MP Board Class 7th Special English Solutions Chapter 4 The Wheat is Cheaper-II

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MP Board Class 7th Special English Solutions Chapter 4 The Wheat is Cheaper-II

The Wheat is Cheaper-II Text Book Exercise


A. Answer the questions given below:

Question 1.
Did the merchant cast a doubt on the farmer’s story?
No, the merchant did not cast a doubt on the farmer’s story at all.

Question 2.
How did the farmer make the merchant pay him up?
The farmer made the merchant pay him up by narrating a false story.

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Question 3.
Why did the merchant not object to the farmer’s charge about his father?
The merchant would have to pay the farmer a hundred rupees if he cast a doubt on his story. He was very greedy, \miserly and money minded. By paying fee price of wheat he still saved some money. Therefore he did not object to the farmer’s charge about his father.

Question 4.
Why was he silent during the farmer’s story?
He was silent during the farmer’s story because if he raised objection, he would undergo a loss of money.

Question 5.
Why did the merchant decide to pay the farmer?
The merchant decided to pay the farmer because the price of wheat was lesser than the price of raising the doubt.

Question 6.
How much money did he pay to the farmer?
He paid rupees seventy five to the farmer. It was the price of 75 kilos of wheat.

Question 7.
Who do you think was clever’ the merchant or fee farmer?
The farmer was cleverer of the two.

B. Read the following sentences and tick true or false.

  1. The merchant cast a doubt on the farmer’s story. T / F
  2. The merchant held his tongue.T / F
  3. The farmer had a weak horse with out saddle. T / F
  4. The grains sprouted on the horse back. T / F
  5. The merchant gave him hundred rupees. T / F
  6. The farmer’s story failed to impress the merchant. T / F


  1. False
  2. True
  3. False
  4. True
  5. False
  6. True.

Word Power

A. Fill in the blanks using the words given below:
(Saddle, admired, sore, grain, sprouted, hire, reap, starving, begged, neighbouring, his)

The farmer used to go to the market on………….. horse. The horse had a fine …………… on which he sat. People of the …………. village …………. the horse and its saddle. The farmer’s saddle was torn which caused a …………. on its back. Once there was a storm and a lot of ………….. stuck into the wound. Later the grains of wheat …………. on the horse back. The farmer had to………… about forty men to………… the grain. One day a man came to my father and ………… him to give seventy five kilos of wheat. When my father saw the man…………. he gave him wheat.
his, saddle, neighbouring, admired, sore, grain, sprouted, hire, reap, begged, starving.

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Grammar in Use

A. Frame questions for the following answers using what, when, how, who, why.

Who had a fine horse?
The farmer’s father had a fine horse.

i. ………….
The farmer used to go on his horse to the market.

ii. …………
The farmer found that the horse had a sore on its back.

iii. ………….
He begged him to give him seventy- five kilos of wheat.

iv. …………..
Your father owes seventy kilos of wheat to my father even to this day.

v. ……………
The merchant began running his thumb up and was calculating.

(i) Who used to go on his horse to the market?
(ii) What did the farmer find on the horse’s back.
(iii) Who begged him to give him seventy- five kilos of wheat.
(iv) What does my father owe to your father to this day?
(v) Why did the merchant begin running his thumb up and calculating?

Let’s Talk

Discuss in groups about the famous Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and find answers to the following questions.

  1. Who was Bhagat Singh?
  2. Where was he born?
  3. How did he inspire people?
  4. Why did the British dislike him?
  5. Where was he hanged to death?


  1. Bhagat Singh was a martyr.
  2. He was born at Lyollpur in Punjab (Now in Pakistan).
  3. He inspired the people to make armed struggle.
  4. The British disliked him because he shot dead Saunders and revenged the death of Lala Lajpat Rai.
  5. He also threw a bomb in the Assembly.
  6. He was hanged to death in Delhi.

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Let’s Write

Read the information given in the table and write three sentences about each freedom fighter.
(1) Mahatma Gandhi was a freedom fighter
(2) He was born in Porbandar.
(3) He started Non-violence and Quit India movements.
MP Board Class 7th Special English Chapter 4 The Wheat is Cheaper-II 1
1. Mahatma Gandhi :
Mahatma Gandhi was born at Porbander. He started Non-Violence and Quit India movements. We call him ‘Bapu’. He was the liberator of India.

2. Subhash Chander Bose :
Subhash Chander Bose was born in Cuttack. He gave the slogan “give me blood” I’ll give you freedom, He founded the National Indian Army. He was famous by the name of ‘Netaji’.

3. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru :
Jawaharlal Nehru was born at Allahabad. He was a true congress worker. He was the First Prime Minister of India. The children call him ‘Chacha’ He was the maker of modern India.

4. Mangal Pandey :
Mangal Pandey was born at Ballia. He was the first hero of Indian freedom movement of 1857. He lost his, life for the nation It was a great sacrifice!

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Let’s Do It

Make a list of the names of crops produced by the farmers.
The following is the list of the names of crops produced by the farmers.
Wheat barley, grams, millet, maize, rice

The Wheat is Cheaper-II Word Meanings

Page 22 to 24: Cast – show – दिखाना, Doubt – suspicion – राक, Really – actually – वास्तव में, Interesting – charming – रोचक – seat – काठी, Neighbouring – nearby – पास वाले, Admired – praised – सराहना करना, Sore – wound – घाव, Palm – front part of the hand – हथेली, Caused – brought- about – कारण बनना, Grains – corn – दाने, Sprout – germinate – उगना, Wonder – amazement – आरचर्थ, Reap – harvest – फसल काटना, Lucky – fortunate – भाग्यशाली, Indeed – really – सचमुच, Starving – suffering from hunger – भूखों मरना, Effort – attempt – प्रयत्न, Owes – remains to be paid, payment is due – देनदार, Calculating – counting – हिसाब लगाना, Bargain – transaction, a deal – सौदा

MP Board Class 7th English Solutions

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