MP Board Class 12th Special English Model Question Paper

MP Board Class 12th Special English Model Question Paper

Time : 3 Hours
Maximum Marks : 100


  1. Attempt all the questions.
  2. Read the questions carefully and do accordingly.
  3. Marks allotted to each question are indicated against it.

Unit 1

1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below it:
Human beings are made up mostly of water, in roughly the same percentage as water is to the surface of the earth. Our tissues and membranes, our brains and hearts, our sweat and tears-all reflect the same recipe for life, in which efficient use is made of those ingredients available on the surface of the earth. We are 23 percent carbon, 2.6 percent nitrogen, 1.4 percent calcium, 1.1 percent phosphorus, with tiny amounts of roughly three dozen other elements. But above all we have oxygen (61 percent) and hydrogen (10 percent), fused together in the unique molecular combination known as water, which makes up 71 percent of the human body.

MP Board Solutions

(i) What are the contents of a human body? [2]
(ii) The word ‘efficient’ means: [1]
(a) Capable (b) difficult (c) noteworthy (d) Easy.
(iii) Give opposite word for ‘roughly’. [1]
(iv) Give noun form of the word ‘reflected’. [1]
(i) The contents of human body are water, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous, hydrogen and some other elements.
(ii) (a) Capable.
(iii) exactly.
(iv) reflection.

2. Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions given below it.
An intellectual hatred is the worst,
So let her think opinions are accursed
Have I not seen the loveliest woman born
Out of the mouth of Plenty’s horn
Because of another opinionated mind
Barter other horn and every good
By quiet.natures.understood
For an old bellows full of angry wind.

(i) What is the worst kind in poet’s eyes? [1]
(a) angry wind (b) quiet nature (c) opinions (d) intellectual hatred.
(ii) ‘Opinionated’ means [1]
(iii) Make noun from the word intellectual. [1]
(iv) What are the evil effects of ‘Horn of plenty’? [2]
(i) (d) intellectual hatred.
(ii) ‘Opinionated means-having very strong opinions that you are not willing to change.’
(iii) Intellect.
(iv) It gives birth to hatred to mankind as it gives abundance so who do not have it becomes jealous of others.

3. Answer any six of the following questions in about 30 words each. [6×2 = 12]

(i) How did Madam Forestier react when Mathilde returned the necklace?
When Mathilde returned the necklace Madame Forestier reacted that she (Mathilde) should have returned it sooner. She (Forestier) might have needed it.

(ii) What threat do rising sea levels pose to human population?
Rising sea levels will lead to loss of low-lying coastal areas around the world which will further give rise in number of refugees as one-third of population live within sixty kilometers of coastline.

(iii) Why should the youth form the vanguard in all activities?
Theyouths should form the vanguara in all activities for they have the capacity to resist aggression and at this critical juncture its power must be mobilized.

(iv) What does Albert mean by civilized human beings?

(v) What was Netaji’s proposal during the annual session of the Indian National Congress?
Netaji proposed that the congress should at once send an ultimatum to the British government demanding independence within six months or prepare immediately for a national struggle.

(vi) Why has Surat been mentioned in the poem ‘Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S.’
Surat has been mentioned in the poem because the poet is confused about the place Pushpa’s father belonged to and also the poet remembers his stay at Surat once.

(vii) What helps the poet balancing his weight on the ladder round?
The instep arch helps the poet in balancing his weight on the ladder-round.

4. Answer any two of the following questions in about 75-100 words. [2 x 4 = 8]

(i) How has the Casuarina tree been personified in the poem?
‘Our Casuarina Tree’ is a poem written to express the feeling of the poetess. It is not merely the description of a tree but it is a tribute to the tree. The poetess presonifies the tree. She bestoWs alihuman feelings to the tree. The generous attitude of the tree is great. The tree comforts all. It also shares the joys and sorrows of the human beings. The poetess feels the tree shedding tears and lamenting at the death of her brother and sister. The tree is also destined to die like human being. Thus, it has been personified. It is not unaffected from human curses as well.

(ii) Analyse the poem ‘On this Being Arrived at the age of Twenty Three’ as a Petrachan Sonnet.
Sonnet is a short poem of fourteen lines expressing a single thought or emotion at a time. It owes its popularisation to the 14th century Italian poet Francsco Petrarch who used this poetic form to express his love for his idealised lady love, Laura. John Milton uses the original Italian (Petrarchan) form to express his devotion to God or sublime feelings. hi this form, the poem is divided into two parts—the octave (a stanza of eight lines) and the sestet (a stanza of six lines). The first part makes a statement or puts up a question while the second part illustrates or serves the answer to it. On Being Arrived at the Age of Twenty-three is a devotional sonnet in Petrarchan form. It is a striking example of the Renaissance ethos and Reformation zeal. It is an assertion of faith and a wish to be guided by the divine will.

(iii) Justify the statement that ‘Dream Children: A Reverie’ is a lyric in prose.
Dream Children: A Reverie is an outburst of a flow of imagination of Charles Lamb. Lamb was said to be the Prince of English essayists. He wrote this essay when he was nearing his fifties. As his life was not at all happy and comfortable, he towards the end of his life, has expressed his dreams which couldn’t be fulfilled during his lifetime. He had suffered a lot in his life. He himself was lame. His elder brother whom he loved so much died in great pain. He missed him because he usually carried him on his back when he could not walk. In his youth, Lamb had a disappointing love-affair with a girl who afterwards married another man. He was a bachelor. He lived in utter loneliness. Though he wanted a family and children but they were denied to him in his actual life. In this essay he is dreaming for having two children, on both of his sides behaving like real children. Although the story has created a moving life situation which has all the elements of a lyric. This is a flow which makes one completely engrossed with the story

Unit 2: Grammar

5. Do as directed (any Five). [5 x 1 = 5]
(i) Rewrite the following sentence by using ‘it’: To see you is a real pleasure.
It is a real pleasure to see you.

(ii) People expect better results this time. (Change the voice)
Better results are expected this time.

(iii) Ronak does his work properly. (Make a negative sentence)
Ronak does not do his work properly.

(iv) The teacher said, “Man is Moral”. (Change the narration)
The teacher told that man is moral.

(v) The toys are very expensive. We can’t afford to buy them. (use ‘so that’ and rewrite the sentence)
The toys are so expensive that we can’t buy them.

MP Board Solutions

(vi) Use the proper determiner (Are there letters for me.) (some/any/much)

(vii) The book is lost that you gave me yesterday.(Combine the sentence to make a complex sentence)
The book you gave me yesterday is lost.

6. Do as directed. [5 x 1 = 5]
(i) Give syllable division of the word ‘department’.
(ii) How many syllables does the word ‘examination’ have?
(iii) Head, bend, cattle, men. (Pick out the odd one)
(iv) Write down the word which has (VC syllable)
(v) Mother Teresa won many international (award/awards)
(i) department,
(ii) 4 syllables,
(iii) bend,
(iv) pen,
(v) awards.

Unit 3: Fiction

7. Answer any one of the following questions (120 words) [5]
(i) Describe how Swaminathan passed Monday in his school.
Swami is a student of the First Form (Section A). It is Monday morning and Swami hates Mondays, for it means activity, discipline and work, after his enjoyment on Saturday and Sunday. As Swami sits on the table in his ‘room’—which is merely a table in the dressing- room of his father—he finds that he has a lot of home work to do, and only two hours for doing it. He feels bored and tired, and is in no mood for work.

He reaches the class on time and we are introduced to the fire-eyed teacher Vedanayagantie class-teacher and also arithmetic teacher. Swami does not like hini and we get a taste of Narayan’s verbal humour when we are told that Swami’s “çriticism of the teacher’s face was that his eyes were too near each other, that there was more hair on his chin than one saw from the bench, and that he was very very bad-looking.” All the sums done by Swami are wrong, they are crossed out, the remark ‘very bad’ is given, he is very severely pinched over his left ear, and told to go back to his seat.

Then comes the History period, and the teacher is Dr Pillai. His method of teaching is interesting, but it does not conform to any known principles of education. It is followed by the scripture period and the teacher, Ebenczar, is a fanatic Christian. He constantly criticises and abuses 1-lindu Gods who, for him, are merely pieces of stone.

(ii) Imagine yourself as Swaminathan and narrate the following incident: Encounter between Mani and Rajam near Nallapp’s grove.
Mani was my best friend. He had a good personality. He never cared for study. He never brought any book to the class and never bothered about homework. He always bullied all strangers who came his way, be they big or small but, one day, a new entrant, Rajam, came as ¿i challenge for him. Rajam was the son of the Superintendent of Police. He was well-mannered, well-dressed and also a brilliant student. He became a rival to Mani. Mani challenged him and invited him at Nallappa’s grove on the river side to decide who was superior. They reached there—Mani with his club and Rajam with his airgun. Mani was thinking, now he woutd teach Rajam a lesson. He would break his neck and kill him. Then Rajam came and each of them blamed each other. Mani said that Rajam shouldn’t have brought gun and Rajam said that Mani shouldn’t have brought his club. However, after a long discussion, they withdrew. Raam and Mani became friends. Rajam offered chocolate. I was happy for I had managed for all these.

8. Answer ‘any five’ of the following questions in 30 words. [5 x 2 = 10]
(i) What were the similarities between Swaminathan and Samuel, the Pea?
(Md’. Board 2009)
Swami’s another bosom friend was Samuel, the Pea. He was called the Pea as he was very small in size. There is nothing uncommon about him, for he is neither a good student nor physically remarkable. The only similarity between them was laughter. They were ab1eo see together the same absurdities and incongruities in things. The most trivial and unnoticeable things to others would tickle them to death.

(ii) What did Mani decide to do with Rajam?
Mani didn’t like Rajam. Rajam made a good impact in class and also in school. Mani grew jealous of him. So, Mani wanted to bundle him into the river or to crack his shoulders with his club. Mani wanted to have a duel with Rajam. He was raging in anger and wanted to break his bones.

(iii) Describe Swaminathan’s state of mind when Sankar, Somu and others stopped talking to him.
Swami was feeling restless when Sankar, Somu, and others stopped talking to him. He was feeling lonely His friends were also hostile to him. It was very painful for poor Swami but he could not help it. He wanted to talk to them and crack jokes but he was helpless. He was feeling uncomfortable.

(iv) What did the Headmaster ask the students to do during the vacation?

The headmastét came and announced the closure of school for the vacation. He also hoped that the boys would not waste their time but read story-books and keep glancing through the books prescribed for their next classes to which it was hoped they would be promoted.

(v) Why was Swaminathan cold and reserve to his mother when he was taken to her room?
Swammatban’s mother was in labour pain. She had been in bed for two days. Swami didn’t see her in kitchen. He felt uncomfortable in her absence. When he was taken to her room, he found her lying weak and pale on the bed. She called him closer to her. As Swami was not so mature, he couldn’t understand what was going on. He was cold and reserved when he came in the room.

(vi) How did Mani contemplate taking revenge on Somu, Sankar and the Pea?
Mani contemplated taking revenge on Somu, Sankar and the Pea by breaking Somu’s waist, then he will get Pea under his heel and press him to earth and finally he will hang Sankar by his neck over Sarayu from Peepul branch.

Unit 4: Drama

9. Answer any one of the following questions in (120 words) [5]

(i) Give an account of the way the Silver Box was recovered from the residence of Jones.
When Mrs Jones detects the stolen purse, she thinks to return it to he; employet So, when Jones is out she shakes out his coat. The silver box falls down from the coat pocket. She looks hard at it but Jones snatches it from her hands with a promise that he would throw it away into the river along with the purse. On the other hand, when Barthwick finds the box missing, he asks Snow, a detective, to search it. Snow, out of doubt, comes to Jones house just at the time when Jones is trying to take the box from his wife who takes it to go to return it to Borthwick. Snow detects the letters J.B. carried on it and is sure it was the stolen one from Barthwick’s house.

(ii) What shortcomings of the British Judicial System emerge out of the play ‘The Silver Box’.
The Silver Box may be regarded as a problematic play. It is a social tragedy. The victims are poor Jones, his wife and children. The victimizer in the case is not so much the wealthy liberal, Mr. Barthwick as law itself. Galsworthy indicts the established institution of law courts which is held in the highest ešteem for its fairness. The ground reality is that the scales of justice are tilted in favour of men of position and wealth. The principle of equality before law is a paper tiger, a legal fiction. Jack and Jones are equally wicked. Both are eqùally guilty of misconduct, moral degradation and stealing but the law treats them differently. Jack is able to get the support and protection provided by his father, the advocate, and the constable. His offence of stealing is ignored and the Magistrate acquits hjm. However poor Jones who pleads his case himself, is silenced and sent to prison. The clear message conveyed by the play is that Justice is not blind, she is just ashamed to watch.

MP Board Solutions

10. Attempt any five of the following questions [30 words each] [5×2 = 10]

(i) What would the members of the. Labour Party do, according to Mr. Barthwick, once they came to power?
Acording to tr Barthwick, the Members of the Labour Party would deprive the upper classes of their rights and property once they came to power.

(ii) What makes the unknown lady meet young Jack so early in the morning?
She met young Jack so early in the morning because her crimson silk purse had been stolen and she had seen Jack Barthwick stealing it.

(iii) What excuse did Jones provide for picking up the Silver Box?
He said that he was not a thief. Whatever he did was because of his drunken state.

(iv) What questions did Jones ask Jack when the case was in progress before the magistrate?
jons asked Jack, “Don’t yoù remèmber you said you were a Liberal, same as your father, and you asked mc what I was?”

(v) why does Jones give a blow to snow?
Because Jones knows that he was innocent.

(vi) Describe in your own words the room in which the Jones lived.
The room in which the Jones lived was a base one with tattered oilcloth and damp, distempered walls. It has an air of tidy wretchedness.

Unit 5: Reading Unseen
11. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow. [4 + 6 = 10]
Twin top rankings reflect rise of Women in Indian Sports: Saina Nehwal After reclaiming the top spot in badminton Singles rankings, Saina Nehwal is doubly delighted at fellow Hyderabadi tennis ace Sania Mirza’s rise to the summit of the Womens’ Doubles rankings and says the twin achievements reflect the rise of women power in the domain of Indian sports.

“Sania Mirza is a big name in the world of tennis, she is the number one in her game. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors” Saina said on Sunday.

“Women in sports have come up in a big way in recent past and I congratulate all of them, including Mary Kom, Krishna Poonia, Geeta Phogat, Babita Kumari, Heena Sidhu and Sania Mirza,” she said.

“It is good that women power is visible in sports,” she said, crediting the central government’s sports policies for the success stories. Sania was elevated to the No. 1 spot in the Women’s Doubles rankings, according to the latest Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) list released on April 13.
Saina became the first Indian women to be crowned World No.l on March 29 after her Indian Open Grand Prix triumph. But she dropped to the second place, overtaken by China’s Li Xuerui, following her semi-finals exit in the Malaysia Open Super series. But she regained the top slot after Li pulled out of Singapore Open Super Series.

Sania, on the other hand, leap frogged to the top spot after winning her third consecutive Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) title-The Family Circle Cup-with new partner Martina Hingis.

“I am proud to be World No. 1 in badminton. It is really tough to reach the pinnacle in badminton… it took me five years to realise my dream as I became World No. 2 in 2010”, The right-handed shuttler said.

The 25-year-old Saina is the only non-Chinese to get tire top billing since 2010 when Denmark’s Tine Raun ruled the rankings. The 2012 Olympic Games bronze medalist dedicated her recent feat to her parents, coaches and well-wishers.

When asked what makes a Chinese player so tough to beat, she said: “May be these players are trained on best infrastructure they have created for each sport and the availability of best coaches compared to India and other countries where hardly a few best coaches are available.”

“The number of players (in China) is also very high compared to us where there is a shortage of players.”

“Luckily I started my career on best infrastructure created in India at Gopi’s (Pullela Gopichand) Academy at Hyderabad in 2004 and continued till 2014 during which I won national Championships, Junior World Cup and some of Super Series and Gold Grand Prix Tournaments,” she added.

Saina has clinched gold in the 2010 Commonwealth Games and bronze in the 2006 edition, besides picking up a bronze at the Incheon Asian Games last year.

In 2014, she became the first Indian woman to win the China Open Super Series Premier beating Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi in the final.
In another first for Indian women shuttlers, Saina reached the All England open Badminton final last month, but lost to Spain’s Carolina Marin recently.

In 2014, Saina shifted to Prakash Padukone s academy in Bangalore. Since then she has been under the tutelage of Vimal Kumar. Former men’s No. 1 player Padukone also gave her valuable tips.

Saina credited ex-coach Gopichand and incumbent Vimal Kumar for her success. “Both of them are the best of badminton coaches in India. With Gopi sir, I won a number of tournaments and now with Vimal sir my progress is visible in the last seven months,” she said.

With expectations climbing high with each day, Saina said her ultimate aim is the Olympics games.

“I, as a badminton player, will give my 100 percent for my sport. I have to show better results in the World Cup. Many Super Series are lined up” the star said.

MP Board Solutions

(i) Delighted mean. [1]
Very happy.

(ii) Elevated means [1]
High in rank.

(iii) Give a word similar in meaning to ‘triumph’. [1]

(iv) Clinched means (in a word). [1]

(v) Explain: she is the number one in her game. [2]
Sania Mirza is number one in her game i.e. tennis.

(vi) What did Saina tell when asked what makes a Chinese player so tough to beat? [2]
She said that there is a possibility that Chinese players were trained on best infrastructure they had created for each sport and the availability of best coaches compared to India and other countries where hardly a few best coaches were available.

(vii) Name the women sports persons whom Saina congratulated. [2]
Name of the women sports persons whom Saina congratulated are-Mary Kom, Krishna Poonia, Geeta Phogat, Babita Kumari, Heena Sidhu and Sania Mirza. Read the following poem carefully and answer the questions that follow. [5]

12. Read the following poem carefully and answer the questions that tollow.
Happiness is like a crystal,
Fari and exquisite and clean,
Broken in a million pieces,
Shattered, scattered far and near.
Nov and then along life’s pathway.
Like, some showing fragments fall;
But these are so many pieces
No one ever finds them all

Questions :
(i) The poet compares happiness with. [1]

(ii) No one ever finds them all meAnswer: [1]
It means ‘no one gets complete happiness’.

(iii) Give opposite word for ‘exquisite’? [1]

(iv) What dees the poet want to say here? [2]
The poet here wants to say that happiness is scattered here and there in man’s pathway. Now it is upto man how much happiness he manages to get.

Unit 6: Writing/Essay

13. Write an essay on any one of the following topics in about 250 words: [7]
(i) Pollution: A Treat to our Life.
(ii) Politics of Coalition in India.
(iii) My Favourite Game.
(iv) A Visit to a Historical Place.
(ii) Politics of Coalition in India
At present Indian politics is under the process of development. Although right from the time of freedom movement the process is on but during the last twenty years there have been a lot of changes. Due to selfish motto of political parties, the aim of getting power to rule things has gone the worst.

Indian politics has lost the real component of fair practice in politics. The means should be right and pure to achieve the object but in our country now the attraction of power is so much that nobody cares for the meAnswer: For example, for winning the election they adopt all those malpractices which are immoral in our society. After election horse-trading goes on to capture power. Ministers, officials and leader of political parties adopt immoral ways and means to earn money.

After 2000, many cases of corruption were detected in public life in which leaders, Government officials, servants, contractors, brokers and anti-social elements were involved. The fashion and tradition of commission increased the corruption in all walks of life. During the last ten years, there were a lot of scandals in which so many, ministers, secretaries, directors, government officers and servants are found involved. The cases of share scandal, hawala, 2G and Coal are the worst which have opened the new chapter of corruption in public life. Though these scandals are mere examples, there are a lot of such scandals which are still to be brought into light. Indeed there is a lot of corruption in our public life. Bribery has become a courtesy. No work is done without it. Almost all the measures adopted to control it have failed head long, because most of our leaders, political workers, government officers, public servants, contractors, brokers, businessmen, traders, industrialists are directly or indirectly involved in the cases of corruption. Some of them have been caught while the others are still beyond reach.

At present even the representatives of people such as some of the MLAs, MPs and ministers, government officers and servants are following the path of corruption and they are making hay while the sun shines. The whole system has become so spoiled and corrupt that it needs well planned serious efforts.

MP Board Solutions

As now-a-days no party is getting absolute majority at the centre so the politics of coalition is going on. It is giving us weak governments. Moreover, the country has to fall to mid term polls due to coalition politics. This new trend now seems to be the way of Indian politics. In coalition form of govt, it becomes very critical for one to run the of govt, and control the parties of different ideas. For example two successive govt, had ruled India-one the NDA and now the UPA. This trend is not at all good for the nation.

But a change in this trend has been seen during the 2014 Lok Sabha Election. Though still a coalition, BJP could get itself 285 seats in Lok Sabha which is sufficient enough to form the government. So the coalition era may end if the unstability and policy created continues in politics.

14. You are Gaurav. You have read the following news article. (4)
At the heart of the literacy campaign is the volunteer, who as instructor, resource person or local organizer, gives freely his/her time and puts in enormous effort to make the campaign succeed.

You have decided to speak at the school assembly on the experience of students who volunteer to take literacy classes. Prepare the speech taking help from the news article and your own view. (50 words)


Write a report on the Annual Day celebration in your school. You are Sukhbir of New Bhopal Academy.
Illiteracy is one of the major problems that confront our country. This problem assumes alarming proportions because of the democratic rule in our country. Democracy, which postulates enlightenment, is by and large a blessing, and illiteracy, which implies ignorance, is therefore a curse.

To eradicate illiteracy to some extent, various students volunteets to take literacy classes and feel proud to help their unfortunate countrymen who have been deprived of the privilege of being educated. These voluntary workers, after receiving certain incentives and being provided with the requisite facilities ensure better results in the social arena. They have adopted new paths and motivated a large section of masses towards their literacy classes. This voluntary service on the part of students, has proven to be an effective measure for reaching out to the uneducated masses and thereby further helped the illiterate persons to eradicate their constant exploitation and humiliation at the hands of society. The students have helped these people to become aware of the benefits of being literate/ educated. They have also helped the illiterate persons to move towards a positive change.

By undertaking this creditable, but herculean task, these students feel a sense of pride in being able to make their contribution to take their country on the path of fast growth and progress.

MP Board Class 11th English Solutions

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