MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Workbook Solutions Chapter 3 A Father’s Letter

MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Workbook Solutions Chapter 3 A Father’s Letter

Word Power

A. Add more words to the word-bubble given in the book. Also consult dictionary for their meaning.

  • Capital, Captive
  • Intercept, receive.
  • Capious, Caption
  • Concept, deceive.

B. Match antonyms of the following:

‘A’ – ‘B’

1. aloof – (a) decent
2. idle – (b) like
3. despise – (c) amity
4. vulgar – (d) interested
5. pique – (e) busy
1. – (d), 2. – (e), 3. – (b). 4. – (a), 5. – (c).


A. Choose the correct alternative.

1. The author advises his son to learn never to (conceive/conceal) a prejudice against others.
2. The father wishes his son to keep up appearances himself as (anarrack/a defense) against the idle sneers of the world.
3. The author wants his son never to (despise/dispose) anyone at ail.
4. Hazlitt tells his son that the first Lesson to learn is that there are other people in the world besides (himself/yourself).
5. True (insanity/equality) is the only true morality or true wisdom.

  1. conceive
  2. a defense
  3. despise
  4. himself
  5. equality.

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B. Say whether the following statements are true or false and put (✓) or (✗) in the boxes.

  1. The author doesn’t feel himself physically fit. (True) [✓]
  2. One should not anticipate evils because one cannot have things exactly as one wishes. (True)[✓]
  3. The son was experiencing homely atmosphere at his school. (False) [✗]
  4. A student feels the same freedom at his school as his own home. (False) [✗]
  5. The son feels that his school fellows do not take care of him. (True) [✓]

Language Practice

A. Complete the sentence with ‘some of’/‘most’/‘any of’
1. Do you like this music ? ……… it.
2. I don’t go out very often. I’m at home ………. day.
3. Do you want to come to a party tonight.

  1. some of
  2. most
  3. any of.

B. ‘A’ asks ‘B’ some questions. Use the given information in the box to write B’s answers.

don’t need a car.
Here is a chemist in Mill road.
I haven’t got one.
I have just had a cup of coffee.
am going to buy a bicycle.
I havn’t got an umbrella.

1. A. Can you lend me a pen? – B. I’m sorry ……..
2. A. Would you like to have a car – B.No,,I ……..
3. A. Have you got a bicycle? – B. No, but I ……..
4. A. Can you lend me an umbrella? – B. I’m sorry but ……..
5. A. Would you like a cup of coffee? – B. No, thank you ……..
6. A. Is there a chemist near here? – B. Yes ……..

  1. I haven’t got one
  2. don’t need a car
  3. am going to buy a bicycle
  4. 1 haven’t got an umbrella
  5. 1 have just had a cup of coffee
  6. here is a chemist in Mill road.

C. Write these sentences using no as a determiner.

Question 1.
We haven’t got any money.
We’ve got no money.

Question 2.
There aren’t any shops near here.
There are no shops near here.

Question 3.
Karlm hasn’t got any free time.
Karim has got no free time.

Question 4.
There Isn’t light in this room.
There is no light in this room.

MP Board Solutions

D. Write short answers (one or two words) to these questions. Use none where necessary.

Question 1.
how many letters did you write yesterday?
Two letters.

Question 2.
How many sisters have you got?
Two sisters.

Question 3.
How many apples did you eat yesterday ?
One apple.

Question 4.
How many photographs have you taken today ?
Ten photographs.

Question 5.
How many legs has a snake got ?

Speaking Time

Mark the stress of the following words.
MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Workbook Solutions Chapter 3 A Father’s Letter img 1

Reading Time

Read the following passage carefully :

Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability. Their chief use for delight, is in privateness and retiring, for ornament is in discourse, and for ability, is in the judgment and disposition of business. For expert men can execute, and perhaps judge of particulars, one by one, but the general counsels, and plots and marshalling of affairs, come best from those that are learned.

To spend too much time in studies is sloth; to use them too much for ornament, is affectation; to make judgment wholly by their rules, is the humor of a scholar. They perfect nature and are perfected by experience : for natural abilities are like natural plants that need pruning by study; and studies themselves do give forth directions too much, at large, except they be bounded in by experience.

Crafty men contemn studies; simple men admire them; and wise men use them : for they teach not their own use : but that is a wisdom without them and above them, won by observation. Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider.

Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested, that is some books are to be read only in parts; others to be read but not curiously, and some to be read wholly and with diligence and action. Some books also may be read by deputy, and extracts made of them by others, but that would be only in the less important arguments and the meaner sort of books, else distilled books are like common distilled waters, flashy things.

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Now answer the questions given below:

Question 1.
Choose the word which does no4 carry the same meaning as the word given at the top or each group:

(A) admire
(i) praise
(ii) appreciate
(iii) condemn
(iv) respect.
(iii) condemn

(B) diligence :
(i) idleness
(ii) industry
(iii) hard work
(iv) thoroughness.
(i) idleness

(C) disposition:
(i) arrangement
(ii) willingness
(iii) nature
(iv) disapproval.
(iv) disapproval.

(D) sloth:
(i) laziness
(ii) idleness
(iii) unwillingness
(iv) promptness.
(D) (iv) promptness.

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Question 2.
Who can plan and carry out the things in a better way?
The learned can plan and casry out things In a better way.

Question 3.
What is idleness according to the author? (2009, 15)
According tn the author to spend too much time in studies is sloth,

Question 4.
How does the author compare the crafty, simple and wise men?
Crafty men contem studies, simple men admire them and wise men use them.

Question 5.
‘Read not to contradict and confute’. Explain the statement in your own words. .
Our aim of reading should not be to deny the truth or to oppose others nor to prove someone false.

Question 6.
What are the Distilled books like ? . (2009)
Distilled books are like common distilled waters, flashy things.

Question 7.
In what categories does the author divide the books? (2014)
The author divides books in three categories

  • Some books arc lo be read in parts.
  • Others lo be read but flot curiously.
  • Some to be read wholly with deligence and action.

Question 8.
Give a suitable title to die passage.
‘Of Studies’.

Writing Time

Question 1.
Imagine yourself to be the Export Manager of Deepati Overseas Ltd. Mumbai. You need chartered accountants for Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore offices. Write an advertisement far a national daily
offering an Initial salary of Rs. 20,000/. per month with free accommodation. Complete the advertisement in 50 words.
Chartered Accountants
For Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore offices with experience of two to three years. Initial salary Rs. 20,000/- p. m. + Free accommodation. Send your resume to the Export Manager, Deepali Overseas Ltd., Mumbai or mail to

MP Board Solutions

Question 2.
Write a classified advertisement for ‘Lost and Found’ column of a local newspaper stating the loss of your books and important documents while travelling in a local bus.
Lost and Found
Lost a bag containing books and other important documents.
On 15th March 20… at about 10:30 a. m. while travelling in Dhar-Indore MPRTC bus. Sender will be rewarded.
Contact 9832590721 or (07292) 232436

Question 3.
Your father has been transferred to another city. You want to sell certain household goods. Design suitable advertisement to be published in local newspapers.
One coloured T. V.-Videocon flat screen 20 model, good condition
under warranty period.
One Refrigerator-Voltas Co. Capacity 200 Lit. good condition.
Owner shifting to another city.
K. R Upadhyaya
Mob. No. 9826732395

Question 4.
Design an advertisement on behalf of the Ministry of Environment, M.R for publication in a newspaper urging the people to get ‘Pollution Under Control Certificate’ for their vehicles. Mention the date, venue, place and time of the programme. Make the people aware about the harmful effects of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.
Pollution Control
Ministry of Environment Protection, M. P. urges its responsible citizens and vehicle users to get P. U. C. (Pollution Under Control) Certificate for their vehicles in order to cut down the highly increased level of pollution in our state, caused due to running vehicles, which emit harmful gases (like carbon-monoxide and hydrocarbons). These are injurious to heart and may even cause skin and lung cancer and asthama etc.
P. U. C. Certificates will be issued after checking your vehicle. Detailed information is given below.
Date : From 10/10/20… to 31.12.20…
Time : 10 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Venue : Municipal Corporation Office, Indore.

MP Board Class 12th English Solutions

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