MP Board Class 12th English A Voyage Solutions Chapter 14 Albert-Einstein at School

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MP Board Class 12th English A Voyage Solutions Chapter 14 Albert-Einstein at School (Patrick Pringle)

Albert-Einstein at School Textbook Exercises

Word Power

A. Here are two words from the lesson beginning with prefix un:

  • happy — unhappy
  • noticed — unnoticed

The prefix un is used to make the antonym or opposite of the root word. Here are some words beginning with un. Pick the words in which un is a prefix and those in which It is a part of the root word, as given below:
unthinking, ungrateful, until, understand, under, unless, uncle, unwell, undo, undergo, undertake, unfit.
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B. Match the synonyms in the boxes with the cities listed below. Put the number of the clue in the boxes correctly. The result will be a magic square. that is, the total of the four numbers in any straight row (including the diagonal rows) will be 34.

wretched openly irony perpetrated
accommodation worried confused alerted
mention formal arrangement for a meeting difficulty turned out
shame revolt neglected vanquish

1. defeat
2. frankly
3. sarcasm
4. disgrace
5. lodging
6. trouble
7. appointment
8. warned
9. reference
10. puzzled
11. bothered
12. expelled
13. committed
14. rebellion
15. ignored
16. miserable

formal arrangement for a meeting
turned out

MP Board Solutions

C. Write words opposite in meaning to the clue words mentioned above and use them in sentences of your own.

S.No. Words Opposites Sentences
1. Defeat win Alexander came to India to win over the whole of it.
2. Frankly secretly He leaked the documents secretly.
3. Sarcasm straight forward His straight forward answer puzzled everyone.
4. Disgrace honour In fact, Mr. James is an honour to this institution.
5. Lodging shelterless The flood made thousands of people shelterless.
6. Trouble comfort There is no comfort in life at all.
7. Appointment dismissal He approached the minister but was subject to dismissal.
8. Warned carefree She takes everything in a carefree manner.
9. Reference strange That man is quite strange for me.
10. Puzzled clarified He clarified all confusions.
11. Bothered relaxed I always feel relaxed.
12. Expelled admitted He was admitted again for his good record.
13. Committed refused The man refused to do any illegal work.
14. Rebellion supporter Gandhi took people’s support for independence.
15. Ignored welcomed I was welcomed to that meeting.
16. Miserable prosperous My friend is a prosperous man.

D. The following phrases occur in the text. Give their meanings and use them in sentences of your own:
learn by heart, be good at (a subject), get on the nerves, turn out, of one’s own accord, burn a hole in the pocket.
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A. Answer the following questions in one sentence each:

Question 1.
Why was Einstein not interested in learning history?
Einstein was not interested in learning history for he thought one can look up historical facts in a book. He believed that whatever that can be looked in book should not be wasted in memorising.

Question 2.
Why did the teacher ask Einstein to explain his theory of education?
The teacher asked Einstein to explain his theory of education in order to ridicule him.

Question 3.
What does the author mean when he says “Mr. Braun’s eyes were cold and cruel?”
The author means to say that Mr. Braun was sarcastic in his behaviour.

Question 4.
What did the history teacher suggest Einstein to do?
The history teacher suggested Einstein to leave the school.

Question 5.
The author says Most day. were bad for Einstein.” Why does he say so?
Einstein never liked schools, most days were bad for him.

Question 6.
Where did Albert find a room to reside? (MP. Board 2015)
Einstein had got a room to reside in one of the poorest quarters of Munich.

Question 7.
What does Albert mean by civilised human beings?
By civilized human beings, Albert means the people who were not much educated but at
least knew the manners to live.

Question 8.
The author says, “Albert’s eyes gleamed with the sudden idea.” Guess what the idea was.
The Idea was to get a meakal certificate to convince the head teacher for allowing him to leave the school.

Question 9.
Why did Albert pretend that he had money to take Yun out for supper?
He wanted to impress Yuri and get his work of getting medical certificate done.

Question 10.
I’m going to take this certificate to the head teacher tomorrow, and that will be the end of it”, assured Albert. What does the author mean by this?
The author means that the medical certificate would be enough for getting him rid off from the school.

MP Board Solutions

B. Answer the following questions in 60-75 words:

Question 1.
While going through the conversation between Albert and his history teacher, what sort of a person does Einstein appear to you?
Einstein was not at all satisfied with the school education in Germany. It was completely outdated and unproductive. The History teacher considered that education was nothing more than learning dates and years of events. For Einstein, education meant ideas. He didn’t see any point in learning dates. He believed that one could look up the dates in books.

Einstein had all aversion for school. It is reflected in his every action. He shows it by not closing the door in the Head teacher’s room even after his instruction. Einstein was a rebel but always controlled his emotion. Albert was totally against this kind of education where nothing new is learnt and achieved and this shows his idea-oriented thinking. He thinks facts are useless to be learnt. This time of learning known can be utilized in generating new.

Question 2.
How does a tight administrative system usually check students from exploring new horizons?
It is quite true that the school often curbs individual talents. Most of the time, it is unproductive and outdated. Education must bring out the best from within. Education received within the four walls may not be the real education. Actually, it has been seen that schools interfere with the free growth and development of children. They don’t provide proper atmosphere for their proper growth. Too many restrictions and dead formalities kill the natural growth in children. Too much of discipline also proves quite unproductive. It kills the creative instinct in children.

What children need is freedom. Without freedom, no physical or mental growth is possible. Drive and dynamism mustn’t be curbed. School education should not be heavy, dull and cumbersome. Entertainment and education should go together. Education is not just facts, figures and dates. Ideas must dominate our education. Only then our schools will produce geniuses like Einstein.

MP Board Solutions

Question 3.
What is Einstein’s theory of education?
Education is not confined to mere information gathering. Information only keeps us well informed about things. Einstein’s views about education only confirm that information gathering has its limitations. The History teacher asks Einstein, when did the Prussians defeated the French at Waterloo. Actually, he was seeking an information. It can be easily gathered from any good book on history. Einstein thinks that learning of days, dates and figures have no meaning or importance.

What is important are the ideas. Ideas are the basis of education. So, insight formation must be the aim of education. Schools shouldn’t overburden students with the heaps of data collection. It is not important, how many soldiers are killed and when they are killed. It is important to learn, why soldiers try to kill others in wars. Productive education should be practised where ideas are generated and shared. This not only gives new scopes but also gives us better understanding of things going around us.

Question 4.
The author says, “He has to go to the hateful place the next morning.” Which place is the author referring to? Why has the place been described as hateful?
Here, the school is referred to as the ‘hateful place’. Einstein never liked a school. For him, it is the place where individual talents are curbed. It is unproductive and outdated. Education that is provided here is not the real education. In fact, schools interfere with the free growth and development of a child. In no way, they provide proper atmosphere for the proper growth of a child. The administrative strictness spoils a child’s talent. The natural growth of a child is adversely affected. So, Einstein always thought that it was the most hateful place.

Question 5.
Mr. Braun asked Einstein to stay for an extra period. What does the extra period refer to?
Why is it called so?
Einstein was very much indifferent in his class. When the History teacher Mr. Braun asked him a question about the date related to Prussian war, Einstein flatly replied that he didn’t know. For Einstein, remembering the date of history was not so important. It irritated the History teacher. He wanted to know some more views of Einstein about school and education.

It was just to ridicule Einstein. When Einstein began telling him about his views, the teacher got more irritated and asked him to stop, for it needed some extra classes to listen to Einstein’s views and he called Einstein a disgrace to school. He suggested him to leave the school. He called so because school follows a pattern. It is not a place for the foolish talks as that of Einstein.

Question 6.
Why did Einstein think that he could never pass the exam for school diploma?
Einstein believed that he would never pass the exams for the school diploma. He thought so because he was in no way similar to the other students. He never lived to learn lessons. School was a hateful place for him. He was going to school not for his own sake but for the sake of his father’s wishes. He never indulged himself in any fight with other children, as it was a common feature among them. He never took part in any duels. Teachers didn’t like him. These were all negative aspects of his personai. he would never pass.

Question 7.
Why was Albert adamant on meeting a doctor?
Albert never liked school. It was only due to his father that he attended the school. However, finally he decided to leave it. As there was no way, he decided to get a medical certificate from a doctor which would help him prove sick. For this, he asked his friend Yuri to fix an appointment with a doctor who was known to Yuri. He was ready to face any situation for this. He also promised Yuri that he will treat him. with dinner.

Question 8.
“There is nothing to wonder about, Einstein. I knew you were going to leave before you knew yourself.” What did Mr. Koch actually mean?
Mr. Koch was the Mathematics teacher in the school where Einstein studied. When finally j Einstein decided to leave the school, he managed a certificate from a doctor about his nervous breakdown but the head teacher was not convinced. He asked Einstein to get a certificate from any teacher of his school who could certify that he was not capable of teaching Einstein anymore. First, he tried Mr. Koch, the Mathematics teacher.

Mr. Koch was a very helpful man and really recognized the latent talent of Einstein. So, he didn’t ‘hesitate. He saw what possibilities were hidden in him. He was very much convinced from the very beginning that school can’t fulfill what Einstein needed. He made a remark, “There’s nothing to wonder about, Einstein. I knew you were going to leave before you knew yourself.”

Question 9.
Why was the head teacher not ready to have Einstein in the school?
Einstein submitted a medical certificate to the head teacher which mentioned the nervous breakdown of Einstein. The head teacher next day called on Einstein and said that Einstein’s work was terrible. So, he was not prepared to have him in the school. The head-teacher told him that if he left the school of his own accord, there would be no questions. Einstein asked him what crime he had committed. The teacher replied that it was not possible for any teacher to teach while Einstein was in class. He had become a nuisance for others. In his presence, no student can learn any thing. Therefore, the head-teacher was not willing to see him in the school thereafter.

MP Board Solutions

Question 10.
Give a brief character sketch of Einstein. (M.P. Board 2010)
Einstein was a peculiar child right from the beginning of his career. His views were different but rational. It was a fact that he had no interest in learning from the historical facts. When the History teacher asked him about a historical date, he frankly replied that he didn’t remember it. Einstein never liked school because in his view, it was not a proper place for learning. A strict rule is observed there and no chance is given to make a child’s talent flourish. He loved music and reading books on Science but he had no interest in the books presented in the syllabus. He had his own views about education. However, in no way, he was disrespectful to the teachers. After all he was a genius.


A. Observe the following sentences carefully that occur in the lesson:

“In what year, Einstein,” asked the history teacher, “did the Prussians defeat the French at Waterloo?” –
“Einstein, I want you to leave the school now,” said the head teacher. The above sentences are in direct speech/narration. You had a detailed discussion on the topic in the previous class.
Now change the following sentences into indirect narration:

1. “Shall I do it myself,” he said.
2. “It’s not my wish, Sir,” Albert pointed out. .
3. “Your information,” I replied, “is out of date.”
4. “I must get away from here,” said Einstein.
5. “I don’t think, I’ll ever pass exams for the school diploma.” said Albert glumly.
6. “I have never seen you looking less nervous,” remarked Yuri.
7. “Don’t be too sure of that,” said the doctor.
8. Albert said, “I’ll try to get into an Italian College or Institute.”

  1. He asked if he should do it himself.
  2. Albert addressed him as Sir and pointed out that it was not his wish.
  3. I replied that his information was out of date.
  4. Einstein said that he must get away from there.
  5. Albert said glumly that he didn’t think, he would ever pass exams for the school diploma.
  6. Yuri remarked that he had never seen him looking less nervous.
  7. The doctor advised him not to be too sure of that.
  8. Albert said that he would try to get into an Indian College or Institute.

B. Read the dialogue between a School Principal and an applicant, Miss Rita Sharma.

Principal : Come in, Miss Sharma.
Rita : Thank you.
Principal : Please take your seat.
Rita : Thank you
Principal : How long have you been teaching English in the coaching classes?
Rita : I have been teaching for the last 10 years.
Principal : How do you use your spare time?
Rita : I’ve always enjoyed music.
Principal : Well, Miss Sharma, we’ll inform you next week. Thank you, for coming.
Now write what Rita reported her mother about her interview
As I turned up for the interview, the Principal asked me to come in. 1 thanked her. Then the Principal asked me to take seat and I again thanked her. The Principal asked me how long I had been teaching English in the coaching classes. At this, I replied that I had been teaching for the last ten years. When she asked me, how did I use my spare time, I replied that I had always enjoyed music. She released me and assured that she would inform me the next week. She thanked me too for coming.

Speaking Activity

Work in pairs. One will act as Albert and the other as a journalist. Interview Albert (after he was expelled from school) on the following points.
(i) the school
(ii) the place where he lived
(iii) his friend
(iv) the doctor
(v) his future plans.
Do it at class level.

Writing Activity

A. Write about a teacher who has inspired you most. Discuss about his/her method of teaching or approach towards teaching.
There are many teachers in my school. Some of them are very good and popular but I like Mr. Ramesh Chander Mishra the most. He is my favourite teacher. He has influenced me the most. He is the incharge of our class. He lives a simple way but his thinking is very high.

He is the most able teacher. He has a brilliant career. He has got scholarship in his school and in college days. He is a gem among teachers. He is an M.A., and B.Ed. His method of teaching is very good. He has mastery over his subjects. He makes his lessons very interesting. He makes every student understand his lesson. He has a kind word for each boy in his class. He encourages the students to talk in English. He himself yorks very hard. He knows how to take work from the students. He is showing the best result in the subject, he teaches.

Mr. Mishra possesses good habits. He has a happy face. We have never seen any frowns on his forehead. No idle boy can escape his keen eyes. He is very humorous. He tries to keep us in good spirits. He never uses any cane. We obey him and he loves us. He is hard working.

He keeps a strict discipline in the class without using a stick. He is never partial to anyone. He shows sympathy with the poor. If a student takes liberty with him, he turns him out of the class. He does not allow him to return until he offers a sincere apology.

He is a fine sportsman. He takes part in school games. He is a good cricketer as well. He is the incharge of games material. His presence on the school ground is a source of joy for us. All the teachers respect him. The Principal has much faith in him. He is the right hand of the Principal. In all school activities, he is always present. For these reasons, he is considered the best teacher of the school. His high character has made him very popular among the students.

MP Board Solutions

B. Imagine that you are Albert Einstein, now living in Milan/Italy. Write a letter of thanks to Yuri for rendering valuable help in getting you out of the school.
36, Park Street Milan
15th September, 20xx
My dear Yuri
I hope you are enjoying a good life. I am also fine but I miss you very much. I still remember, how you helped me getting rid of my school. I was very much distressed there. I never liked the place. But I was compelled to join it and remain there. I was very upset. So, I asked you to help me. How did you manage the medical certificate from your friend, Dr.Ernest. I still can’t believe how you staked your career for me. At last, I was able to leave the school. You are really my best friend. You proved that a friend in need is a friend indeed. 1 am very much obliged to you and wish if I were of some use for you. Hope you are in good spirits and I wish you all the best for life.

Think It Over

Think about yourself as Einstein and then narrate the experiences you have in your class.
Do yourself.

Things to Do

Coiled information about Albert Einstein’s life and his contribution to Science from the sources available to you.
Do yourself.

Albert-Einstein at School by Patrick Pringle Introduction

In this lesson, the author refers to a young boy (Einstein) who is of extraordinary talent. However, this boy does not like his school and its system. Finally, he is expelled from the school.

Albert-Einstein at School Summary in English

Albert was in his class. The History teacher, Mr. Brawn asked him when did Prussians defeated the French at Waterloo. Albert told that he didn’t know or he must have forgotten. This irritated the teacher. He asked Albert, “Why?” Albert replied that he didn’t see any point in learning dates. One could read about them from books.

The teacher thought that Albert didn’t believe in education. He talked in a sarcastic manner. Albert told him that education should be about ideas and not about facts. The teacher said that Albert was a disgrace to the school.

Albert was sad to leave the school though he didn’t like this school. He would have to come to it again. He lived in a small room. It was situated in one of the poorest quarters of Munich. The landlady used to beat her children regularly. Her husband came drunk every Saturday and beat her. Albert didn’t like the children’s crying every time. Albert told these things to his friend Yuri. He hated the atmosphere of slum violence.

Next time, his cousin came to Munich. She told Albert that if he had tried he could have pass the examination. There were more stupid boys than him. Moreover, passing the examination was not difficult. It was just to be able to repeat some events in the examination. He told Elsa that he was not good at learning things by heart. He liked music as it gave him comfort. He also liked Geology.

Albert didn’t like to remain in that school. He met Yuri after six months. He had an idea. He told Yuri that he needed a medical certificate showing that he suffered from a nervous breakdown. In this way, he could get rid of his school. He asked Yuri if he had a doctor friend. Yuri told him that he had one, Dr. Ernest Weil. However, Yuri told him not to deceive him. He must be frank with him.

MP Board Solutions

When Albert visited Dr. Ernest Weil, he had really come close to a nervous breakdown. Dr. Ernest issued him a certificate. His fees was that he should serve Yuri with a meal. Albert told Dr. Ernest about his future plans. He would go to Milan. He hoped to get admission in some Italian college or institute. Yuri told him to get a reference in writing from the Mathematics teacher before going to the head teacher. Mr. Koch, the Mathematics teacher, was a different man. He understood Albert well. He gave a glowing testimonial to him. He wrote that Albert knew so much that it was difficult to teach him any more. He was fit to enter a college.

Before Albert had a chance to ask for an interview with the head teacher, he was summoned to his room. The head teacher told Albert that he wanted him to leave the school. Albert asked the head teacher if he meant that he was to be expelled. The head teacher told him that if he went of his own accord, that question wouldn’t arise.

The head teacher gave several reasons for his leaving the school. He said that Albert’s presence made it impossible for the teachers to teach and pupils to learn. No serious work could be done as long as he was there. Albert felt that his spending money on the medical certificate proved useless. For a moment, Albert felt like telling him what he thought of him and the school but he did not. He went out of the room. The head teacher asked him to close the door behind him but Albert didn’t. He didn’t even have the last look at the school. Yuri was the only person whom Albert felt like seeing when he left. He had no other real friend.

Albert-Einstein at School Summary in Hindi

एलबर्ट अपनी कक्षा में था। इतिहास के अध्यापक मि. ब्रॉन ने उससे पूछा कि प्रूशिया बालों ने फ्रांस को बाटरलू में कब हराया था। एलबर्ट कहता है कि वह नहीं जानता या वह भूल गया होगा। इससे अध्यापक को क्रोध आ जाता है। यह एलबर्ट से पूछता है, “क्यों?” एलबर्ट जवाब देता है कि उसे तारीखें याद करने में कुछ खास बात नज़र नहीं आती। इसके बारे में कोई भी किताबों से जानकारी ले सकता है। अध्यापक मानता है कि एलबर्ट को शिक्षा में कोई दिलचस्पी नहीं है। वह व्यंग्यात्मक तरीके से बात करता है। एलबर्ट उन्हें कहता है कि शिक्षा विचारों से संबंधित होनी चाहिए न कि तथ्यों से। अध्यापक कहता है कि एलबर्ट स्कूल के लिए एक कलंक है।

एलबर्ट स्कूल छोड़ते हुए दुःखी था। हालाँकि वह इस स्कूल को पसंद नहीं करता था पर वह उदास था। उसे वहाँ दोबारा आना होगा। वह एक छोटे-से कमरे में रहता था। वह म्यूनिख के सबसे गरीब क्षेत्र में बसा था। मकान मालकिन अपने बच्चों को नियमित रूप से पीटती थी। उसका पति प्रत्येक शनिवार को शराब पीकर आता और उसे पीटता था। एलबर्ट हर समय बच्चों का रोना पसन्द नहीं करता। उसने यह सब अपने मित्र यूरी को बताया। वह गंदी-बस्तियों में होने वाली हिंसा से नफरत करता था। अगली बार उसकी चचेरी बहन म्यूनिख आती है। वह एलबर्ट से कहती है कि यदि कोशिश करें तो वह परीक्षा पास कर सकता है। यहाँ उससे भी ज्यादा मूर्ख लड़के हैं। इसके अलावा परीक्षा पास करना मुश्किल नहीं है। यह केवल परीक्षा में कुछ घटनाओं को दोहरा देने की योग्यता प्राप्त करना है। वह एल्सा को बताता है कि वह जबानी चीजें याद करने में अच्छा नहीं है।

वह संगीत पसन्द करता है क्योंकि वह उसे आराम देता है। उसे भू-विज्ञान भी अच्छा लगता है। एलबर्ट को उस स्कूल में रहना बिल्कुल पसन्द नहीं था। वह यूरी से छह महीने बाद मिला। उसे एक विचार आता है। वह यूरी से कहता है कि उसे एक चिकित्सा प्रमाणपत्र की आवश्यकता है जो यह दिर सके कि वह स्नायुसम्बन्धी खराबी से ग्रस्त है। इस प्रकार वह अपने स्कूल से छुटकारा पा सकता है। वह यरी से पूछता है कि क्या उसका कोई डॉक्टर दोस्त है। यूरी उसे बताता है कि डॉ. अरनेस्ट वेल है। फिर भी पूरी कहता है कि वह उसे धोखा न दे। उसे उसके साथ खुलकर बातें करनी होंगी।

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जब एलबर्ट डॉ. अरनैस्ट वेल से मिला तो सच में उसकी स्नाय खराब थी। डॉ. अरनेस्ट उसे प्रमाणपत्र दे देते हैं। उसकी फीस यह थी कि उसे यूरी को खाना खिलाना था। एलबर्ट डॉ. अरनैस्ट को अपने भविष्य की योजना के बारे में बताता है। वह मिलान जाएगा। उसे आशा है कि उसे किसी इटैलियन कॉलेज में या संस्था में दाखिला मिल जाएगा। यरी उससे कहता है कि मुख्याध्यापक के पास जाने से पहले गणित के अध्यापक से लिखित प्रमाणपत्र ले ले। मि. कोच जो कि गणित के अध्यापक थे, एक अलग किस्म के व्यक्ति थे। वे एलबर्ट को अच्छी तरह से समझते थे। उसने, उसे एक शानदार प्रमाणपत्र दिया। उसने लिखा कि एलबर्ट इतना जानता था कि वह उसे और शिक्षा नहीं दे सकता था। वह कॉलेज में प्रवेश के लिए उपयुक्त था।

इससे पहले कि एलबर्ट को मुख्याध्यापक से साक्षात्कार का मौका मिलता, उसे उसके कमरे में जाने का बुलावा आ गया। मुख्याध्यापक एलबर्ट से कहते हैं, वे चाहते हैं कि वह स्कूल छोड़ दे। उसने मुख्याध्यापक से पूछा क्या उसे निकाला जा रहा है। मुख्याध्यापक उसे कहता है कि यदि वह अपनी इच्छा से चला जाता है तो यह प्रश्न ही नहीं उठता। मुख्याध्यापक उसके स्कूल छोड़ने के लिए बहुत से कारण बताता है। वह उसे बताता है कि एलबर्ट की उपस्थिति अध्यापकों को पढ़ाने में और अन्य छात्रों को सीखने में परेशानी पैदा करती है।

जब तक वह रहता, कोई महत्त्वपूर्ण कार्य नहीं किया जा सकता था। एलबर्ट को लगता है कि चिकित्सा प्रमाणपत्र पर उसके द्वारा खर्च किए गए पैसे बेकार हो गए। एक क्षण के लिए एलबर्ट का मन हुआ कि उसे बता दे कि वह उसके बारे में और स्कूल के बारे में क्या सोचता है। पर उसने वैसा नहीं किया। वह कमरे से बाहर चला जाता है। मुख्याध्यापक उससे अपने पीछे दरवाजा बन्द करके जाने को कहता है परन्तु एलबर्ट ऐसा नहीं करता है। यहाँ तक कि उसने आखिरी बार स्कूल की तरफ देखा भी नहीं। यूरी ही केवल ऐसा व्यक्ति था जिससे एलबर्ट स्कूल छोड़ते समय मिलना चाहता था। उसका कोई और सच्चा दोस्त नहीं था।

Albert-Einstein at School Word Meaning

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Albert-Einstein at School Important Pronunciations

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Albert-Einstein at School Passages for Comprehension

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow:

Albert felt miserable when he left school that afternoon; not that it had been a bad day most days were bad now, anyway but because he had to go back to the hateful place the next morning. He only wished his father would take him away, but there was no point in even asking. He knew what the answer would be; he would have to stay until he had taken his diploma.

Going back to his lodgings did not cheer him up. His father had so little money to spare that Albert could find a room in one of the poorest quarters of Munich. He did not mind the bad food and lack of comfort, or even the dirt and squalor, but he hated the atmosphere of slum violence. His landlady beat her children regularly, and every Saturday her husband came drunk and beat her. (Page 99)

(i) Why did Albert feel miserable when he left school?
(Ii) Find the word opposite in meaning to ‘admirable’.
(iii) Give adjective form of the word ‘cheer’.
(iv) Find a word from the passage that has the same meaning as the word pitiable.
(i) Albert felt miserable when he left school because he had to come back to the school
the next morning which he hated the most. For him, it was the worst place.
(ii) ‘Hateful’ is opposite of ‘admirable’.
(iii) ‘Cheerful’ is the adjective of ‘cheer’.
(iv) ‘Miserable’ has same meaning as ‘pitiable’.

2. Apart from books on science his only comfort was music, and he played his violin regularly until his Landlady asked him to stop.
“That wailing gets on my nerves,” she said. “There’s enough noise in this house, with all
the kids howling.”
Albert was tempted to point out that most of the time it was she who made them howl,
but he decided it was better toy nothing.
“I must get away from here,” he told Yuri, after six months alone in Munich. “It is absurd
that I should go on like this. In the end it will turn out, I have been wasting my father’s
money and everyone’s time. It will be better for all if i stop now.” (Page 100)

(i) What did Albert wish? Why?
(ii) Find a word from the above lines which means opposite to ‘peace’.
(iii) Give noun form of the word ‘tempt’?
(iv) Find the word in the passage which has the same meaning as the word ‘spoiling’.
(i) He wished to leave the place because he thought he was wasting his father’s money
and everyone’s time.
(ii) ‘Howling/noise’ is opposite to ‘peace’.
(iii) ‘Temptation’ is the noun form of ‘tempt’.
(iv) ‘Wasting’ has same meaning as ‘spoiling’.

MP Board Solutions

3. “I’m not going to punish you,” the head teacher said to Albert’s surprise. “Your work is
terrible, and I’m not prepared to have you here any longer, Einstein. I want you to leave
the school now.”
“Leave school now?” repeated Albert, dazed.
. “That is what I said.”
“You mean,” said Albert, “that I am to be expelled?”
“You can take it that way if you wish, Einstein.” The head teacher was not mincing words.
“The simplest thing will be for you to goof your own accord, and then the question won’t arase.”
“But,” said Albert, “what crime have I committed?”
“Your presence in the classroom makes it impossible for the teacher to teach and for the
other pupils to learn. You refuse to learn, you are in constant rebellion, and no serious
work can be done while you are there.” (Page 103)

(i) What did the head teacher say to Albert?
(ii) Find a word from the passage which means opposite to ‘supporter’.
(iii) Give noun form of the word ‘punish’.
(iv) Find a word from the passage which has the same meaning of the word ‘deny’.
(i).The head teacher said to Albert that he would not allow him to be there and asked
him to leave.
(ii) ‘Rebellion’ is opposite to ‘supporter’.
(iii) ‘Punishment’ is the noun form of ‘punish’.
(iv) ‘Refuse’ has same meaning as ‘deny’.

4. He walked straight on, out of the school where he had spent five miserable years, without turning his head to give it a last look. Fie could not think of anyone, he wanted to say goodbye to.

Indeed, Yuri was almost the only person in Munich, he felt like seeing before he left the town, he had corner to hate almost as much as the school. Elsa was back in Berlin, and he had no other real friends.

“Goodbye and good luck,” said Yuri when he left. “You are going to a wonderful country I think. I hope you will be happier there.” (Page 103)

(i) How many year did Albert spend in school? What was his feeling about his days
spent there?
(ii) Give the noun form of ‘real’
(iii) Give a word opposite in meaning to ‘curve’
(iv) Find a word in the passage which has the same meaning to the word ‘amazing’.
(i) Albert spent fly e years In school. He felt that those were miserable days for him.
(ii) ‘Reality’ is the noun Form of ‘real’.
(iii) ‘Straight’ is opposite in meaning to ‘curve’.
(iv) ‘Wonderful has the same meaning to the word ‘amazing’.

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