MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 5 Dead Man’s Riddle

MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 5 Dead Man’s Riddle

Dead Man’s Riddle VocabuIary and Pronunciation

A. The adverbs ‘often’ means ‘many times’ and ‘in many cases’ also. Now use the word ‘often’ in different sentences.

  • I often go to my friends house.
  • I often wondered what happened to him.
  • I meet him quite often.
  • We should meet for lunch more often.
  • Children arc often afraid of dogs.

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B. Use these words in your sentences.
rarely, hardly, ever, seldom, occasionally, sometimes, often,frequently, usually, nearly, always, never.

  • Rarely : He rarely come to my home.
  • Hardly : Ramesh hardly does his work.
  • Ever: I ever get tired.
  • Seldom : Ram seldom cook food.
  • Occasionally : I occasionally go to the temple.
  • Sometimes : Her mood ‘varies sometimes it is good and sometimes had.
  • Often : I often visit parks.
  • Frequently : My friend frequently come to me.
  • Usually : Usually we live together.
  • Nearly : He was nearly to drown but was save luckily.
  • Always : I always do my work punctually.
  • Never : My sister never tells a lie.

C. The Words ‘oft’ means ‘often’. list some more words of this type. Example ‘lo’ means ‘look’.
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D. Often there are many silent letters in the spellings of English words. Here are some such words. Practise saying them, debt, hard, walk, autumn, bomb, curd
Now, write some more words like these and pronounce them.
Thumb, Talk, Listen, Honour, Comb, Write.

E. Cross the silent letters in the following words, osalm, night, writer, short, listen
o, ht, w, i t.

Listening Skill

Listen to the passage which inform the ways of invitations. How do Canadians and Americans invite their friends for a cup of coffee or dinner?

See workbook page 37-38

Divide the class into two groups. Ask each group alternatively. What do we say :

  • When we depart.
  • When somebody invites us for a dinner at his home.
  • When you refuse an invitation, politely.
  • When you request your friends to join your birthday party at your residence.
  • When you make apologies tor some slips.
  • When you greet your acquaintance on the occasion of new year.

Do yourself.

Speaking Skill

You have heard that, in olden days, people Used to settle their disputes in Panchayats. Just talk, how did they do it. Discuss with your tends about the life of people some hundred years ago, on the basis of following questions :

See workbook page 39.

For self practice

Reading Skill

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

See workbook page 39 – 40

Question 1.
Why did Mullah hate his neighbour’s dog ? Give two reasons.

  • The dog enjoyed howling without any reason,
  • It often broke into fits of barking after midnight.

Question 2.
Why did Mullah wake up after midnight ? Mention the reason.

  • The neighbour’s dog began to bark.
  • The dog’s barking disturbed him in his sleep.

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Question 3.
Mullah got up in rage. How did he treat the dog.
He picked up his walking stick and began to beat the dog severely.

Question 4.
What happened after the first blow to the dog ?
At the first blow the dog let out a very loud howl and started jumping and barking at the top of its voice.

Question 5.
How did the master of the dog react ?
The master of the dog should at Mullah angrily. He told him to stop beating the dog.

Question 6.
How did the master of the dog intend to take his revenge?
If Mullah hit the dog’s back, the master would break his (Mullah’s) back and if he break the dog’s leg, he would break (Mullah’s) leg.

Question 7.
How did Mullah reply innocently ?
He would hit only the dog’s tail.

Question 8.
Pick out the words/phrases from the passage which mean the same
(a) very bad or unpleasant
(b) a sudden attack of an illness/ a short period of very strong feeling
(c) a feeling of violent anger that is difficult to control
(d) made somebody slightly angry,
(e) replied quickly to a comment; in an angry, offended or humorous way……
(a) nasty
(b) temper
(c) break into fits
(d) temper
(e) retorted.

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Language Practice (Grammar)

A. Study these sentences.

See workbook page 41-42.

Rewrite the following sentences changing the degrees of comparison as indicated :

Question 1.
Forgiveness is the noblest form of revenge.(Positive)
Forgiveness is a noble form of revenge.

Question 2.
Quinine is best of all medicines of Malaria (comparative)
Quinine is a better medicine of Malaria.

Question 3.
A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.(positive)
A wise enemy is good.

Question 4.
A bird can’s fly so fast as an aeroplane. (comparative)
A bird cant fly faster than an aeroplane.

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Question 5.
Nitin Is biler than Pankaj. (positive)
Nitin is a tall.

Question 6.
Gold is one of the heaviest of metals. (positive)
Gold is a heavy metal.

Question 7.
Very few countries are as hot as India. (comparative)
Very few countries are hotter then India.

Verbs, Verb Patterns and Medals

B. Study these sentences.

See workbook page 43 – 44.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate modal verbs.
I. You have the money next week. (promise)
2. 1 punish you if you don’t behave yourself. (threat)
3. You do as you are told. (obligation)
4. I told him that he to do it, so he did it. (duty)
S I borrow your pen ? (permission)
6. Your father be nearly eighty now. (likelihood)
7. It rain tomorrow. (possibility)

  1. shall
  2. will
  3. should
  4. has
  5. may
  6. may
  7. may.

writing Skill

A. You are the Sarpanch of a village. Prepare a notice for the villagers to attend the meating of the panchayat regarding the
dispute on a property. Give time and date for the assembly. (50 words)

Office Of The Sarpanch
Gram Panchayat Abc

All the villagers are notified to assemble in the Panchayat office at 3 pm on 25 Aug 2008 for the hearing and final decision on the dispute of Property of Mr. Rajiv Singh and brothers.

Satendra Pal Singh
Sarpanch .

B. Write a dramatic presentation of the story told by the sarpanch Som Gowda. (150 words)
I am the Sarpanch of my village. Once there was disagreement in the division of property of a certain family. I could not make the brothers agree to the division. Therefore, I had to till them the story of a rich man. The rich man left the will that his seventeen horses should be distributed among his three sons. The elder son would get one-half of them. The second son would get two-third of the remaining horses. The young son would get two- third horses which still remained to be divided. This, division should be made only by killing two horses. The dead man’s friend made his own horse stand along with the seventeen horses. Now the horses were divided without killing any horse. It was the magical solution of the riddle.

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