MP Board Class 6th Special English Revision Exercises 1

MP Board Class 6th Special English Solutions Revision Exercises 1

Word Power

(a) Match the columns.
MP Board Class 6th Special English Revision Exercises 1 img-1
1. → (c)
2. → (a)
3. → (b)
4. → (e)
5. → (d)

(b) Fill in the blanks with the help of given words:

(unhappy, country, riddles, busy, marbles)

  1. Kassim had read a book of ………….. the day before.
  2. Ali had to give Kassim ten ……………….
  3. The town child is ………….. about his life in the town.
  4. The old woman was too ……………. to go out and ask the chief.
  5. The ………… child is unhappy in the country.


  1. riddles
  2. Marbles
  3. unhappy
  4. busy
  5. country.

(c) Make sentences with the given words and phrases.
(agreement, in search of, give up, approach, wonderful.)

Agreement  : An agreement is being made between the two countries.
In search of : The police is in search of the criminal.
Give up       : He gave up smoking.
Approach    : The lion is approaching towards the town.
Wonderful  : He has done a wonderful job.

MP Board Solutions

Comprehension Questions

Answer these questions.

Question 1.
Why was Kassim eager to take a bet with Ali?
Kassim was eager to take a bet with Ali because he was very sure of his success. Moreover his mind was fall of riddles.

Question 2.
How did Kassim get back his ten marbles from Ali?
Kassim said that his pencil could not write any colour. Ali made a bet for ten marbles with his pencil. Kassim took out his pencil. He recited some magic words. He wrote red, blue, yellow, green, orange, on a piece of paper. Ali lost the bet. In this way Kassim got back his ten marbles from Ali.

Question 3.
Where does the town child live?
The town child lives in a town.

Question 4.
Why does he not like his street?
He does not like his street for its being too noisy.

Question 5.
Why had the thieves to stay in the town for the night?
The thieves had to stay in the small town at night because their own village was far away. They had a pot of gold with them. It was very risky for them to travel at night.

Question 6.
How did Ramanna decide the case.
Ramanna said to the thieves, “Bring your third companion and the pot will be delivered only to all three of you together. The thieves could not locate their companion. They withdrew their case. In this way he decided the case in the old woman’s favour.

Question 7.
Where is the country child’s home?
The country child’s home is near a jungle.

Question 8.
Why does he wish to live in a town.
He wishes to enjoy the company, the comfort and pleasure of city life.


(a) Change these sentences into indirect speech:

  1. Bholu said, “I have written the letters.”
  2. Ali said, “I have done my work.”
  3. “Will you have tea or coffee?” I asked the guest.
  4. “Do the boys want to go to Chennai or to Delhi for excursion?” The headmaster asked the class teacher.


  1. Bholu said that he had written the letters.
  2. Ali said that he had done his work.
  3. I asked the guest whether he would have tea or coffee.
  4. The headmaster asked the class teacher whether the boys wanted to go to Chennai or Delhi for the excursion.

MP Board Solutions

Let’s Write

Question 1.
Write ten sentences about your village or town.
My City Gwalior
Gwalior is in the northern most part of Madhya Pradesh. It offers a feast of historic sights, museums, parks, shops, etc. The city is dominated by its hill top fort, a symbol of Rajput valour and chivalry. The 15th century palace of Raja Mansingh is located in the citadel. Gwalior has also the distinction of being a centre of Indian classical music. A great musical festival is held at Gwalior every year where Tansen is lying buried. The routes to Gwalior pass through forests and fertile land.

Question 2.
Write an application to the principal of your school requesting him/her to grant you three days leave as you are ill.
The Principal B-B,
Middle School,
Date 18 May, 2005

Most respectfully I beg to say that I have been suffering from high fever. It will take two or three days to recover. Therefore I request you to grant me leave for at-least three days. I shall be obliged for this act of kindness.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Amit Varma
Class VI-A

MP Board Class 6th English Solutions

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