MP Board Class 11th General English Process Writing

MP Board Class 11th General English Process Writing

Example 1.
With the help of the words given below, produce a writeup on ’‘Preparing a cup of tea,” in about 70-80 words : [2008]
(i) Preparation is not easy but an art,
(ii) Cooking bowl,
(iii) Burning flame,
(iv) Clean water, tea leaves, sugar and milk,
(v) Boiling and filtering.

Preparing A Cup Of Tea

The preparation of tea is also an art. It is not so easy as it seems. One has to master certain details to get a really good result. First measure three-fourth of a cup of water. Pour it into a pan and let it boil for some time. Put the required measure of tea leaves in the pan. The quality of tea leaves must be nice. Pour milk and drop a measure of sugar. Let the mixture boil for some time. Pour tea into a kettle filtering it. Tasty tea is ready to serve.

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Example 2.
With the help of words given below, produce a write up on the process of “Dressing a wound”, in 40-50 words.
(i) Clean the wound,
(ii) Surrounding skin,
(iii) Antiseptic powder,
(iv) Spread ointment,
(v) Putting gauze,
(vi) Bandage.

Dressing A Wound

One need not go to a doctor for getting his wound dressed. One can master this skill just by trials and errors. To bandage a cut or wound, the affected part and the surrounding skin must be properly cleaned and dried. Sprinkle some good antiseptic powder on the affected part. Take a gauze properly dipped into antiseptic lotion. Spread a thin layer of ointment on it. The gauze should be put on the wound and it should be so stretched that it covers all the affected parts. The wound should be bandaged properly.

However, if the wound is very deep and the bleeding doesn’t stop, then never hesitate to take prompt medical aid from a qualified doctor.

Example 3.
With the help of the words given below, produce a write up on “Getting a bus pass made”, in 40-50 words.
(i) Buying a ticket daily,
(ii) Costly and troublesome,
(iii) Provision of passes,
(iv) Counters at several places,
(v) Form and money,
(vi) Pass ready.

Getting A Bus Pass Made

City bus transport is a great facility for passengers going daily from one place to another. Daily purchasing a ticket is costly as well as troublesome. So passengers are provided monthly bus-passes.

These passes can be used to travel from one place to another as many times as one likes to travel. The passes are prepared at several points in the city. One has to go to those places and fill in an application form giving full details. The authorities check them. You are required to pay the charge of the pass and get yourself photographed. The clerical staff verifies all the details and prepares the pass and hands over to you. These passes are to be used by a particular person only. It cannot be transferred to any other person.

Example 4.
With the help of the words given below, produce a write up on “Crossing a busy street”, in 40-50 words.
(1) Crossing roads dangerous,
(ii) Zebra crossings,
(iii) Traffic rules,
(iv) Looking both sides of road.

Crossing A Busy Street

So many precious lives are lost in road accidents. Many of them happen to be pedestrians Crossing a busy street in a city requires open eyes and alert mind. A false step can be very risky. A long row of cars, scooters, buses and vehicles of all sizes makes the job of crossing a street very difficult. Look out for the Zebra crossings or white strips painted on the road. They are meant only for the use of pedestrians We should obey the red, orange, green signals given to regulate the traffic. Attempt a crossing only when the traffic stands still at the red light. Look on either side of the road before you cross it. Cross the road with full confidence, without undue and indecent haste. If you obey or follow the general rules of the road you will have no trouble in crossing even the busiest road in the town.


With the help of the words given, prepare a write up on the topic given in 40-50 words.
(1) Opening A Bank Account,

  1. Enter the bank,
  2. Application form,
  3. Passport size photos,
  4. Address proof,
  5. Introduction by an existing account holder,
  6. Deposit money on the counter,
  7. Hand it over to the concerned clerk,
  8. Receive the passbook.

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(2) Planning a Picnic Party,

  1. Choose an interesting place,
  2. Things needed,
  3. Spot near a river or a grassy lawn,
  4. Activities at the picnic spot.

(3) Berth Reservation for a Journey,

  1. Reservation chart,
  2. Confirm availability,
  3. Fill up reservation form,
  4. Details in specified columns,
  5. Hand over the form at the counter,
  6. Required amount.

(4) Getting Ready to School, [2008]

  1. Get up in the morning,
  2. Check homework,
  3. School bag,
  4. Dress up,
  5. Lunch-box,
  6. Start for school.

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