MP Board Class 10th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 4 To the Cuckoo


In this article, we will share MP Board Class 10th English Solutions The Rainbow Workbook Chapter 4 To the Cuckoo Pdf, These solutions are solved subject experts from the latest edition books.

MP Board Class 10th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 4 To the Cuckoo

To the Cuckoo Vocabulary

I. Make a list of qualifying words used by the poet in the poem ‘To the Cuckoo’.
Wandering, twofold, brightest, visionary, thrice, invisible, thousand, golden, blessed, unsubstantial, fairy.

II. Write different meanings of the word ‘even’ and use in your own sentences.
Even : equal – What is the largest even number?
Even : plain – This floor is not even.
Even : hardly – I couldn’t even phone him.

III. Say the following words correctly.
voice, wise, welcome, wandering, while, vale, visionary, whom, which, ways, woods, went, we.
Do yourself

Listening Skill

Listen to the poem carefully.

See Workbook pages 27-28

Now, answer the following questions in one word or one sentence only.

(i) Who are ‘they’ in the poem?
They are the students.

(ii) What did they ask the teacher?
They asked the teacher to allow them to go to find the rainbow’s end.

(iii) What did the teacher tell them?
The teacher told them that it’s raindrops in the sky.

(iv) Why did ‘they dance in sheer delight’?
It seemed to them that they found the rainbow’s end.

(D). Find words from the poem which mean the same as
(a) brightness or glow
(b) joy
(c) a grassy clearing
(d) vanish
(e) calm or peaceful
a. radiance
b. delight
c. wood-land
d. fade
e. serene.

Speaking Skill

I. It is good to start the day with greeting the smiling beauties of nature. Nature seems to be at her best in the morning. Say a few sentences on the morning scene.
Do yourself.

II. What different natural sounds do you hear around you? Have you ever noticed the sounds of the wind and the rain apart from the sounds of the birds and insects. Make a list of these sounds and discuss in the class.
Do yourself.

Reading Skill

Read the poem.

See Workbook pages 29-30

Now, answer the following questions.

(i) Why is an English sparrow an insignificant thing?
Because it is very common.

(ii) How was the day as mentioned by the poet?
It was the bleakest wintry day.

(iii) Where was the sparrow cuddling alone?
He was cuddling alone on the shelving of one stone.

(iv) How sweet was the song of the sparrow?
The song of the sparrow was the sweetest, springlike note.

Writing Skill

Question 1.
You are Amrita. You had an opportunity to visit a wild life sanctuary with your parents. Write a letter to your friend Nagma, residing at 23-A-Sitabardi Nagpur, describing her different kinds of birds you watched there. Use the format of the post-card. (50 words)
My dear Nagma
Last week I had been to a wildlife sanctuary. It was a nice trip. I saw a variety of birds and animals. We enjoyed the place for the whole day. I liked specially the pigeons, and giraffe. I wanted to feed them but it was not allowed. I missed you much.

Question 2.
Write your views on how we can make our surroundings green, pollution free and environment friendly. (150 words)
As I feel our life depends upon purity of environment. If we keep our environment pure our life would be free from ailments. For this we need to be conscious. I think planting at large scale is the first step to be taken. It helps more and more. We should not allow water logging and garbage in the residential areas. Regular cleaning of the roads is needed. There should be no workshop or factory in the residential area. Our alertness counts much. It can save us from many dangers.

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