MP Board Class 7th Special English Solutions Chapter 17 The Pied Piper of Hamelin-II

In this article, we will share MP Board Class 7th English Solutions Chapter 17 The Pied Piper of Hamelin-II Pdf, These solutions are solved subject experts from the latest edition books.

MP Board Class 7th Special English Solutions Chapter 17 The Pied Piper of Hamelin-II

The Pied Piper of Hamelin-II Text Book Exercise

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MP Board Class 7th Special English Chapter 17 The Pied Piper of Hamelin-II 1

MP Board Solutions


A. Answer these questions:

Question 1.
What suggestions would Ravi and Ashok have offered the Mayor for getting rid of the rats?
Ravi would have suggested to the’ Mayor to ‘poison the rats if he had been a councillor. Similarly Ashok would have suggested the Mayor to employ all the carpenters in the town to mend all old traps and make thousands of new ones. Besides, he would also have asked the Mayor to get all the holes plugged.

Question 2.
Why did the Mayor not get the rats poisoned?
The Mayor did not get the rats poisoned because by poisoning the rats he would be getting the people poisoned as well. No one in Hamelin could 1 eat food before rats had tasted it.

Question 3.
What did the Mayor promise the Pied Piper?
The Pied Piper promised the Mayor to rid the people of all the rats in the town. He would do so by drawing the rats after him through his secret charm.

Question 4.
Why did the Pied Piper look very strange?
The Piper looked very strange on account of his red and yellow dress and odd appearance. He was dressed in red and yellow. He was as thin as a starved rat. He had a crooked nose and bright, blue eyes. He had no beard and a smile played on his lips.

Question 5.
What did the Pied Piper do with the rats?
The Pied Piper played a time on his Pipe. An army of rats followed him. He led the rats to river Weser. AH the rats except one rat ran into the water and were drowned.

Question 6.
Why was the Pied Piper disappointed?
The Pied Piper was disappointed because the Mayor refused to pay him the promised amount of one thousand guilders. He rather offered him only fifty guilders.

Question 7.
How did the Piper punish the people of Hamelin?
The Piper played a different tune. All the children were drawn to the charming tune. They followed the Piper merrily. In this way, the Piper punished the people of Hamelin very severely. He led their children to some unknown place in the side of mountain near the town.

Question 8.
Was it right for the Mayor to deny the Piper his due? Why?
The Mayor had promised the Pied Piper to pay him one thousand dollars in cash. The Pied Piper managed to rid the people of Hamelin of the nuisance caused by the rats. Therefore, it was wrong for the Mayor to deny the Piper his due.

MP Board Solutions

B. Tick the correct option

Question 1.
People wanted to get rid of
(i) the. Mayor
(ii) the rats
(iii) the councillors
(ii) the rats

Question 2.
All the carpenters worked to
(i) mend and make traps
(ii) plug holes
(iii) give poison to the rats.
(i) mend and make traps

Question 3.
The Mayor made a
(i) rash promise
(ii) good promise
(iii) wrong promise
(i) rash promise

Question 4.
The Pied Piper was dressed in
(i) red and yellow
(ii) blue and black
(iii) fine clothes
(i) red and yellow

C. Say True or False.

  1. People liked the train of rats. T / F
  2. Dogs ate up all the rats T / F
  3. The Pied Piper sang a tune and led all the rats to the river. T / F
  4. The mayor was not honest. T / F
  5. The Pied Piper was disappointed. T / F


  1. False
  2. False
  3. True
  4. True
  5. True.

MP Board Solutions

Word Power

A. Fill in the blank spaces choosing the correct words from those given below:
(deny, army, cash, tune, deserve, suggest)

  1. Mahesh played a charming ………….. on a flute.
  2. First ………… then desire.
  3. Indian ……….. is one of the best armies of the world.
  4. I can accept money either in ………… or by cheque.
  5. You always ………. for my welfare.
  6. Always try to keep your promises. Never ……….. them.


  1. tune
  2. deserve
  3. army
  4. cash
  5. suggest
  6. deny

B. Circle the odd word:

  1. guitar, pipe, sitar, radio
  2. rose, marigold, jasmine, road
  3. girl, lady, woman, man
  4. lecturer, professor, postman, teacher
  5. dollar, pound, rupee, cheque.
  6. milk, tea, bread, coffee.


  1. radio
  2. road
  3. girl
  4. postman
  5. cheque
  6. bread.

MP Board Solutions

Grammer in Use

A. Study these sentences

  1. He had all the old traps mended.
  2. He had all the rats aken away in a day.
  3. Mona had her hair cut in a parlour.

Now write ten meaningful sentences from the table given below.
MP Board Class 7th Special English Chapter 17 The Pied Piper of Hamelin-II 2

  1. He had a table made for his drawing.
  2. He had a chair mended.
  3. He had his clothes washed.
  4. He had his hair cut by a barber.
  5. He had his wound dressed by a doctor.
  6. Rahim had his bicycle repaired.
  7. Rahim had his house whitewashed.
  8. My friend had his house rebuilt in stone.
  9. Rahim had a photograph of his child taken by a friend of his.
  10. My friend had his house cleaned.

B. Rewrite the five sentences given below into passive voice as given in the first example:

Question 1.
The policeman many questions.
I was asked many questions by the policeman.

Question 2.
Hie next day they found the owner of the ring.
The owner of the ring was found (by them) the next day.

Question 3.
He asked me many more questions.
Many more questions were asked of me by him.

Question 4.
He told me it was a very expensive ring.
I was told by him that it was a very expensive ring.

Question 5.
The owner of the ring gave me the reward two days later.
I was given the reward two days later by the owner of the ring.

Let’s Talk

Sit in pairs and talk to each other. One will speak the words of the Mayor and the other will speak the words of the piper – “Mayor would you like to get rid of the rats?”
“Who are you? Why do you ask this silly question?”
“I am the Pied Piper. By means of secret charm, I am able to draw after me all the living things on the earth or in the air.”
“A secret charm? What is it?”
“Don’t bother about it. You can pay me after I have saved you from the rats.”
“You won’t be denied anything you ask for, if you get rid of the rats for us.”
Some more Sentences:
Pied Piper : I shall charge a thousand guilders in cash.
Mayor : Agreed.
Pied Piper : I shall start playing a tune and see its charm
Mayor : It is really a wonder that all sizes of rats have started running out of the houses.
Pied Piper : Now, I shall drown them in river Weser.
Mayor : I wish it were so!
Pied Piper : Now the work is finished. Give me my fee.
Mayor : Well, take this amount of fifty guilders. It is for your petty service.
Pied Piper : You will feel sorry for backing out of your promise.
Mayor : Do you know the result of challenging me?

MP Board Solutions

Let’s Write

Question 1.
Describe in your own words the look and the dress of the Pied Piper.
The Pied Piper was dressed in red and yellow. He had a pipe in his hand. He was very thin. His nose was crooked. His eyes were sharp and blue. He had no beard. He had smiling lips. He looked very strange.

Let’s Do it

This is only an imaginary story. Find out some more such stories from the story books and tell them to your friends.
Class-room Activity

The Pied Piper of Hamelin-II Word Meaning 

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