never goes waste’. So, one should never give up hard work. True talent and sincerity to work hard also help us to be successful. Relying solely on one’s luck is regarded as a sign of foolish behaviour because luck favours only those who think and work positively. Good contacts also help us to be successful but gone are the days when one needed only contacts to be successful. The most encouraging factor in the present day is that if one has the talent and the inclination to work hard, it is certain enough that slowly but surely success will definitely come one’s way and hindrances such as lack of money or contacts can very easily be overcome. The right approach to be successful is ‘To do as much as you can and then pray to God to fill in the blank.’

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