MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 4 Past and Present

MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 4 Past and Present

Past and Present Vocabulary and Pronunciation

A. Write antonyms :
(i) never
(ii) day
(iii) heavy
(iv) close
(v) joy
(vi) near
(i) always
(ii) night
(iii) light
(iv) far
(v) sorrow
(vii) far.

B. Learn with the help of a dictionary the different meanings of the following words and use them in your sentences, hardly, hard, light, swing, air

  • Hardly : almost not at all – Ramesh hardly does any work.
  • Hard : firm when touch – The wood is hard.
  • Light : easy to lift – The bag is too light.
  • Swing : to move from side to side while hangong from, fixed
  • point – As he pushed her, she began to swing Higher and higher.
  • Ari : mixture of gases that surrounds the earth and that ; we breathe – We can’t live without air.

C. When should you use “further” and when is it better to say ’farther’? Frame sentences using them.
He further spoke politely.
Your house is farther than mine.

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D. Pronounce the following words carefully :
for, flower, floor, flour, four, fir, fire, fresh, flew, farther.
Do it yourself.

Listening Skill

A. “Listen to the poem and enjoy its rhyme, rhythm and intonation. In the poem ‘The Light of other Day’ the poet Thomas Moore recalls the memories of his previous days :

See workbook page 31-32.
For self attempt.

Speaking Skill

Look at the following picture and describe it orally.

See workbook page 32.

Reading Skill

Read the following poem carefully and answer the questions given below it.

See workbook page 33.

Question 1.
What does the poetess express after the death of her grandmother? Write any two expressions from the poem.
The poetess expresses a feeling of loneliness that has prevailed around her after the death of her grandmother.

Question 2.
Read the poem again and complete the following statements with suitable words.
(a) The eyes of the window are described as blind because ……………..
They are closed.

(b) The air in grandmother’s house is described as frozen because
There is no one in the home.

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Question 3.
The poetess loikes to go back to the grandmother’s house. Why?
Because she had received love there.

Question 4.
Which words/ phrases give you the idea that the poetess wants to be loved ?
The line ‘How often I think of going’ ………………. tell us so.

Question 5.
Find words in the poem which mean the same as the words/ phrases given below :

(a) retracted/ move back from place or situation/pulled out

(b) look closely or carefully at especially when you cannot see it clearly.

(c) without any hope or confidence.

(d) thinking sadly/worrying about something.

Writing Skill

A. Discuss with your elders and write about the pleasures they experienced when they were young.
Do yourself.

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B. Choose any five of the following time expressions to write some interesting event.
until now – for many years
so far – over last few years
lately – in the past few years
recently – since
in recent – years
Recently I visited my friend’s house in Kolkata. For many years he was here in Delhi with me. But now he had been living there over last few years. In the past few months his grandmother was ill. She has not recovered so far. But he took me to the famous places of the city. I visited the Zoo, the Howarah bridge. I enjoyed the true. I stayed there for a week. His father has been posted there since Jan. last.

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