MP Board Class 9th General English Composition: Verbal/Visual Stimulus

MP Board Class 9th General English Composition: Verbal/Visual Stimulus

You would be given some points (verbal stimulus) or a picture (visual stimulus) and would be asked to compose a short report, an article, a speech or description of about 80 words.

(A) Verbal Stimulus

On the basis of the points given write para-graphs of about 80 words on the given topics.

1. Effect of Music
Effect of music on humans, soothing effect on heart, cure even madness, even animals are affected, tigers, deers, snakes sensitive to music, one who has no delight is incapable of anything.
The effect of music on the human mind and heart is great. Music has the power of soothing the oppressed heart and of infusing courage and cheerfulness into it. So great is its power that under its influence even madness is found to be cured. Even wild and savage animals cannot resist the charm of music. Tigers, deer and snakes are particularly sensitive to music. The man who has no ear for music and finds no delight in it is incapable of anything.

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2. Alice in Wonderland
Alice, a little girl with imagination, falls asleep sitting near her sister, dreams of running in a field behind rabbit, falls down and enters a strange land with many adventures, tells her sister on waking up, sister finds her dreams illogical.
Alice was a little girl with an imaginative mind. One day while sitting by her sister on the bank of the river she fell asleep. She dreamt that she was running across the field after a white beautiful rabbit. She fell down a large rabbit-hole and entered a strange land where she came across many odd characters and had many strange adventures. When she woke up she found herself lying on the bank with her head on her sister’s lap. She told her sister about her curious and strange dream and her extraordinary adventures in that wonderland. The sister found no sense in her dream. It was futile to expect any sense or logic in the dreams of a little girl.

3. TV Watching
Greatest source of entertainment attracts all, educative and entertaining, music, bad effects.
These days TV is the greatest source of entertainment. It offers every kind of entertainment to all of the different ages. Cable TV has attracted all alike to it. TV watching is both educative and entertaining. It gives us good morals through various programmes, like serial and films. Its news channels let us know what is happening all around the world. Its music channels provide good music. Educational programmes add to our knowledge. But TV watching has bad effects also. It harms children’s eye-sight. They lag in their studies due to it. Thus, TV watching is both useful and harmful.

(B) Visual Stimulus

1. See the following picture and write a paragraph on it,
MP Board Class 9th General English Composition: Verbal Visual Stimulus 1
It is a special campaign of girls education. The teacher is teaching them. The girls are listening to her with great interest. Education of girls is very
important as an educated girl is the backbone of a family. If she is educated then only she would be able to play the roles of a sister, mother and wife efficiently and become aware about the world and her rights. Hence, it is very necessary to educate girls.

2. Read the following flowchart describing the preparation of rice. Write a suitable paragraph with its help.
MP Board Class 9th General English Composition: Verbal Visual Stimulus 2
Preparation of Rice : Take some rice in a bowl. Wash it with plenty of water three to four times. Keep the rice soaked in water for some time. Put in pressure cooker and add one and a half times of water and salt to taste. Switch on the gas and close the pressure cooker lid. Give one or two whistles and switch off the gas. Take out in the rice bowl and serve.

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3. Write a story with the help of the given picture.
MP Board Class 9th General English Composition: Verbal Visual Stimulus 3
A farmer once needed money because his crops were ruined due to snow. He went to a money lender with a pot containing jewellery of his wife. The money lender was a greedy man. He wished to take his jewellery and give him a small amount of money at high rate of interest so that the farmer may not be able to take it back. Money-lender’s wife also liked the farmer’s jewellery and she wished that her husband took it from the farmer any how. But farmer understood money lender’s greed and took his jewellery back from him.

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