MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 1 Bharat Our Land

MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 1 Bharat Our Land

Bharat Our Land Vocabulary and Pronunciation

A. New words are formed by joining two words. They are called compound words.
Examples : Policeman, washer man
Now, write some compound words beginning with ‘any—’ Example : anywhere .
(a) anyhow
(b) anytime
(c) anything,
(d) anyone
(e) anybody.

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B. The poet has used words like ‘Himvant’ and ‘Ganga’, make a list of other words which are not English words in the poem.
(a) Upanishads
(b) Buddha
(c) Bharat
(d) Brahma
(e) Aryan.

C. Notice the difference in the pronunciation of these two words- ‘cease’ and ‘sees’.
Now, pronounce the following words :
MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 1 Bharat Our Land 1
For self attempt.

D. It is not describable to confuse/s/ and /f/ because many words are kept separate only by this difference. You must take special care with these phonemes (sounds). The replacement of /s/ by /f/ gives a bad effect to one’s speech.
Now ,listen,repeat and then write the following words in your notebook
so – show
sock – shock
ass – ash
mess – mesh
sort – short
sigh – shy
see – she
same – shame
For self attempt.

Listening Skill

A. Listen to the poem ‘Sun’ by the same poet Subramaniya Bharati.
See workbook page 2.

B. After listening to the poem recollect and answer the following questions (keep your book closed).

  • What’s the poem about ?
    The poem is about the Almighty God.
  • What are the last two lines of the poem ?
    You foster, you kill.
    You give water, you blow the wind, all good to you.
    If you find any difficulty in answering the above questions, read the poem again.

C. Listen to the lines of the poem ‘Bharat our Land’ and attention to the rhythm :

  • The mighty Himavant is ours.
  • The generous Ganga is ours.
  • The sacred Upanishads are ours.
  • The sunny golden land is ours.

Now say :

  • What are the major objects highlighted in the lines ?
    Himalayas, Ganga, Upanishads, Land. ;
  • Make a list of some words you recall from the poem.
    The Ganga is a holy river. There are four Upanishads. Great Himalayas lie in the north.

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Speaking Skill

A. In the poem ‘Bharat our Land’ the poet praises our country. Getting inspiration from the same, let’s praise the following:

  • ‘Madhya Pradesh-our state’
  • ‘My sweet home’

You may use the following words/phrases : big/small, beautiful,
unique, specialities, memories, other things about it ‘
Do yourself.

B. Life is like a journey. We meet many people in our life. They leave different impressions on us. Speak a few sentences:

  • about a close friend
  • about someone whom you met only once

Do yourself.

Reading Skill

Read the poem carefully and answer the questions given below it.

See Workbook page 9.

Question 1.
What has our motherland given us ?
Our motherland has given us many things such as the mighty Himalayas, the generous Ganga, sunny golden land etc.

Question 2.
Fill in the blanks using the word., from the poem.
The poem is about our ………………
Which saw father and mother ……………. and ……………..
A large number of ……………. lived their ………. lives and
Our mother …………… their words and …………………
(a) country
(b) live, thrive
(c) ancestors, hoary, died
(d) lisped, grew in wisdom.

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Question 3.
Find out words from the poem which mean the following.
(i) grey or white with age/very old ………………..
(ii) absorb ……………….
(iii) speech defect ………………..
(iv) bright/shining ………………….
(i) hoary
(ii) suck
(iii) lisped
(iv) lustrous.

Writing Skill

A. Write a short composition, using the adjectives you have learned in the poem praising your city or place.
I live in Indore, in Madhya Pradesh. It is the place where I was born and grew. It is a historical place. It has a great history. Many great men were born. They made this land known in the world. I love my city and feel proud.

B. Write the poem in prose form you have read in the text.
Begin like this : (150 words)
The Himalayas are our mountains. There is no equal of it on the earth.
It is the source of many rivers such as Ganga, Brahmaputra etc. It is our protector. It protects us from many outer enemies. It also saves us from many unfavourable natural disasters. It brings cloud and rain. It makes the cool breeze blow, rivers and showers flow. We feel proud for having such a grand mountain symbolising our crown. It is the storehouse of a lot of herbs and other resources.

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