MP Board Class 8th General English Letter and Application Writing

MP Board Class 8th General English Solutions Letter and Application Writing

(प्रार्थवा पत्र):

1. Write an application to your Head Master requesting him to sanction you a scholarship.

The Headmaster,
Janta Junior School,

Respected Sir,
With due respect I beg to state that I am a student of your school. I study in class VIII. My father is no more. He was the only supporter of my family. My mothers is unable to have my study continued. Therefore, I request you to sanction me scholarship to enable me to continue my studies. For this kind favour I shall be highly obliged. Thanking you,

Yours obediently
Mukul Jain
Roll No. 7
Class VIII (A)
Dated : 10th October, 20 ………

2. Write an application to your class teacher requesting him to add your name in the list of the students going to Kanha Kisli National Park.

The Classteacher,
V. J. Middle School.

Dear Sir,
Most respectfully I beg to say that I was absent on the day you enlisted the children going to Kanha Kisli. I was sick on that day, Sir, I am very much interested in going there as I am keen to increase my knowledge about animals and birds. So I request you to enter my name in the list so that I am able to make the necessary arrangements. Thanking you,

Yours obediently,
Ashutosh Rana
Dated : 6th Aug. 20…….

3. Write an application to your Head master requesting him to provide you free text books.

The Head Master,
Govt. Middle School.

Respected Sir,
I beg to state that I am the student of your school studying in class VIII. I belong to a very poor family. My father is a farmer. He is unable to bear the expenses of my studies. I am a very good student. I shall be highly obliged if you provide me free text books. Then only I shall be able to continue my studies. Thanking you,

Yours obediently
Rahul Sharma
Roll No. 21.
Class-VIII (C)
Dated : 6th July, 20…….

Letters (पत्र):

1. Write a letter to your father to send you Rs. 500 as you have to pay your fees and buy some books and stationery.

Examination Hall
15th July, 20 …….

Dear father,
How are you all ? I am fine here busy with my studies. I have to pay my fees and buy some books and stationery. So kindly send me a sum of Rs. 500 soon. Convey my best regards to mother and lots of love to Pappu.

Yours loving son

2. Write a letter to your friend mentioning your hobbies.

10, Raghava Pura,
Ram Nagar,
10th Feb., 20 …..

Dear Neetu,
I am well here and hope the same for you. I want to share my hobbies with you as vacations are near. I am very fond of collecting stamps, visiting different places and listening to music. I am fond of travelling. I have visited many places like Gwalior, Agra, Mathura etc. I plan to visit Rajasthan in these vacations. More on meeting. Lots of regards to elders and love to younger.

Rest is O.K.
Waiting for your letter,


3. Write a letter to your friend informing him / her about your visit to your favorite park / picnic spot.

Ram Pal Singh
26 / 102, Ashok Nagar,
4 – 3 – 20 …….

Dear Raj,
I am fine here and hope the same at your end 1. also. As our exams are over, what are your plans for your vacations. I am planning to go for a picnic to the Kanha Kisli National Park on 14th of this month. If you wish, you may also join us. Rest is fine. Pay my regards to elders and love to younger. Waiting for your letter,


4. Write a letter to your friend narrating your visit to Kanha Kisli.

10, Prabhu Nagar
20.3.20 ……..

Dear Mahesh,
Hope you are fine there. I am also fine here. As I had been to Kanha National Park in my vacations. I wish to share my experience with you. It was a great fun. We saw many animals like deer, elephants, lions, etc. We gave bananas to monkeys and elephants. We took photographs of beautiful birds and animals. We had our lunch there. We played some outdoor games and enjoyed a lot. I missed you a lot. Rest is fine.


5. Write a letter to your friend suggesting some tips for conserving water.

15, Ram Nagar
Lodhi Road,
Dated : 4 – 5 – 20……

Dear Kailash,
I am fine here and expect the same for you. I am writing this letter to suggest you some tips for conserving water which I have learnt recently. First of all we should use water economically. We should try to harvest rain water at different levels. The farmers can store water by building Medha Bandha around their fields. Old ponds and wells can be made deeper and cleaned to store rain water. Dams should be repaired. If these small things are kept in minds then there would be no scarcity of water. We should voluntarily help in this matter. More on meeting.


MP Board Class 8th English Solutions

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