MP Board Class 8th General English Writing Skills

MP Board Class 8th General English Solutions Writing Skills

1. Paragraph Writing
(गद्यांश लेखन):

एक ही विषय पर या उससे सम्बन्धित कहे गये वाक्यों के समूह को गद्यांश कहते हैं।

1. प्रत्येक गद्यांश का एक ही विषय होना चाहिए। हर वाक्य मुख्य विषय से सम्बन्धित होना चाहिए।
2. गद्यांश का पहला वाक्य उत्सुकता जगाने वाला तथा आखिरी उसकी जिज्ञासा शान्त करने वाला होना चाहिए।
3. गद्यांश में विचारों या घटनाओं का क्रम उनके गठित होने के क्रम में व मुख्य विषय से सम्बन्धित होना चाहिए।

Question 1.
Write a paragraph on Any Great Man

Any Great Man
My Favorite Leader:

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the greatest souls of India. His full name was Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi. He was born on 2nd October, 1869 at Probandar in Gujarat. After his schooling in India, for further studies, he was sent to England. He proved himself to be a freedom fighter and a brave soldier.

He loved Ahimsa. On 15th August, 1947, India got freedom. He asked Indians to boycott foreign goods. He lived for country men and died for them. He was shot dead on 30th January, 1948 by Nathu Ram Godse. He is an immortal soul of the world.

Question 2.
Write a paragraph on your visit to a Fair.

Visit to A Fair:

Fairs are the means of amusement. I happened to see a fair in my village. I had gone there with my family. There was a great hue and cry. Balloon wala was there with different coloured balloons. There was a Roundabout. Mostly the children and women were swinging. The people were busy purchasing domestic articles. Some were purchasing sweets. Some young children were enjoying chat. I enjoyed all the swings and returned home in a happy mood.

Question 3.
Write a paragraph on your train journey.

Train Journey:

Last month I travelled from Gwalior to Bhopal by train. I was going to Bhopal with my friends. We reached the railway station before time and saw the hawkers crying at the top of their voices. When our train came, we boarded in and met many people, who spoke different languages. There was a great rush in the compartment. We had our seats reserved, so we enjoyed our journey playing cards and reading books. We were aware of the pickpockets. So we took proper care of our luggage. We reached Bhopal safe and sound.

Question 4.
Write a paragraph on your visit to a bus stand.

Visit to A Bus Stand:

I happened to visit a bus stand as I had to receive my mother who was coming back from Mathura. The bus was late, so I had to pass my time at the bus stand. In the mean while, many buses came and many left. People were busy with their respective tasks. Hawkers were selling different eatables like fruits, pakoras etc. There was a great rush. Different buses were standing at their respective places with the conductors shouting about the destinations. The bus from Mathura came and I received my mother and came back home.

Question 5.
Write a paragraph on your favorite tree.

My Favorite Tree:

We all know that trees are very useful to us. They provide us fruits, vegetables and many other, useful items. They give out oxygen which we breathe in. I am very fond of trees but mango tree is my favorite tree. It is found all over India. It is a very large tree. It bears fruits. Mango is my favorite fruit. Ripe mangoes are very sweet. Raw mangoes are sour and are used in making pickles, chutnies, etc. Mango leaves are used on religious occasions. Mango trees bear fruits in the months of May to August.

2. Report Writing
(रपट लेखन):

The basic features of a report are given below:

  • The report starts with name of place and date.
  • The report should have a title or subject.
  • The first part is introduction, the second part carries out instructions, the third part consists of the findings, the fourth part is the conclusion.

Write a report of 100 words on a fire accident.

Agra, March 20
When I was near Ram Talkies, I heard the cry of ‘fire-fire’ at a distance. I saw a house burning. Many people were throwing sand and water on fire. Soon the fire brigade arrived. With continuous effort, in two hours, the fire was under control. The fire had broken out due to the negligence of the servant who had thrown a piece of burning bidi in the courtyard. The owner of the house was in tears. It was a loss of over two lac.

3. Controlled Comprehension:

Complete the following story with the help of given words:
1. A miser had some ……………. He sold …………… and’ bought ……………. gold. He put it in a …………… He used to go …………. it daily. One of his ………….. saw it. He thought that there must be ……………. One day he went there and ………….. When the miser ……………. his gold, he began …………….

Words given:
it, a piece of, property, pit, to see, some gold, took it out, neighbours, to weep, did not find.
A miser had some property. He sold it and bought a piece of gold. He put it in a pit. He used to go to see it daily. One of his neighbours saw it. He thought that there must be some gold. One day he went there and took it out. When the miser did not find his gold, he began to weep.

MP Board Class 8th English Solutions

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