MP Board Class 11th General English Incidents Write Up

MP Board Class 11th General English Incidents Write Up

Example 1.
With the help of the words given below produce a write up on ‘A Train Accident’ in 40-50 words.
(i) Date, time, place of accident,
(ii) Impact of incident,
(iii) Relief measures,
(iv) Probable causes,
(v) Reactions of passengers and railway staff.

A Train Accident

A ghastly train accident occurred last night at Sohagpur when Indore bound Narmada Express rammed into a stationary goods train. The impact was so severe that two bogies of the express were mounted atop the engine of the goods train. The passengers who were asleep fell down. Some received, only minor injuries while others were badly wounded. About 150 persons were trapped in the two bogies. Relief measures were slow as it was a small town. The carelessness of the railway staff and mechanical failure led to the disaster resulting in the loss of 50 lives. The railway staff blamed the old equipment and fog for the train wreck.

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Example 2.
With the help of the words given below, produce a write up on Celebration of Holi at Hostel in 40-50 words.
(i) Most colourful and enjoyable festival,
(ii) Celebration at hostel,
(iii) Enjoyment with fellow students,
(iv) The activities.

Celebration Of Holi At Hostel

Holi is the most colourful and enjoyable festival of India. We observe this festival with great zeal and fanfare. This year I stayed back at the hostel at Holi and didn’t visit home. The experience was rewarding. Holi was celebrated with a lot of fanfare. The students embraced one another and smeared the faces with coloured powder called ‘Gulak. The more adventurous added fast colours in buckets of water and threw them on others. Everyone, shared the excitement and fun. With faces smeared with colours we looked like ghosts. Sweets and tea exchanged hands quite frequently. Dancing and singing lifted the spirits of even the gloomiest persons. The memories of celebration of Holi at Hostel make me smile even today.

Example 3.
With the help of the words given below, produce a write up on A Chain Snatching Incident in 40-50 words.
(i) Date, time, place of incident,
(ii) People around,
(iii) The motorcyclist’s description,
(iv) Registration number of the vehicle,
(v) The act of snatching,
(vi) Riding away,
(vii) Reactions of the lady and others.

A Chain Snatching Incident

Last Monday, I was waiting for my school bus at Mhow-naka bus stop. It was bout 9 a.m. The office goers had started pouring in and formed queues for separate bus routes. .Suddenly a Motorcyclist came towards the shelter for passengers. The young man slowed his motorbike near a young lady, and in a twinkle of an eyelid snatched her necklace and purse and rode away fast. The screams of the young lady attracted the attention of others. I had written the registration number of the vehicle. I gave it to the lady. Some gentlemen took her to the police station to lodge a complaint against this chain-snatching incident. The lady and other gentlemen thanked me.

Example 4.
With the help of the words given below produce a write up on Demonstration by Adivasis in 40-50 words.
(i) Time,
(ii) The participants,
(iii) Cause,
(iv) What they carried,
(v) Weather and its effect.
Demonstration By Adivasis
While returning from school yesterday afternoon, 1 came across a group of Adivasis. Adivasis living near the town and some political activists had organised a demonstration to register their annoyance and protest against their displacement for the dam to be constructed on the Mann River. They carried banners and placards with catchy slogans were. Some of the Adivasis seemed over-enthusiastic. They shouted vociferously. As it was a very hot afternoon, the weather took its toll and some of the volunteers collapsed under sunstroke and dehydration. They were rushed to nearby hospitals but the march of the protesters went on.

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With the help of the given words, prepare a write up on the topics given in 40-50 words.

  1. A house on fire,
  2. A house on fire,
  3. Cries and shrieks,
  4. People assemble,
  5. Use of water,
  6. Rescue of an injured woman and a child.

(2) Students’ strike,

  1. Students on strike,
  2. Demand for better facilities „ in games and sports,
  3. Students assemble with banners and posters with slogans written on them,
  4. Property damaged,
  5. Classes suspended,
  6. Negotiation expected.

(3) A Picnic,

  1. Time of leaving,
  2. The Journey,
  3. The weather,
  4. Reaching the lake,
  5. The scene at the lake,
  6. Music and dancing,
  7. Taking food,
  8. Sightseeing,
  9. Return.

(4) A Minor Earthquake Experience,

  1. Sitting watching TV,
  2. The starting of the earthquake,
  3. The windows, doors and furniture trembling,
  4. Running out of the houses,
  5. Scene at the road,
  6. Stopping of the earthquake,
  7. The results-the clefts of the roads and of the houses.

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