MP Board Class 10th Special English Grammar Type VII

MP Board Class 10th Special English Grammar Type VII

1. Fill in the blanks using the correct words given in the brackets:
(i) you lend me your pencil? (Can/Could/Might)
(ii) The state of his affairs hopeless. (was/were/will)
(iii) Ten miles a long distance. (is/am/are)
(iv) I am vexed your behavior. (with/at/by)
(v) They jury divided in their opinion. (was/were/will)
(vi) Never lean the wall. (against/with/of)
(vii) If he a taxi, he will catch the bus. (hire / hired / hires)
(viii) It is overcast. It rain today, (may/can/must)
(ix) Will it make a difference to you? (some / any / many)
(x) How bread do you have? (much/many/some)
(i) Could
(ii) was
(iii) is
(iv) with
(v) were
(vi) against
(vii) hires
(viii) may
(ix) any
(x) much.

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2. Do as directed (any five):
(i) The lesson was so long that it could not be finished in a period. (Rewrite the above sentence by using ‘too-to’ in place of ‘so that’)
(ii) One should keep one’s promise. (Change the Voice)
(iii) The priest said to me, “May God bless you!” (Change the narration)
(iv) (a) She found her lost child,
(b) She felt very happy. (Combine the sentences using ‘on + gerund’)
(v) I saw the man, shedding tears. (Rewrite the sentence using a relative clause)
(vi) I opened the window and peeped out through it. (Rewrite the sentence using a ‘Perfect Participle’)
(vii) She saw me cross the ‘road. I. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘Gerund’)
(i) The lesson was too Jong to finish in a period.
(ii) Promise should be kept.
(iii) The priest wished that god might bless me.
(iv) She felt very happy on finding her lost child.
(v) I saw the man who was shedding tears.
(vi) Having opened the window I peeped out through it.
(vii) She saw me crossing the road.

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3. Look at the newspaper headlines given and then use the information in them to complete the paragraph. Write the answer Do not copy the whole sentence. (5 marks)

(a) 70 die in Peru plane crash
Lima: A Boeing 757 belonging to the off the Pacific coast north of Lima on Wednesday after the pilot reported a mechanical failure.

(b) No bull fights in Goa
Panaji: The Mumbai High Court has a popular and traditional pastime in Goa.

(c) Man denies hoax charge in your answer sheets against the correct blank number.
Chennai: The man who claimed he could produce petrol from herbs, on Wednesday used dishonest means to produce herbal fuel.

(d) Shruti, Rishu set new records
New Delhi: Shruti Gupta and Rishu Sharma their respective events in the Delhi State Aquatic Meet here on Wednesday.

(e) Gooch pulls out
London: Former England captain Graham Gooch English team for the forthcoming tour of Australia.
(a) Peru Airlines crashed killing 70 passengers
(b) banned bull fight,
(c) denied hoax charges that he
(d) set new records in
(e) has pulled out of the

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