MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Chapter 14 The Jet Age

MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Chapter 14 The Jet Age

The Jet Age Textual Exercise

Word Power

(A) Here are given a few phrasal verbs with ‘break’. Learn their meanings and use them in your own sentences. (Take the help of a dictionary) The first done for you.
MP Board Class 8th Special English Chapter 14 The Jet Age 1
MP Board Class 8th Special English Chapter 14 The Jet Age

MP Board Solutions

(B) Unscramble the words given below. They are the words that have something to do with transport and communication.

  1. cart
  2. elephant
  3. aeroplane
  4. bus
  5. bicycle
  6. donkey
  7. horse
  8. train
  9. scooter
  10. camel
  11. ship
  12. car.

MP Board Class 8th Special English Chapter 14 The Jet Age 3


(A) Answer the questions given below:

Question 1.
What is the poet talking about?
The poet is talking about the busy life-style of the modern people.

Question 2.
What do people do in a Board meeting?
In a Board meeting people only talk. They don’t listen anything.

Question 3.
What can cause a casualty?
The heavy traffic on the roads can cause a casualty.

Question 4.
Do we take rest after dinner?
No, we do not take rest after dinner.

Question 5.
Why don’t you have the time to listen a poem or to pray?
We don’t have the time to listen a poem or to pray because we have to do a lot of work in limited period.

(B) Read the following sentences and tick true or false.

  1. Now we have hectic life-style.
  2. Our lungs are tired.
  3. There is less traffic on the road.
  4. We are bored.
  5. We have time for our prayer.


  1. True
  2. True
  3. False
  4. True
  5. False.

MP Board Solutions

(C) What would you do if you see

I. A small boy waiting to cross the road; would you

  1. help him to cross safely?
  2. not bother about him?
  3. wait and watch?

1. help him to cross safely?

II. Your neighbour is carrying a heavy bag, would you

  1. greet him and hurry off?
  2. offer help to him?
  3. not go in front of him?

2. offer help to him?

III. An old man/woman rides a bus; would you

  1. Offer your seat?
  2. take no notice?
  3. try to adjust him/her on your seat?

3. offer your seat?

MP Board Solutions

Let’s Read

Read the poem carefully:

A bag made of plastic,
It is very cheap.
So has taken a giant leap
Though it costs just a coin
It pollutes the environment,
As it is non-biodegradable:
We are unable
To get it out of our table
What I feel;
Is my appeal
Don’t use polybags
As your carry-bags.

Now Answer the following questions:

Question 1.
Write down the message of the poem.
We should not use polybags as our carry-bags.

Question 2.
What are the disadvantages in the use of plastic bags?

  1. It pollutes the environment
  2. It is non-biodegradable.

Question 3.
What can we use instead of poly bags?
We can use bags made of rough cloth instead of polybags.

MP Board Solutions

Let’s Write

(A) Here are some road-signs, what do these road-signs mean? Write in your own words. The first one is done for you.
MP Board Class 8th Special English Chapter 14 The Jet Age 4

  1. Don’t turn to the left.
  2. Left turn closed
  3. Right turn closed
  4. Don’t turn to the right.
  5. Go ahead.
  6. Two-way zone.

(B) Below is given the summary of the poem The Jet Age’ in which some words are missing. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words given in the box:

spare, rush, tired, cities, traffic, jam, accident, harmful, pray, breakfast

The poem, ‘The Jet Age’, is about the busy life of the modern c …….1…….. The poet says that there is r …….2………. everywhere. People have no time to s……3…… They seem to be t……..4………. The roads have heavy t…..5…….. The traffic j…….6….. is a big problem. There is always the danger of an a ……..7…… on the roads, people almost run to their place of work. They even don’t bother to have their b…..8……. properly, they don’t have time to p….9…… Such a life-style is very h…10…….

  1. cities
  2. rush
  3. spare
  4. tired
  5. traffic
  6. jam
  7. accident
  8. breakfast
  9. pray
  10. harmful.

The Jet Age Word Meanings

Page-120 : Babble – sound of many people talking together – एक साथ बहुत लोगों के बोलने की आवाज। Tired-worn out – थका हुआ। Hoot – the sound made by a vehicle horn, a factory siren- वाहनों की आवाज Hog – hoard – जमा करना Pretend – make oneself apprear to be somebody or to be doing something – झूठा दिखावा करना। Flop – a total failure – पूर्ण असफलता।

MP Board Class 8th English Solutions

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