MP Board Class 6th Special English Solutions Chapter 15 A Caravan Chief

MP Board Class 6th Special English Solutions Chapter 15 A Caravan Chief

A Caravan Chief Text Book Exercise

Word Power

1. Fill in the blanks with the words given.

(mend, attend to, stranger, shame, flap, got caught, spare, followers)

  1. Mrs. Das works in an office. But she wants to stop working because she gets very little time to …………. her children at home.
  2. Little children go about without clothes because they are too young to leave any feeling of …………….
  3. “Have mercy on me and …………… my life,” the mouse said to the lion which had caught it.
  4. Ramu was always the leader of our group; we were all his ……………..
  5. Kittu said to the tailor. “I want a ……………. to my shirt pocket. Then I can keep money in it safely.”
  6. “You need not buy a new pair of shoes. Take this one to a cobbler; he will ……………….. it.”
  7. The mouse went into the cage and touched the food. Immediately the cage closed and the mouse ……………… in it.
  8. A. Can you tell me the way to the town Hall, sir?
    B. I am sorry. I am a ……………. to this town. I arrived here only yesterday.


  1. attend to
  2. shame
  3. spare
  5. flap
  6. mend
  7. got caught
  8. stranger

MP Board Solutions


(a) Read the lesson and complete the sentences:

  1. John Ramon was going to ………………
  2. Ramson counted the money …………………
  3. He called all his followers and ……………..
  4. Ali went to each one ……………….
  5. The man went to the ……………..


  1. Baghdad with a caravan of twenty camels.
  2. everyday during his journey to make sure that it was safe.
  3. asked them to sit in a line in front of him.
  4. of them, bent down and smelt his palm.
  5. place where he had hidden the bag of gold.

(b) Answer these questions.

Question 1.
Who was Ahmad Ali?
Ahmad Ali was the chief of the caravan.

Question 2.
What does Ramson have in his bag?
Ramson has kept one hundred pieces of gold in his bag.

Question 3.
Why did Ali say, “we are not moving camp today.”?
Ali said so because he had to get his saddles mended and has to attend to two or three donkeys that had lost their shoes. He had to search the gold too.

Question 4.
What did Ali say to his followers after dinner?
After dinner Ali told his followers to sit in a line in front of him.

Question 5.
What did Ali ask his followers to do after going into the tent?
Ali asked his followers to touch the plate, kept inside the tent after going into it (tent).

Question 6.
How did Ali catch the thief?
Ali had put in the plate a liquid with a strong smell. All except the thief had touched the plate and their palms gave out the smell. Only the thief s palm did not give out the smell which made it clear that he had stolen the gold.

MP Board Solutions

Grammar in Use

(a) Read the sentences.

The house was locked.
I found it so.
We can combine the two sentences thus:
I found the house locked.

Now combine each of the following pairs of sentences, as shown above.
1. The gate was closed.
We found it so.

2. Her name was called.
Padma heard it.

3. The bag was gone.
Ramson found it so.

4. The flap of the tent was still closed.
Ramson found it so.

5. The work was completed.
We found it so.

6. The hall was packed.
We found it so.
1. We found the gate closed.
2. Padma heard her name called.
3. Ramson found the bag gone.
4. Ramson found the flap of the tent still.
5. We found the work complete.
6. We found the hall packed.

(b) Combine each of the following pairs of sentences as shown in Exercises II.
(a) His box was locked.
He kept it so.
He kept his box locked.

(b) The plate was covered.
He left it so.
He left the plate covered.

1. Her trunk was unlocked
She left it so.

2. Shankar’s work was unfinished.
He left it so.

3. The windows were closed.
We left them so.

4. The milk was uncovered.
The servant left it it so.

5. The food was untouched.
Father left it so.
1. She left her trunk unlocked.
2. Shankar left his work unfinished.
3. We left the windows closed.
4. The servant left the milk uncovered.
5. Father left the food untouched.

MP Board Solutions

Let’s Write

Question 1.
Describe how Ahmad Ali succeeded in finding the thief.
The incident of theft was reported to the chief. Ahmad Ali called his followers and told them that someone had stolen his friend’s money. It was a matter of shame and he was going to find out the thief. He told them, that a magic plate was kept inside his tent. If touched by an innocent man, the plate wouldn’t do any harm. But if the thief touched it, his hand would be caught in it. The men went inside the tent one by one and touched the plate. All came out. No one’s hand was caught in the plate.

Ahmad Ali went to each man and smelt his palm. When he smelt the hand of the twelfth man, he called him out as he was the thief. Ahmad Ali asked the thief to return the money otherwise, he would be killed. The man at once ran away and came back with the gold. He begged his chief to spare his life. Ahmad Ali returned the gold to John Ramson. John Ramson asked Ahmad Ali how he had found out the thief. The chief told him, that he had put a strong smelling liquid in the plate. All except the thief’s hands, gave out the smell.

A Caravan Chief Word Meanings

Caravan – a group of travellers, काफिला। Mended – repaired, मरम्मत करना। Flap – hanging curtain, कनात। Almost – nearly, लगभग। Immediately – instantly, तुरन्त। Stranger – unknown person, अजनबी। Innocent – faultless, निर्दोष। Liquid – something that can flow, तरल पदार्थ। Except – leaving aside, सिवाय।

MP Board Class 6th English Solutions

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