MP Board Class 10th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 11 Mending Wall

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MP Board Class 10th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 11 Mending Wall

Mending Wall Vocabulary

I. Use the word ‘mend’ with a different meaning in a phrase and write its meaning.
Mend : Repair : He is mending the wall.
Mend : to set right : Mend your ways if you want to get success.

II. ‘Good fences make good neighbours.’ Use the word ‘good’ in some short sentences conveying beautiful ideas, e.g, what good is money when you haven’t any friends?
Hints: good manners, good habits, good teachers, good books, good news, good reputation, for your own good, do more harm than good, good for you.
Good manners : Our good manners please all.
Good books : Good books are the best friends.
For your own good : Do it for your own good.
Good for you : Apple is good for you.

Listening Skill

Listen to the poem carefully.

See Workbook pages 88-89

Now answer the following questions:

A. Find from the poem the synonyms of the following.

  1. to hate : scorn
  2. to decorate : adorn
  3. to spoil, to cause serious damage : blight
  4. extremely strong desire to gain wealth : avarice
  5. blessings : bounties

B. Four ideas are mentioned below. Write the numbers of the stanzas in which these ideas are found.

  1. There will be no misery. Joy will prevail everywhere.
  2. Each country will enjoy political freedom.Each human being will be contented.
  3. The world will be free from the curses of hatred and war.
  4. The worth of the people will not be determined by the colour of their skin. All the people will have equal share in the earth’s blessings.

4, 2, 1, 3

See Workbook pages 90-91

C. Each stanza mentions one positive feature that the poet would like to be there in his dream world. It also mentions one negative feature that will not be there. For example, in stanza 1- There will be love and’ peace everywhere. (Positive)
There will be no hatred. (Nagative) Now complete the following table.
Stanza Positive feature that Negative feature that will be there will not be there

Stanza Positive feature that will be there Negative feature will not be there
1 There will be freedom. There will be no greed
2 There will be equality There will be no racial discrimination
3 There will be joy There will be no misery

Speaking Skill

You have a definite routine which you follow everyday. Now talk
about it in a group of four. The beginning is given as an example
I wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning.
Then I ……………………..
Do yourself.

Reading Skill

Read the poem.

See Workbook pages 92-93

A. Now answer the following questions.
(a) What grew in God’s free light?
A rose grew in god’s free light.

(b) Who fed and watered the rose?
The morning dew fed and watered the rose.

(c) When did the rose come to a crevice in the wall?
The rose came to a crevice in the wall after rising to a lofty height.

(d) How it crept through the crevice?
It crept onward through the crevice with added strength.

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(e) Was there any difference in its growth?
There was no thought of fear or pride in its growth.

(J) What does the poet wish to receive?
The poet wishes to receive faith and hope.

(g) How does the rose still grow beyond the wall?
Beyond the wall the rose will spread its fragrance far and wide.

B.Write some inspiring quotations on the following:
Courage : Courage is the key to all success.
Faith : Faith in God paves the way to success.
Beauty : Beauty is truth, truth beauty.
Hope : Hope for the best.
Strength : Strength is the key to confidence.

Writing Skill

Question 1.
“Domestic walls break the nation in fragments.” Comment. (50 words)
Man is born free. There is no ill feeling in a child but as one grows one faces many wordly avarices. There are discrimination of caste, creed, culture, religion, race etc. There are the man-made walls that fragment the whole world. We develop hate for others and indulge in wars which weaken the world. These are the curses of human life.

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Question 2.
Imagine there are no political boundaries among countries then what will be the face of the world? Describe. (150 words)
Had there been no boundaries among countries the whole world would have been one place to live in. There would have been no discrimination of any kind. We would have been free to go anywhere anytime for any purpose. The whole world would have been a peaceful place. There would have been no war. The world would have been a safe place. The philosophy of the whole world i.e. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam” would have been true. The whole world would have been one.

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