MP Board Class 6th Special English Solutions Chapter 1 Kassim and Ali

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MP Board Class 6th Special English Solutions Chapter 1 Kassim and Ali

Kassim and Ali Text Book Exercise

Word Power

Match the Columns
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(a) Write yes/no in the given boxes.

  1. Ali had read a book of riddles.
  2. Kassim knew the answer of the riddle asked by Ali.
  3. Ali showed Kassim a blue and red pencil.
  4. Kassim and Ali bet of money.
  5. Kassim said ‘magic’ words over the pencil.


  1. no
  2. no
  3. yes
  4. no
  5. yes.

MP Board Solutions

(b) Answer these questions:

Question 1
Why was Kassim eager to take a bet with Ali?
Kassim was eager to take a bet with Ali, because he was very sure of his success. Moreover his mind was full of riddles. He had nothing to do that day.

Question 2
Who won the first bet? How did he win it?
Kassim won the first bet. He won it because he knew the two meanings of the word ‘bark’ (the skin of the tree and cry of the dog). It was their agreement.

Question 3
How is NOISE the correct answer to Kassim’s second questions?
NOISE is the correct answer of Kassim’s second question because on taking out its ‘I’, from NOISE only NOSE is left.

Question 4.
How is SMILES the correct answer to Kassim’s third question?
‘SMILES’ is the correct answer to Kassim’s third question because in between ‘S’ and ‘S’ of the word SMILES there is a mile, (the word MILE).

Question 5.
Why did Kassim think that Ali had cheated him?
Kassim thought that Ali had cheated him. Ali had won nine marbles by asking him a riddle to which he himself did not know the answer. Kassim had given ten marbles to Ali and Ali returned one marble and saved nine.

Question 6.
What kind of pencil did Kassim say he had?
Kassim said that he had a pencil which could write any colour that he liked.

Question 7.
What kind of pencil did Kassim really have?
In reality, Kassim had only an ordinary pencil.

Question 8.
How did Kassim get back his ten marbles from Ali?
Kassim said that his pencil could not write any colour. Ali made a bet for ten marbles with him. Kassim took out his pencil. He recited some magic words. He wrote red, blue, yellow, green orange on a piece of paper. Ali lost the bet. In this way, Kassim got back his ten marbles from Ali.

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Grammar in Use

(а) Read this sentence
Anand said. “I have posted the letters.”
This is in direct speech. It can be rewritten in indirect speech thus:
Anand said that he had posted the letters.
Note that the verb have posted become had posted in indirect speech, when the . reporting verb (here ‘say’) is in the past tense.
Here is another example:
Direct Speech : Kamla said, “I have already paid my fees.”
Indirect Speech : Kamla said that she had already paid her fees.

Now rewrite the following in indirect speech, as shown above.

  1. The teacher said to Anil, “You have not answered the first question correctly.”
  2. The typist said, “I have just finished typing the letters.”
  3. “All the boys have left,” Rakesh said to the teacher.
  4. “Kassim has cheated me,” Ali thought.
  5. “I have had my lunch and I am not hungry,” Ravi said to his friend.


  1. The teacher said to Anil that he had not answered the first-question correctly.
  2. The typist said that he had just finished typing the letters.
  3. Rakesh said to the teacher that all the boys had left.
  4. Ali thought that Kassim had cheated him.
  5. Ravi said to his friend that he had his lunch and he was not hungry.

(b) The phrasal verb “Come up with” has been used in this lesson which mean- “to find an answer, money etc.” Some other phrasal verbs with their meanings are given below:
come down : to break or fall on the ground
come off : to be able to be removed.
come out with : to say something surprising or rude.
come across : to be understood.
come apart : to break into pieces.

Now make sentences with the phrasal verbs given above so as to bring out their meanings.
(come down, come off, come out with, come across, come apart)
come down : Ramesh came down from the tree.
come off : I came off the task with difficulty.
come out with : My son came out with the news of his result.
come across : Have you came across this breaking news.
come apart : Suddenly my specs came apart.

MP Board Solutions

Let’s talk

Question 1.
Share some more riddles in the class with your friends.
Do yourself.

Question 2.
Write a paragraph on a wise man/woman.
A wise man means a man with wisdom Wisdom gives perfection. It means a wise man knows everything. He does everything perfectly. He can teach the world. He can preach well. He lives his life with all bliss. He is above all worldly affairs. Certainly he is an adorable person.

Question 3.
In this lesson a word ‘bet’ had come as a noun and a verb both. Find out some more similar words with the help of dictionary.
1.Water – (n) – We should drink clean water.
Water – (v) – The gardener watered the plants.

2. Pen – (n) – I have bought a new pen.
Pen – (v) – I penned down a letter.

3. Fan – (n) – The fan is moving.
Fan – (v) – My mother fanned me.

4. Handle – (n) – The handle has been broken.
Handle (v) – He handled the problem wisely.

5. Plant – (n) – The plant is green.
Plant – (v) – I planted a tulsi plant.

MP Board Solutions

Kassim and Ali Word Meanings

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MP Board Class 6th English Solutions

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