MP Board Class 6th Special English Solutions Chapter 10 Birbal Visits Heaven

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MP Board Class 6th Special English Solutions Chapter 10 Birbal Visits Heaven

Birbal Visits Heaven Text Book Exercise

Word Power

(a) Fill in the blanks with the words given.
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  1. There was a wind blowing; so the fire …………. fast and a large number of huts were burnt down.
  2. Cinderella was a poor girl. A prince married her. Her sisters who were wicked, became ………….. of her and tried to do her harm.
  3. When his enemies attacked the palace, the king escaped through a ………….. passage.
  4. Mrs. Prasad’s diamond ring was missing. The police came. They ………….. Mrs. Prasad’s maidservant. But Mrs. Prasad told them, “I don’t have any ………….. about my maidservant. She is very honest person.
  5. A. Do you know the difference between a star and a planet.
    B. Yes, I do. A star has a ………….. a planet has not.
  6. In the story you read in lesson I, Kassim …………… Ali in the end.
  7. The Buddha met a robber chief in the forest. By his love and words of advice he ………….. change in the robber chief. And the robber became a good man.
  8. In the forests of Kerala, elephants are used for lifting and ………….. up heavy logs of wood.


  1. caught on
  2. jealous
  3. secret
  4. suspected, suspicion
  5. twinkle
  6. outwits
  7. brought about
  8. Piling.

MP Board Solutions

(b) Match the columns.

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1. → (b)
2. → (d)
3. → (e)
4. → (c)
5. → (a)


(a) Mark (✓) or (✗) according to the information provided in this lesson:

  1. Akbar was a minister at the court of Birbal.
  2. The other courtiers were always making plans tobring about Akbar’s downfall.
  3. The barber’s friend was ready to send a message to heaven.
  4. Barber bribed the courtiers to cooperate with him.
  5. Birbal was greatly disturbed in mind.


  1. (✗)
  2. (✗)
  3. (✓)
  4. (✗)
  5. (✓)

(b) Answer these questions.

Question 1.
Why were the Emperor’s courtiers jealous of Birbal?
The courtiers felt very jealous of Birbal as he was in the good books of the Emperor Akbar and enjoyed his favour.

Question 2.
How did the courtiers get the barber’s cooperation for their plan?
The courtiers paid a large bribe to the barber to get his cooperation for their plan.

Question 3.
What did the Emperor think of the barber of first?
At first the Emperor thought that the barber was talking foolishly. The Emperor had really no intention of sending any messenger to heaven. Besides, how could he spare his favourite minister for the unpleasant task.

Question 4.
Did the Emperor really want a messenger to be sent to heaven?
No, the Emperor did not want a messenger to be sent to heaven. He did so only to please the barber.

Question 5.
What kind of man should be sent to the heaven according to the barber?
According to the barber only a wise man should be sent to the heaven.

Question 6.
Why did Akbar agree to the plan of Birbal’s enemies?
Akbar agreed to barber’s proposal, and the plan of his enemies as he had a deep faith in the cleverness and wisdom of Birbal.

Question 7.
What arrangements did the barber and his friends make on the appointed day?
On the appointed day, Birbal was made to sit on a chair in the burial place. Then sandal wood logs were heaped upon all the sides of the chair and it was set on fire.

Question 8.
How did Birbal escape death?
Birbal managed to save his life. He had already got dug an underground passage
from the burial place to his house. He escaped through the passage before the chair was set on fire.

Question 9.
What did Birbal say after returning from heaven?
After returning from heaven Birbal said to Akbar that his ancestors had no barbers in heaven and they needed one immediately

Question 10.
Why did Akbar want to sent the barber to heaven?
Akbar wanted to send the barber to heaven to punish him because he (barber) had plotted against Birbal’s life.

MP Board Solutions

Grammar in Use

(a) Make five meaningful sentences from table A using the clause given under B.
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1. I was in the playground.
2. He hoped to get more money there.
3. Vehicles come here from all sides.
4. It should not be hot there.
5. Don’t change your place.
1. I must have dropped my pen where I was playing.
2. The beggar sits where many people pass by.
3. The accident took place where the four roads met.
4. I like to live where the climate is cool.
5. Go and sit where you sat yesterday.

(b) Fill in the blanks with the prepositions given. Use each preposition more than once.
(with, at, by)

  1. My father is being treated ………… Dr. Karunakar.
  2. Everyone at home is pleased ………….. his treatment.
  3. The school was inspected ………….. the District Education Officer last week.
  4. The D.E.O. was pleased ………….. everything he saw at the school.
  5. Everyone was surprised …………. the boy’s cleverness.
  6. The door was fitted ………….. a new handle.
  7. When the sailors saw two birds flying over the sea, they were filled …………… hope that land must be near.


  1. by
  2. with
  3. by
  4. with
  5. at
  6. with
  7. with

Let’s Talk

Have a conversation with your friend. He is a shopkeeper and you wait for him to buy a few items i.e., sugar, toothpaste, soap. etc.
Do yourself.

MP Board Solutions

Let’s Write

Question 1.
Write a paragraph on what Birbal narrated about the condition of Akbar’s ancestors in heaven. Use the following clue words:
(beards, ancestors, barbers, fall over, recognize)
Birbal told the Emperor that his ancestors were happy in the heaven, but they were in trouble for their long beards. They needed a barber immediately. Their beards were very long and touched the ground. He would not recognize them if he saw them sometimes they stepped on their beards and fell over.

Birbal Visits Heaven Word Meanings

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MP Board Class 6th English Solutions

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