MP Board Class 11th General English Events Write Up

MP Board Class 11th General English Events Write Up

Example 1.
With the help of the words given below produces a write up on Annual Day and Prize Distribution Function in 40-50 words :
(i) Date of Function,
(ii) The Chief Guest,
(iii) The beginning of the Function,
(iv) Annual Report,
(v) Honouring of the students by the Chief Guest,
(vi)The end of the Function. (2011)

Annual Day And Prize Distribution Function

The Annual Day and Prize Distribution Function of our school was celebrated on 25th Dec. The Chief Guest was the State Education Minister. He started the function by lighting a lamp and garlanding Goddess Saraswati’s picture. Then the Principal read out the Annual Report. The Chief Guest then honoured the meritorious students and eminent sportsmen. They were awarded medals, prizes and certificates. National Anthem was recited by all in the end.

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Example 2.
With the help of the words given below, produce a write up on Painting Competition in 40-50 words.
(i) The Occasion,
(ii) Time given,
(iii) Judgement,
(iv) Display of painting,
(v) First prize winner,
(vi) Distribution of Prizes. [2009]

Painting Competition

On Children’s Day a painting competition was arranged in our school. Time given was three hours for on the spot painting. After the fixed time duration was over, the best paintings were displayed in rows. The first prize went to Madhukar Joshi whose painting was Mother and Child. Mukesh Sharma’s ‘Sunflowers and Roses’ was appreciated by all. The child displayed a fine sense of colours. Our Principal distributed prizes to the winners and congratulated them.

Example 3.
With the help of the words given below, produce a write up on how you celebrated your birthday, in 40-50 words.
(i) My date of birth,
(ii) The programme,
(iii) Greetings by friends and relatives,
(iv) Cutting of the birthday cake,
(v) Dishes and cultural programme,
(vi) Conclusion. [2009]
How I Celebrated My Birthday
My birthday celebration on 5th April was a gala event. At 6 in the evening, my friends and relatives arrived. They gave me birthday presents. When cutting the cake all the invitees sang in a chorus “Happy birthday to you.” I offered them pieces of cake. Then tasty dishes and tea were served. It was followed by a brief but entertaining cultural programme. We had a jolly good time. I thanked all my friends and relatives for their kind visit and good wishes.

Example 4.
With the help of the words given below produce a write up on the Computer Block in your school in 40-50 words.
(i) Situation,
(ii) Accommodation,
(iii) Arrangement of furniture,
(iv) Guiding staff,
(v) Conclusion.

The Computer Block

The new Computer block is adjacent to the Biology laboratory. It has seven rooms and a big hall. Each room has 8-10 computers. Arrangement of tables and chairs make it convenient for children of various age groups to be seated comfortably and handle the computer properly. Trained Computer professionals guide the students to operate the wonderful machines. In short, the computer block is superb and the facilities it provides to the students are excellent.

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With the help of the given words prepare a write up on the topics given in 40-50 words.
(1) Our new house,

  1. Situation,
  2. Accommodation,
  3. Outer position,
  4. Facilities.

(2) Blood donation Camp,

  1. The date and time,
  2. Who donated blood first,
  3. Other donors,
  4. The reward is given to donors. [2009]

(3) A Charity Show,

  1. The Occasion,
  2. The entertainment programme arranged,
  3. Response from parents and patrons,
  4. The collection of the fund presented.

(4) The Republic Day Celebration,

  1. The Chief Guest,
  2. Welcome to the Chief Guest,
  3. The unfurling of the flag,
  4. Address of the chief guest,
  5. Cultural programme,
  6. End of the programme.

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