MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 11 Grandpa Fights an Ostrich

MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 11 Grandpa Fights an Ostrich

Grandpa Fights an Ostrich Vocabulary and Pronunciation

A. Match ‘A’ with ‘B’
‘A’ – ‘B’
1. awful – (a) look steadily at Wit h wide open eyes.
2. agressive – (b) to escape – especially by means of a trick.
3. stare – (c) causing great fear
4. elude – (d) often
5. frequently – (e) quick to attack
1. c, 2. e, 3. a, 4. b, 5. d.

B. Refer to a dictionary to find out the grammatical classes of the following words. Write the different forms of the words too.
Example : splendour (noun), splendid (adjective), splendidly (adverb)
MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 11 Grandpa Fights an Ostrich 1

c. Distinguish between the following words given in pairs. . during and for, great and big, ‘as well as’ and ‘as’, forward and centre (in sports).

Listening Skills

Listen to the following sentences. Pay attention to the tones. See workbook page 81,
For self attempt.

Speaking Skill

You have been to a national park. Now narrate the events right , from your preparations to the completion of it.

See workbook page 81.

For self attempt

Reading Skill

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

See workbook page 82.

Question 1.
Answer these questions in brief :

(a) Haw was the writer driven to the shore ?
A raging wave drove the writer to the shore.

(b) When the wave left him on the shore, how could he rescue himself ?
Seeing himself nearer the mainland, the writer got upon his feet and endeavored to make on towards the land as fast as he could.

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(c) Write any two efforts by which he saved himself.
He hold his breath and raised himself upon water. He held his hold till the wave aboled and ran towards the mainland.

Question 2.
Pick out the words from the passage which have following meanings.
(a) An attempt to do something especially something new or difficult
(b) To keep a particular quality, feature etc
(c) Climbed or moved with difficulty or a lot of effort
(d) Diminished
(a) endeavore
(b) preserre
(c) clambered
(d) abated.

Language Practice (Grammar)

A. Study these sentences.

See workbook pages 83-85

Fill in the blanks with appropriate connectors given in brackets :
1. She is ………….a nurse nor a doctor, ………………(neither, either)
2. She may go either to Mumbai ……………… Agra, (or, nor)
3. He is poor…………….he deserves help, (as, as, so ,that)
4. The patient had died ………. the doctor arrived, (before,than)
5. Nitin is richer…………… his brother Pankaj. (as, than)

  1. neither
  2. or
  3. so,that,
  4. before
  5. than.

Join these sentences with suitable connectors :

Question 1.
We opened the cage. The bird flew away.
As we opened the cage the bird flew away.

Question 2.
The elephant can raise heavy logs. It is strong.
The elephant is so strong that it can raise heavy logs.

Question 3.
Will you lend me your book ? I have lost mine.
Will you lend me your book because I have lost mine.

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Question 4.
I went home. I knocked at the door.
I went home and knocked at the door.

Question 5.
Neha failed. She worked hard.
Neha failed in spirit of her hard work.

Question 6.
Sonu took a taxi. It was raining.
Since it was raining Sonu took a taxi.

Question 7.
We ran all the way. We were late for school.
We ran all the way because we were late for school.

Writing Skill

A. Talk to some elderly person who has retired an active profession. Find out his daily routine. Then write a paragraph on ‘A’ memorable say in his life. (50 words)
Last week I met Mr. Mehra my new neighbour. I talked to him for long. He told me that life is full of obstacles. Everyone has to encounter a dangerous situation some time or the other. Those who get nervous have to pay through the nose. One should learn from one’s own and other’s experiences not to lose heart but show hit wit and manliness at such times. One must always remain prepared for the worst. He told me an interesting story one day he had picked up five oranges from a cart. His pockets were bulging with them. A policeman. In the meanwhile. He ate the oranges with fibre, barks and pips. The policemen arrived. They found no evidence against I me. They released him with a cheerful face. A thief’s experience had helped him. It was a memorable day in his life.

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B. Imagine: You went by ship to Lakshadweep with your friends. A storm drifts your ship to an known island. Write about your adventurous journey. (150 words)
Once I had been to Lakshadweep with my friends. It was an adventurous moment of my life. We went by ship. We started in a pleasant weather condition. But just after a few km in the sea we saw that the situation of a storm was rising. Suddenly it grew dark and a huge storm in the sea arise. First it was no so terrible s but sonn its speed was alarming our ship lost its way and was drafted to some unknown direction. We lost our way and also the hope of our life. However after struggling for two days we came to an unknown island. It was not inhabited. We were a bit relaxed. Now then was the problem of food and drinkable water which we had no more with. We were searched to eat anything there. The storm cooled down the next day luckily and we made our way to a safe destination. At last we were safe. It was an unforgettable experience.

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