MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition: Verbal Stimulus

MP Board Class 10th Special English Composition: Verbal Stimulus

1. With the help of the words given below, produce a composition. The topic is “THE REPUBLIC DAY”: (M.P. Board 2011)
(a) Assemble in ground
(b) Unfurl national flag
(c) National Anthem
(d) Principal’s address
(e) N.S.S. and N.C.C. Cadets
The Republic Day is a red letter day. It is celebrated on 26th Tan every year as India was declared a Repuplic on this day. Every year we assemble in the school ground. The national flag is unfurled with great honour. The students decorate the school campus. They prepare programmes like drama, debate, dance etc., symbolising national fervour. They look very enthusiastic and joyful. Students sing national anthem and other national songs. The Principal addresses the audience telling them about the importance of the day. He/she also encourages us to maintain the national ethos and work for the national unity. We take oaths to be loyal to the nation. The NSS and NCC cadets organise parade in the ground. It is really a nice occasion to celebrate and enjoy.

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2. With the help of the words given below, build up a composition on ‘Grow more trees’: (M.P. Board 2011)
(a) Importance of trees
(b) Services that trees provide
(c) Different kinds of trees
(d) Usefulness to animals
(e) Need of planting trees
Trees are a part of nature. Man is also a part of nature. Trees and Human beings constitute the biodiversity. The environment needs these components to maintain the eco-balance. Trees are important for us because they produce oxygen, help soil conservation, provide shades, fodder, wood etc. Our life depend on trees. There are a lot of different types of trees. All the types of trees are useful for us. There are herbal properties in trees as well e.g., neem trees, babool trees etc. There are fruit trees like mango, guava etc. There are trees that help us in buildings etc. Trees also support animals. But it is our greed that we are destroying trees for commercial purposes, extensions of residential areas. This destruction is affecting our life badly. Global warming, depletion of ozone layer etc., are some of the major harms. Frequent floods are also caused due to it. So we need to save trees. There is a need to plant more trees to save our life.

3. Describe the scene in a bank with the help of the given clues: (M.P. Board 2011)
(a) The guard outside
(b) The counter for different transactions
(c) People working at counters
(d) The crowd present in the bank
(e) The Manager
Bank is a public place as it is a centre for transaction of public money. Last week I had visited State Bank of India to open a Saving A/c. First I was stopped by a security guard at the main gate. He asked me to switch my mobile off as it is not allowed inside the bank. When I entered I saw there were many counters like Deposits, Cheques, DD, PRO, Cust. Care etc. Each counter was attended by a person. Though it was crowded but in a systematic way. First I went to the customer care counter. The person guided me properly. Finally I was sent to a cabin where the Manager was sitting. He enquired a few questions and then I left the Bank.

4. Write a short biography of Jawaharlal Nehru under the following headings: (M.P. Board 2011)
(a) Parentage and education
(b) Contribution in Indian freedom struggle
(c) Jawaharlal Nehru as a Prime Minister
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the son of Pandit Motilal Nehru. Originally he belonged to Srinagar (Kashmir). Later he shifted to Allahabad. Anand Bhawan at Allahabad was his residence which has now been turned into a monumental heritage. Motilal Nehru a was famous lawyer but he abandoned his practice and joined freedom struggle of Gandhiji. Pandit Jawaharlal got a high profile education in England and became a lawyer but he joined Gandhi’s struggle and became the most loved disciple of Gandhiji. He was married to Kamla Nehru. After India acquired independence he was elected as the first Prime Minister of India. He drove the nation to a new dawn. His principles of Panchsheel were important steps towards world fraternity. He was not only a great politician but also a great scholar. His books ‘Discovery of India’, ‘Glimpses of World History’, etc. are some of his famous books. His daughter Ms. Indira Gandhi later became a prominent figure as she had learnt all political traits from Nehru ji.

5. With the help of given -words, build up a composition on “My Dream School”.
(a) Teaching Staff
(b) Building
(c) Lab (Science-Computer)
(d) Playground
(e) Multi-media Room
(f) Co-curricular activities
I have a dream of making a great school in my village. Mine is a remote area about 50 km away from township. .Children have to go a long way for senior school education. Had there been a good school our village would have been a model one. When I grow up I shall first establish a grand school. I shall donate 10 acres of my land for the school building. I shall collect donation from others and shall also get help from government.

I have a dream project for school. Its building shall be spread over in a big area with big rooms and halls, and a large playground. In one part of the building there will be a well maintained hostel with all facilities. The staff will be highly educated and well paid. There will be a well equipped science laboratory and computer laboratory. All the provision for extra curricular activities shall be provided in school. My dream school will be an ideal one.

6. Srishti has been asked to write an information brochure for her classmates who plan an excursion to Fatehgarh in summer. She has made the following notes. Use these notes together with your own ideas and write the brochure in your answer sheet in not more than 150 words.

What to see : places, waterfalls, gardens
Palaces : Maharani’s Palace includes Wax Palace — 540 AD — Whispering galleries, Sculptures — ancient rulers — limbs missing in a few
Waterfalls : Varsha — 500 feet, stream on the outskirts
Gardens : Rose gardens — Orchards — Vineyards

This summer, as usual, we have planned an excursion for the class — -a visit to Fatehgarh which is not only beautiful but also has a historical significance.

Fatehgarh lies in the State of Uttar Pradesh. It is an eight- hour journey bv bus. On reaching Fatehgarh we will be lounged in a Government Guest House. From there we shall proceed to visit the most famous place in Fatehgarh, the Maharani’s Palace, which includes the Wax Palace. It was built in 540 A.D. and it is known for its whispering galleries and the beautiful sculptures of ancient rulers. These sculptures are ancient so it is not surprising that the limbs of a few rulers in some of these sculptures may be found missing. This palace is indeed one of the few examples of ancient Indian art and gives us a peep into the glorious and rich cultural art of ancient Indian history.

To cool you in the summers we shall visit the Varsha waterfalls which fall from a height of 500 ft. It is a splendour to watch the water as it lashes down on to the ground and presents the most delightful sight. We also plan a visit to a stream which lies on the outskirts of Fatehgarh. Besides, our excursion will include a visit to the beautiful rose gardens, fruit orchards and vineyards to view the flowers and the fruits in their full bloom. It promises to be an excursion which should not be missed and I can assure you that pur visit to Fatehgarh will be the most exciting and informative.

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7. Sumit lives in a village. The entire village is worried about degradation of Nila Lake in the village. He writes an article for publication in the local newspaper highlighting various factors responsible for the degradation of the lake. Use the information given below and write the article in not more than 150-200 words.

Construction of roads and bridges Deforestation of catchment area Illegal occupation Pollution
1. Flooding 1. decrease in water level 1. blockage of canals 1. loss of water organisms
2. Disturbing the natural drainage 2. increase in the growth of weeds 2. flooding 2. fewer visiting birds
3. reduction of fish 3. shortage of drinking water

I am being compelled to write this article to voice the concern of our entire village, Rampur, regarding the degradation of Nila Lake. This lake has been a part and parcel of our lives for numerous years and so it is very natural that out entire village is concerned about its degradation.

To provide an easy access to our village, the construction of numerous roads and bridges has been taken up in recent years. Unfortunately this has led to flooding almost every year during the rainy season and has also disturbed the natural drainage system. Due to deforestation of a large portion of the catchment area around the lake, the water level of the lake has decreased and there has been an increase in the growth of weeds. There is also a considerable amount of reduction of fish in the lake. Illegal occupation of land around the lake has led to blockage of canals and shortage of drinking water. The lake water has become very polluted and there is a loss of water organisms. The number of migratory birds visiting the area has decreased. So, it is indeed pathetic to see the slow but sure degeneration of Nila Lake which has been a major source of sustenance of our entire village.

We sincerely hope that after going through this article in your esteemed newspaper, concerned environmentalists will surely come forward to save Nila Lake from total degradation and effective measures will be taken up to improvise upon the present situation.

8. David of class X A is not coming to school because he is suffering from fever. He wants you to write an application to the Principal to excuse his absence from school for a week. Write this letter on his behalf taking help from the following notes. Your letter should not exceed 150 words.


Suffering — unable to even write — taking medicine/will take about a week — grant leave — will make up — friends’ help — home work — class work — thanks.

The Principal
Sr. Sec. School
XYZ Block
New Delhi
19 Dec. 20xx

David is a student of your school. We are classmates studying in X-A. I am writing this letter to you on his behalf to inform you that he has been unable to attend school from 17 Dec. 20xx as he has been suffering from typhoid. He has been taking strong medicines to relieve himself of the misery but it will still take him about one more week to get well. At present he is unable to even write, so I am writing this application on his behalf. Please grant him one week’s leave. He will make up for the classes he will be missing with the help of friends and keep his class-work and home-work up-to-date. I am sure you will understand his plight and grant him leave. Thanking you.

Yours sincerely
David’s friend

9. Nitin of 8, Napier Town, Jabalpur is. not happy with the sanitary conditions of his locality. He decides to write a letter to the Local Sanitary Inspector of the town to look into the sorry state of affairs. Using the following notes, write a letter in about 150 words.

No sweepers, heaps of garbage, drainages blocked, people careless, no use of dustbins, suggested supply of big polythene litter bags, regular visits of the authorities, meetings with the residents, water logging, breeding of mosquitoes.
The Sanitary Inspector
Jabalpur Municipal Corporation
27 Nov. 20xx

It is indeed appalling and unfortunate that the local civic bodies have been indifferent towards the sanitary con-ditions of our town. Our town presently is in a sorry state of affairs.

There are no sweepers to clear the heaps of garbage that lie unattended and start emitting foul smell. The garbage also attracts street dogs and pigs who scatter this garbage on the road. The drains of our locality are perpetually blocked and this creates insanitary and unhygienic conditions. Installation of dustbins in the locality has not really helped to improve the situation because even if people make use of these dustbins to dispose of garbage, the dustbins are rarely emptied. It is advisable to supply big polythene litter bags, instead of dustbins, which make disposition of garbage easier. The water-logging in the locality has proved an ideal breeding place for mosquitoes. The need of the hour is to have regular visits of officials from your department to inspect the locality and to hold meetings with the residents of the locality in order to make our locality a better and hygienic place to live in.

I hope you will personally supervise this situation and we hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely
8, Napier Town

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10. You are required to write an article for your school magazine on ‘Importance of music in life’. Write it with the help of these notes in about 150-175 words.


Fine Art — Vocal — Instrumental — All age groups — Natural gift — food for soul — Great musician — Western — Oriental — Classical — Pop — Light — Concerts — Competitions — Suggestions — School to provide facilities.

Music, be it vocal or instrumental, has indeed assumed a place of importance in our complicated and hectic lives. It acts as a stimulant which activates our body and mind. Music is also regarded as a fine art which attracts people of all age-groups to pursue it not only as a hobby but also as a profession. A person endowed with musical capabilities regards this attribute as a natural gift which provides food for his soul. Some of the great musicians are held in very high esteem irrespective of the kind of music they propagate, whether Western, Oriental, Classical, Pop or Light. These musicians organise their concerts which attract people from all walks of life. These concerts can also be of great benefit to the children, who are interested in pursuing music as a hobby or career in their lives to receive musical training at the school level itself. By receiving training in music from a very young age the basics of music will be instilled in a child and he will be able to relate to music very easily at a later stage in life. Therefore, each school should have the facilities needed to give proper musical training to children. It is true that life these days is full of tension and worries at every age. If there is no stimulating diversion in such as of music for a person, his life will become dismal and monotonous.

11. John writes a page of his diary recording his first experience of a public examination. Below are listed his experiences. Using these notes write out a page of his diary in about 150-175 words.


Feeling nervous — praying to God — lots of noises around — students rushing towards examination hall — finding the correct seats — condition of the examination hall — receiving the question paper — instructions from the examiner — reading of the paper — beginning to write — revising — rewriting — finishing in time.

5 March 20xx, 2 P.M.
On entering the examination hall to appear for my first public examination, the Science Olympiad, I had an extremely nervous feeling. The examination hall presented a rather dreary look. The only saving grace, in my opinion, was a beautiful and enchanting portrait of Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus in her arms, hung inside the examination hall, to invoke a sense of confidence in the students and to remind us that we had the guidance and blessings of the Lord. I prayed to God fervently ignoring the noise around me. Students were rushing towards the examination hall busy finding their seats in a hall that looked huge and overwhelmingly frightening. Once everyone had been seated, the examiner gave us some instructions regarding what we were required to do and what we were strictly prohibited from doing.

Then I received the question paper and I sat thoughtfully reading and reflecting on it. After I had read the question paper, I began to answer it keeping in mind the fact that I had three hours to complete the paper. I managed to complete the paper fifteen minutes before the stipulated time and then began revising my paper. I spotted and corrected the few silly mistakes and errors that I had made and re-wrote some lines. After being totally satisfied with all that I had written, I finished my paper, took God’s name for yet another time and finally submitted it to the examiner.

12. Gopal of 12, Raja ki Mandi, Agra wants to express his displeasure to the Newspaper Editor regarding the news that the bus stand near the railway station is being shifted to a new location. He feels that this would cause great hardship to the passengers. He made these notes for writing a letter to the Editor, The Times of India, New Delhi. Using these notes, write a letter in about 150 words.


The existing bus stand — convenient — travellers by train — travellers by bus — poor people to spend extra — wastage of time, money and energy — inconvenience to shopkeepers near the bus stand — closeness to the market also for visitors — suggested to add one more at a distance — if urgent.

The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi
19 Dec. 20xx

Through this column of .your reputed newspaper, I wish to express my displeasure at the news that the bus stand, which is near the railway station, is being shifted to a new location.

This will indeed be a cause of great hardship to the passengers who are commuting daily by bus and train. The present location of the bus stand is very convenient for the people who have to travel by train from their homes to their place of work. These daily commuters find it extremely easy to board a bus from near the railway station where they disembark from the train. If the bus stand is shifted, the common man will be forced to waste his time, energy and money unnecessarily. Many shops have also come up in the vicinity of the bus stand. These shopkeepers will also lose their earnings if the bus stand is shifted because their regular clients are those people who commute daily by bus and the tourists who come to visit Agra in order to see one of the wonders of the world, Taj Mahal. Even the commuters have an easy access to the market from where they can purchase the goods for their daily needs easily.

I suggest a solution to this problem. If the urgency is felt, it is advisable to add one more bus stop at a distance instead of shifting the present bus stand to a new location and causing a great deal of inconvenience to all.

Yours sincerely ”
12, Raja Ki Mandi ‘

13. Special repairs are required in your rented house. You have to write a letter to your landlord asking him to undertake the repair work immediately. Take the help of these notes and write your letter in not more than 150 words.


Roof leaking — wall plaster came out — window panes broken — floor has potholes — switches loose — white washing — paints on the doors and windows — can share the cost — to be deducted from the rent — urgent attention requested

A-394, XYZ Colony
ABC Block
11 June, 20xx
Dear Mr. Dev,

I had written to you earlier also to get some repair work done in your house, which you have rented to me.

Now since the rainy season is at the onset, I reiterate my request to you to undertake this- repair work immediately. The roof is leaking at various places and the wall plaster has also come off. Not only this, the floor has pot-holes which cause a lot of inconvenience. The window panes of three windows are broken making the house an easy target for the warm winds and dust from outside. The switches too are loose and there is a danger of short circuit. The premises also needs white-wash and paint on the doors and windows. The house is indeed in a pathetic and appalling state and requires urgent repairs. I am willing to share the cost of the repairs with you. With your permission, I can get the repairs, done myself and the expenditure can be later deducted from the rent monthly instalments.

I request you to treat it as a matter of priority and hope to hear from you at the earliest.

Yours sincerely

14. You had sent a Money Order of ? 100 to M/s Subroto Publish-ing House, 36 Tagore Gardens, Kolkata as per the details given below. But it has not reached them till date. The details are: Money Order Registration No. 119 dated 2-l-20xx. Your address is 11, Teachers’ Colony, Naraingarh, (Punjab).
Write a letter of complaint to the Post Master in about 150 words.
The Post Master
Naraingarh (Punjab)
31 January, 20xx

I v/ould like to give in a written complaint regarding a misplaced Money Order that I had sent from your Post Office to Kolkata.

The Money Order Registration No. is 119 dated 2nd January 20xx. I had sent this Money Order of ? 100 to M/s Subroto Publishing House, 36, Tagore Gardens, Kolkata for a book that I needed urgently. On enquiring from them yesterday I found out that they had not dispatched the book because they have not yet received the required payment, whereas I have already sent ? 100 through a Money Order to them almost one month ago. Due to some negligence on the part of the Post Office Department, my Money Order has not yet reached them. I need the book urgently to prepare for my exams scheduled to start in the middle of March. So, it is my earnest request to you to look personally into the matter and make sure that my Money Order is received in Kolkata as soon as possible.

I hope you will ensure that my complaint is attended to at the earliest.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours
11, Teachers’ Colony
Naraingarh (Punjab)

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15. Gauri saw the following information about an exciting discovery. She is thrilled to read about it and decides to write a letter to her friend in the country-side, on the advancement in Science and Technology. Write a letter using the information from the newspaper article. Your answer should not exceed 150 words.

`Downsizing Transmitters A radio transmitter, as small as a cigarette package that could be used to replace gigantic mobile telephone masts that are thought by some to spoil the countryside, has been developed by Michael Roberts, an electronics expert at Leeds University, England.
A-394, Palam Colony New Delhi 11th February, 20xx Dearest Vandana, I am writing this letter to you to discuss the immense change that our whole life has undergone with the advancement of science and technology as a result of which we are able to transform our lifestyle.

Various new scientific discoveries and inventions in every sphere of life have brought people of the world closer. I read an article about an exciting discovery lately of downsizing transmitters through which a radio transmitter as small as a cigarette package could be used to replace gigantic mobile telephone masts. This device has been developed by Michael Roberts, an electronics expert at Leeds University, England. But some environmentalists feel that the installation of these transmitters will act as a foil to the natural serenity of the countryside. Since you to live in the countryside, do write to me your opinion about this matter in your next letter. I am sure you are in a better position to realize this profound change made by the advancement of science and technology because even though you are living in the countryside you are connected amazingly well with the city through excellent means of communication. Modern gadgets have indeed made the world jump forward with a leap, built up a glittering civilization, opened up innumerable avenues for growth of knowledge and added to the power of man to a great extent.

To conclude this letter, I would just add that it now seems possible to conceive that man can actually triumph over and shape even his physical environment.

Yours lovingly

16. Recently Geetha saw an advertisement in the newspaper that read “How to Look Young?” After reading it she feels strongly about the use of synthetic creams and dyes to make people look young, and writes a letter about it to the Editor of the newspaper “The Herald” on ‘How to Keep Fit and Young?’ Write this letter in about 150-200 words, using information from the newspaper advertisement together with your own ideas.
The Editor
The Herald
22nd March 20xx

I had a chance of going through an advertisement in the newspaper about a certain cream that the advertisers claimed could make people look young. I was indeed astonished that even in the modern times that we live in there are people who are able to make a complete fool of others.

I am writing this letter to you to express my opinion about the use of synthetic creams and dyes that claim to have the ability to make a person look young. I strongly condemn the use of these creams and dyes because they contain extremely harmful chemicals and can cause very severe adverse side-effects. Ageing is a slow and gradual process and one must face it gracefully and should not be misled by false claims offered in the form of synthetic creams and dyes which do more harm than good. The real way to remain fit and healthy is to exercise regularly, eat balanced and the right kind of nutritious food and live a tension-free and happy life. This is the actual key to a fit and healthy life. The use of artificial products to look young on the contrary makes one look like a fool. We should always remember that these products contain many harmful ingredients that could possibly cause some severe allergic reaction.

Yours sincerely

17. You feel that facilities for tourists could be improved in India. Write a letter to the Secretary, Department of Tourism in your State, highlighting the need for improving facilities for tourists to promote tourism in your region. Also suggest what facilities you would like to be extended to the tourists in your region. Your answer should not exceed 150 words.
The Secretary Department of Tourism
Uttar Pradesh
Date: 17 Jan. 20xx

Recently, on reading an article about the tourist traffic to India and especially to our state which has one of the wonders of the world, I was quite perturbed to look at the figures. We are not getting enough tourists as we should.

To get more tourists we will have to develop the infrastructure and make the facilities world class. A pleasant stay and an easy access to the tourist spots are two major factors that attract the tourists to a city. So, the tourism department should endeavour to improve upon the facilities. Provided by its lodges and bunglows Besides, the tourists should be allowed an easy access to them. Furthermore, the tourist spots should be kept clean and a specific amount of money should be sanctioned for their maintenance. Last, but not the least, each and every one of us should make a sincere effort to keep our city clean, as a beautiful and clean city beckons the tourists.

By making these simple, but significant changes, I am sure, tourism in our city can be improved.

Yours faithfully

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18. In an inter-school debate you have to speak in favour of the motion ‘Modern Gadgets have Made us Slaves to Machines’. Write a speech in favour of this motion. Write the speech in your answer sheet in not more than 150 words.
Modern gadgets have made us slaves to machines without which our lives will undoubtedly come to a standstill. They have made the world jump forward with a leap, built up a glittering civilization, opened up innumerable avenues for the growth of knowledge, and added to the power of man to such an extent that it is possible to conceive that man could triumph over and shape his physical environment. Through the astonishing discoveries of these modern gadgets, man has been able to give a definite form to his imagination. It is indeed a fact that as a result of the invention of modern gadgets, the tone and temper of life has changed beyond recognition. Through wireless telegraphs and fax machines, messages can now be sent easily to any part of the world. Modern gadgets incorporate all the comforts and highest standards in engineering innovation and reliability that have greatly contributed to man’s welfare. New equipment for navigation, data-processing, computer-controlled radar system providing information on a variety of new products for use at construction sites are only some of the advantages of the modern gadgets. They have also greatly contributed to our entertainment as radios, televisions, compact discs, both audio and visual — are now no longer considered as luxury items, but have assumed the status of being referred to as necessities. Indeed the advantages of these gadgets are so many that they appear to have revolutionised every phase of life.

19. Anita Johri of class X has just returned from a visit to Ooty which is in the grip of a severe water crisis. She finds that her hometown is also facing the same problem. She had picked up the following pamphlet from her hotel room and wants it to be publicised.
Water Is Life

Washing hands and face ✓ DOs
Half fill basin —2 litres
Wash under running tap for 3 minutes — 27 litres
Brushing teeth Use a glass of water — reuse — 1/2 litre Let tap run for 5 minutes — 45 litres
Showering Turn off tap before soap­ing then rinse down — 20 litres Let tap run while soaping— 90 litres
Bathing Take a shower instead Fill bath tub — 110 litres
Leaky tap Get it repaired Let it drip
Slow drip — 400 litres a day
Fast drip — 3000 litres a day

She decides to write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper highlighting ways and means of saving water. Write this letter in your answer sheet using information from the pamphlet together with your own ideas in not more than 150 words.
13, Baird Road Pune (Maharashtra)
The Editor
National Herald
11 June 20xx

I have returned from a visit to Ooty recently, which was in the grip of a severe water crisis. On returning to Pune, I found that the water problem is equally pathetic here. So, I would like to suggest certain measures to save water. I had picked up a pamphlet from the hotel where we were staying at Ooty which highlighted ways to save water and I want it to be publicised through your esteemed newspaper. Washing our hands and face under a running tap for only two minutes wastes about 27 litres of water whereas a half filled basin can do the same with only 2 litres of water. While brushing our teeth, if we let the tap run for five minutes we waste 45 litres of water, but if we use a glass of water, we consume only half a litre of water. If we turn off the tap while soaping our body before bathing, we use only 20 litres of water, whereas if we let it run we waste about 90 litres. We should avoid using bath-tubs as a filled bathtub wastes 110 litres of water. A leaky tap must be repaired immediately because if the tap is allowed to leak slowly, it wastes 400 litres of water a day and a fast drip wastes 3000 litres of water a day.

If each and every one of us understands the need to save water rather than wasting it, and decides to we are sure to remedy our present water crisis to a great extent.

Yours sincerely
Anita Johri

20. Read the following extract from an article in a magazine and then using your own ideas as well, write an article for your school magazine on the Delights and Usefulness of Walking. Write your answer in about 150-200 words.

‘Walking has its own delights. Sadly, in India walking is associated with deprivation and poverty. “If you have a car, why walk?” asked the professor, reviving up his Fiat for the few metres from his house to the college building. Pavements and pedestrians get second class treatment.’
The saying aptly goes, ‘A healthy body has a healthy mind’. So, it is imperative for each one of us to keep good health if we want our mind to be alert. In today’s hectic and busy life, it may at times seem difficult to devote time for activities that keep us fit. This is where walking proves to be the most useful and easy activity.

Walking not only keeps our body healthy by the circulation of blood, but also provides a delightful respite for us. But, it is indeed a pity that some people who are most interested in walking refrain from it because in India walking is associated with deprivation and poverty. Their false pride and wrong thinking make them travel by car for even the shortest of distance. They would prefer to miss out on the delights of walking and prefer not to care about the good it would do to their health so as not to endanger their false prestige. It is high time that the educated lot of Indians put aside these petty notions and live their life for themselves and live it according to what they feel is best for them. Walking does not indicate deprivation and poverty and it is only the thinking of certain narrow-minded people who have categorised the people walking or pedestrians as second class people.

Walking should be enjoyed as it gives pleasure and provides a wonderful opportunity for us to be in direct contact with nature, unlike, at times, irksome and suffocating journey in a closed vehicle.

21. Read the following summary of a study conducted titled The Impact of Television Advertising on Children. Then based on the information in the summary and your own ideas on the subject, write an article for the school magazine titled Children and T.V. Advertising. Write your answer in about 150-200 words.

One Year Out Of Ten Is Spent Watching Tv

  • On an average, children in Delhi watch 17 hours of TV every week. Children spend more time in front of the small screen than on hobbies and other activities, including home work and meals.
  • The average 8-year-old spends about 68 hours every month, 30 days (of 24 hours each) every year, and one entire year out of 10 exclusively on watching television.
  • Seventy-five percent of children said they loved watching ads on TV.
  • Children below eight like advertisements better than the programmes and see them as pictures with storylines. Only older children understand the ad’s intention to sell.

Source: The Impact of Advertising on Children by Namita Unnikrishnan and Shailaja Bajpai.
Children And Tv Advertising
Television has become a very popular mode of entertainment which is unfortunately also making children more and more addicted to watching it. The television programmes usually dominate their daily routine and often children do not even hesitate to ignore their studies because of their passion to stay glued to the television sets.

Almost seventy-five percent of the children, who watch television most eagerly, are essentially interested in seeing various types of advertisements on the television. Children in the younger age group, below ten years of age, view the advertisements with more interest and enthusiasm than they watch any other programme on television. This is so because they see these advertisements as wonderful and short pictures with story lines. Their inquisitive nature is so impatient that they can easily endure these short ad films with a lot of patience. These young children are totally taken in by the vibrant and glorious world shown in the various ad films.

It is only the older and mature children who understand that the ad films’ mere intention is to lure the consumer into buying their products by elevating the presentations of their goods to a high scale where they appear most appealing and attractive. So, it is our moral responsibility to make sure that the young children’s innocent and ignorant minds are not impressed by what the ad films have to offer, but they view them solely for their entertainment.

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22. Maria of 7, Gandhi Road, Jaipur, is very interested in sports and concerned about the state of sports in the country. She decides to write a letter to the editor of The Herald, Jaipur, on Why can’t we even an Olympic Gold? She made some notes for her letter. Using the notes and your own ideas, write out the letter in not more than 150 words.
No sports ‘culture’ — not enough emphasis on sports in schools — facilities for training and coaches lacking — funds/sports scholarships very few — talented do not get sponsors or jobs — public, selectors and trainers not interested enough — plenty of talent in the nation — only we are unable to spot and nurture it.
The Editor
The Herald
12 Sept. 20xx

I write this letter to you as a concerned sports enthusiast to express my anguish at the poor state of sports in our country as a result of which we have been unable to win a gold medal in the Olympic Games held so far.

I feel that there is no sports culture in our country, in general, and so we are not able to nurture and groom the plenty of talent that our nation has. When the sportspersons of our country have to play and compete with international players in the World Olympics, their training and coaching should also match with what is available to their international counterparts. We lack in the facilities for training and coaching and to a certain extent, expenditure to enhance these facilities is sometimes considered as not necessary’. We may fail to realize the importance of coaching centres in our day to day life but our inability to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games so far should make us realize the importance of training centres. It is also very unfortunate that the funds and sports scholarships available to budding sportspersons are very few. Political intervention at the time of selection also at times prevents the selectors in selecting the better players to play at the international level. Last but not the least the public in general and the selectors and trainers in particular do not seem to be affected by the lack of this ‘sports culture’ in our country.

Through your esteemed newspaper, I wish to appeal to the sports enthusiasts as well as people in general to give the sports culture in our country a boost for various sports and games.

Yours sincerely
7, Gandhi Road

23. Vijay witnessed an accident near the school gate where a child fell down and was hurt quite badly. Many people were standing around but did not know what to do. Finally, someone who had a car quickly took him to hospital. However, Vijay felt that at least some of the students should have been able to render first-aid. He decided to write a letter to the Editor about the importance of knowing first-aid. Using your own ideas write out Vijay’s letter in not more than 150 words.
The Editor
News Week
17th October, 20xx

Last week, I witnessed an accident near the school gate where a child fell down and hurt himself badly. The people standing around were unable to do anything except look on helplessly. It was at this moment that I realized the importance of knowing first-aid.

I feel that it is imperative for students specially and the people in general to at least have the basic knowledge of rendering first- aid in case of an emergency. The use of first-aid often helps us sustain a life till proper medical aid is available. The knowledge of first-aid will prove helpful not only in case of an accident, but also to treat a burn victim, help a drowned casualty and at times just to stop one from bleeding. The importance of first-aid should be instilled into the minds of children at the school stage itself so that they do not panic during the times of an accident but cautiously and sensibly put their knowledge about rendering first- aid to the person who requires it into practice. Nothing is more precious to a person than his life and if timely use of first-aid can help someone till the time professional medical help is available, it can prove to be a life-saving remedy. Hence, everyone must have the knowledge of first-aid.

Sincerely yours

24. Gaurav read the following in a newspaper article:
At the heart of the literacy campaign is the volunteer, who as instructor, resource person or local organiser, gives freely of her or his time and puts in enormous effort to make the campaign succeed.

He decided to speak at the school assembly on the experience of students who volunteer to take literacy classes. Using your own ideas write out his speech in about 150-200 words.
Illiteracy is one of the major problems that confront our country. This problem assumes alarming proportions because of the democratic rule in our country. Democracy, which postulates enlightenment, is by and large a blessing, and illiteracy, which implies ignorance, is therefore a curse.

To eradicate illiteracy to some extent, various student volunteers take literacy classes and feel proud to help their unfortunate countrymen who have been deprived of the privilege of being educated. These voluntary workers, after receiving certain incentives and being provided with the requisite facilities ensure betwir results in the social arena. They have adopted new paths and motivated a large section of masses towards their literacy classes. This voluntary service on the part of students, has proven to be an effective measure for reaching out to the uneducated masses and thereby further helped the illiterate persons to eradicate their constant exploitation and humiliation at the hands of society. The students have helped these people to become aware of the benefits of being literate /educated. They have also helped the illitrate persons to move towards a positive change.

By undertaking this creditable, but Herculean task, these students feel a sense of pride in being able to make their contribution to take their country on the path of fast growth and progress.

25. Deforestation is imbalancing the ecosystem. Write your views. (M.P. Board 2009)
Today we are living in a suicidal environment. It is killing us more than providing life to us. Environmental pollution is one of the major hazards that are threatening the ecological balance. The air that we inhale is polluted, the water we drink is contaminated and noise pollution has managed to take away the calmness and serenity from our otherwise hectic and tense lives. One of the main sources of pollution is the heavy and congested traffic which causes concentration of smoke and harmful particles in the atmosphere which is a permanent or chronic cause of various respiratory disorders. The incessant felling of trees, building of dams and the upcoming unplanned congested localities have disturbed the ecological balance to an alarmingly high level. To remedy this situation the urgent need of the hour is to plant maximum trees wherever possible and to shift the factories and mills to places where their effect on pollution of the environment is minimised. Man himself is responsible for all this, so he needs to be sensible. He should work sensibly to save environment. Deforestation must be banned. ‘Grow more trees’ should be our motto and campaign.

MP Board Solutions

26. Write an article for your school magazine on ‘Importance of Newspapers in Our Life’. (M.P. Board 2009)
Importance of Newspaper in Our Life
Newspaper is a collection of all sorts of news along with advertisements, Govt, notices and many other things that are needed daily. As we get up, we search for newspaper. If it is late we wait. Even in this age of fast and advanced technology, we can’t do without newspaper. We get news from other sources like TV, and Internet also. Still we wait for newspaper.

In fact newspaper is a mirror of society. We get news categorically. We have political news, weather report, general knowledge, career views, job search, advertisements etc., and above all editor’s choice and views on the current headline. We get all in one and that at a very cheap cost. It is a window that opens the view of the whole world before us. As it uses the most common language whether in English or Hindi or any other regional language it is understand by most. So it is very important in our life.

27. Describe your childhood in your own words. (M.P. Board 2009)
Childhood is the golden period of a man’s life. One keeps every moment alive in memory for the whole life. I was also a child and I still have everything fresh in mind. I was born and brought up in a semi-urban locality. It was a little bit advanced village. Hence the7 features of a village and a developing city both mixed up together in me. I used to play gulli-danda with my friends. I enjoyed fresh fruits in mango orchards. I learnt swimming in the village pond. I used to sleep in fields during the harvesting season. Kite flying was my favourite hobby. I learnt all the tricks of kite flying. There

were other pastimes for us. Kabbaddi was also my favourite. I also played football.

My grandmother was the most lovable character for me in my childhood. Her stories still delight me. Her way of narrating stories was so delightful and realistic that it heightened our curiosity. Her stories put strong impact on rhy mind. I learnt a lot from her stories. They were really important for me.

As my father was in job, he used to come to village at the weekends. His guidance and discipline filled me with great confidence. My mother has always been very caring. She took care of all the members of the family. Her care and guidance never let me derail from the real path of life. There are so many moments of my childhood that I can never forget in my life.

28. Write a composition on your ‘Dream School’ with the help of the given clues: (M.P. Board 2009)
(a) building
(b) staff
(c) playground
(d) laboratory
(e) extra-curricular activities
Right from my childhood I nourished a dream of opening an ideal school. In my view, school is a great centre which lays foundation of a man’s life. Here one learns the basics of life. A good school can make a good nation by producing a perfect citizen. So I think of establishing a perfect school.

I dream for a school which will have a large building equipped with all facilities. Classrooms will be well ventilated and big with audio-visual aids controlled by CCTV camera system from the principal’s office.

The staff in all categories shall be appointed through a strict selection process. They will be scrutinized by a panel of experts who. will select them through different tests. Staff shall meet the ultra tech criteria. They will be able to train the students for the high tech world.

The playground of the school shall be designed in such a way that it will meet the world class standard for all the games.

There will be a well equipped laboratory for all the streams controlled by the experts of all the different fields.

The school shall stress the extracurricular activities. It will help them prepare for all the challenging steps of life. They will be given lessons to be complete human beings. My school shall be unique transforming the students into world class citizens.

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29. The Public Speaking forum of your school is organizing a debate competition on the motion: “Should Zoos Exist?”. You have been selected to represent your class. Prepare a speech favouring the issue in about 150 words.
Dear Friends,
I stand here to support the motion “Should Zoos Exist?”
I’ll be arguing that zoos perform an essential role in conserving rare animal species. Conservationists estimate that today at least 1,000 species of animals are threatened. Over the past 20 years, zoos have developed programmes designed to help preserve endangered species. This involves breeding animals in captivity-in ‘captive breeding programmes’ — and then reintroducing them into their natural habitats to replenish the number living in the wild.

The Famous Woburn Abbey, for example, saved a species called Pere Davids deer. The species went largely unrecorded in China from 1920, but a few of the animals were brought to Europe by a French missionary (Father David). Recently Woburn Abbey and other zoos began returning breeding couples of Pere David’s deer to the wild in China.

Is that reason enough that not only zoos exist but should also be funded generously both by private, non-government organisations and governments.
My next argument is that zoos cooperate with each other in order to ensure the success of their breeding programmes. Animals are passed from one zoo to another in order to prevent inbreeding from closely related animals. If animals that are closely related to one another, mate, there is a danger that they will produce deformed offspring.

As a supporter of-zoos I would argue that they have an important role in educating children, millions of whom visit zoos every year.

Television-viewing is no substitute for encountering real animals. Zoos also carry out important research, for example on the best conditions for rare species to reproduce. If zoos were forced to close it would be disastrous for world conservation. And most animals in captivity would have to be killed.

Therefore, I strongly believe that zoos should and must be allowed to exist.
Thank you!

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