MP Board Class 9th General English The Spring Blossom Solutions Objective Type Questions

MP Board Class 9th General English The Spring Blossom Solutions Objective Type Questions [Based on Textual Lessons]

Multiple Choice Questions
(बहु विकल्पीय प्रशन)

Question 1.
The real aim of Miss Beam’s school was to:
(A) Be practical
(B) Teach thought
(C) Teach thoughtfulness
(D) Increase memory.
(C) Teach thoughtfulness

Question 2.
Those who prepare the matter for advertisements and publicity are called:
(A) Dramatists
(B) Playwrights
(C) Script writers
(D) Copywriters.
(D) Copywriters.

Question 3.
J. C. Bose was born in:
(A) Faridabad
(B) Faridkot
(C) Firozpur
(D) Faridpur.
(D) Faridpur.

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Question 4.
Kasturba Gandhi was married at an age of:
(A) thirteen
(B) eighteen
(C) twenty one
(D) twenty two.
(A) thirteen

Question 5.
The poem ‘Am I a child’ is about:
(A) Child’s disputes
(B) Childhood worries
(C) An adolescent child’s situation
(D) Childhood fantasies.
(C) An adolescent child’s situation

Question 6.
For Sudhir what mattered most was that he was:
(A) Back in the field
(B) Winner
(C) Loser
(D) In the team.
(A) Back in the field

Question 7.
Chaturbhuj Babu had passed:
(A) M. A.
(B) B.A.
(C) Ph.D.
(D) Inter.
(A) M. A.

Question 8.
In the opinion of the wise saint a best friend on the earth is:
(A) His own good sense
(B) His courage
(C) His physical power
(D) His smartness.
(A) His own good sense

Question 9.
Ram Prasad Bismil was hanged on:
(A) 18th December 1927
(B) 19th December 1927
(C) 9th August 1925
(D) 19th August 1927
(B) 19th December 1927

Question 10.
The moon walks wearing:
(A) Light shoes
(B) White shoes
(C) Silver shoes
(D) Bronze shoes.
(C) Silver shoes

Question 11.
The tree described in the poem ‘Woodman spare that Tree’ is:
(A) A Pipal tree
(B) A Banyan Tree
(C) A Neem Tree
(D) An Oak Tree.
(D) An Oak Tree.

Question 12.
Bose demonstrated the feelings of:
(A) Plants
(B) People
(C) Fish
(D) Animals
(A) Plants

Question 13.
Rani Karnavati had sent Humayun:
(A) A raksha thread
(B) A gift
(C) A pearl
(D) A sword.
(A) A raksha thread

Question 14.
Cheemi was called:
(A) Chhoti
(B) Little sparrow
(C) A bird
(D) None of these.
(B) Little sparrow

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Fill in the Blanks
(रिक्त स्थान भरो।)

  1. Jumman became ……….. enemy.
  2. Miss Beam’s figure was comforting to a ………. child.
  3. Kasturba Gandhi led the women’s ……….. for which she was imprisoned.
  4. ………… is the pen name of Ram Prasad.
  5. King Vikramaditya was a ruler of ………..
  6. Rani Karnavati sent a message to ……….
  7. J. C. Bose was honoured with the degree of………..
  8. The most deafening place on the earth is a ……….
  9. Akbar was missing ………..
  10. ……….. motivated Sudhir.
  11. Akbar regreted ………… Birbal from the court.
  12. The child will stride into a new world of ………..
  13. Chaturbhuj Babu had brought a ……….. cat with him.
  14. Moon is wearing ……….. shoes.


  1. Algu’s
  2. homesick
  3. Satyagraha,
  4. Bismil
  5. Ujjain
  6. Humayun
  7. Doctor of science
  8. Gold factory
  9. Birbal
  10. Baljit
  11. banishing
  12. adult life
  13. Afghan
  14. silver

State True or False
(सत्य असत्य बताइए।)

  1. Kasturba Gandhi was the daughter of a prosperous businessman.
  2. Advertisements can be termed as the backbone of the commerical world.
  3. King Vikramaditya was the ruler of Udaipur.
  4. Kakori train incident took place on 18 December 1927.
  5. In the second match Sudhir was to play in right in position.
  6. Jumman sold his bullock to Samjhu Sahu.
  7. We should do our work today.
  8. During the dumb day, a child has to use his will power.
  9. Parvati Kaki loved Cheemi.
  10. The present day babies are too soft spoken.
  11. J. C. Bose was awarded the fellowship of Royal Society in 1920.
  12. J. C. Bose was also a great writer.
  13. Examination for a royal scribe was to be held at Udaipur University.
  14. Birbal had passed a harmless comment about Akbar’s sense of humour.


  1. True
  2. True
  3. False
  4. False
  5. True
  6. False
  7. True
  8. True
  9. False
  10. False
  11. True
  12. False
  13. False
  14. True.

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Match the Columns
(जोड़ी मिलाइए)

MP Board Class 9th General English The Spring Blossom Solutions Objective Type Questions 1
(1) → (ii) to accept and act according to a law
(2) → (iv) an imaginary thing
(3) → (i) an easy chance to score
(4) → (v) extremely hot
(5) → (iii) filled with air

MP Board Class 9th General English The Spring Blossom Solutions Objective Type Questions 2
(1) → (iii) poor orphan
(2) — (i) pen name
(3) → (v) To go from place to place to sell things
(4) → (ii) response in the living and Non-living
(5) → (iv) silver shoon

MP Board Class 9th English Solutions

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