MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 6 Arise, Awake

MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 6 Arise, Awake

Arise, Awake Vocabulary and Pronunciation

A.The word ‘let’ is used for different purpose like request, offering help, making suggestions, wishing etc. Keeping in view the purpose, use it in sentences.

  • Let (request) : Let me have your report by Thursday.
  • Let (offering help) : Let me do this work.
  • Let (making suggestions) : Let’s go to the park.
  • Let (wishing) : Let the child regain his health.

B. The word ‘misery’ has different synonyms. Use different synonyms in sentences of your own. Example : She was in great distress after the attack.

  • The evil of poverty has not removed as yet.
  • That man is facing untold sufferings.
  • She always looks unhappy.
  • People suffer many hardships.

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C. Mark if these words are stressed on the first or second syllables then listen, check and practise them. arise, every, enough, forward, fearless, hundred, about, repay, sister, hopeless;
Do yourself.

Listening Skill

A. Being a citizen we think of our country very often.
What are your dreams about your motherland?
Request your teacher to explain you the following points : my motherland
cultural and traditional elements moral values Indian spiritualism geographical features
A notion devoted for peace and prosperity in the world.
For self attempt.

Speaking Skill

A. Work in pairs. Student ‘A’ will ask a question and student ‘B’ will respond to it choosing the correct one from the alternatives given.

A : What was the name of Swami Vivekananda in his childhood?
B : Mahendra/ Narendra/ Surendra

A : Who was his spiritual teacher ?
B : Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans/ Swami Dayananda/ Swami Ramtirtha.
Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa.

A : Do you think that Swami Vivekananda went to many a saints before becoming the disciple of His Guru?
B : No. I don’t/ I’m doubtful/ Yes, I do.
No, I don’s.

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A : It is said that when Swami Vivekananda first met his Guru he asked him a strange question. What was it?
B : Do you know me?/ Have you ever seen God?/ Have you learn to meditate?
Have you ever seen God.

A : What’s that place where Swami Vivekananda delivered his famous and historic speech?
B : Chicago/ Washington/ Tokyo

B. After completing the above exercise say a few sentences about Swami Vivekanad.
Do yourself.

Reading Skill

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

See workbook page 48.

Question 1.
On the basis of your reading of the above passage, complete the following statements. Write your answers in the given blank space.
(a) Mankind has strived for peace because
We are aware that we can thrive only-where there is peace all around?

(b) War in the mane of religion can only dead to
More hatred and more wars.

(c) Human suffering is often caused by…
Just a handful of people because of their brutal interpretation of religions.

(d) Man has turned the world into
A theatre of war.

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Question 2.
Answer the following questions briefly. Write answers in the space given.

(a) Why do we need peace?
We need peace because we are aware that it is only peace that can bring prosperity in our life.

(b) Peace loving people don’t believe in harming anyone. Yet, what is done in their name.
Yet, in their name armies are raised, armament are Sold, war crise sounded and people killed en masse.

Question 3.
Find words in the passage which mean the same as the words/ phrases given below. Write your answer in the given blank space.
(a) that has existed for longer than people can remember.
(b) to spread an idea/ a belief or a piece of information among many people
(c) altogether/usually in large numbers
(d) to become and continue to be successful/ strong/ healthy.
(a) immemorial
(b) propagate
(c) majority
(d) thrive.

Language Practice (Grammar)

Future time reference

A. Study these sentences.

See workbook page 49-50.

Now, construct sentences denoting future time using the following:
can, may, going to+ infinitive, if, should, am, is, are

  • I can help you if you meet me again.
  • You may take here if you like.
  • I am going to Kolkata in the next week.
  • I am not interested in the even if you force me.
  • They are going to meet the CM if they get permission.


1. When we are simple giving information about the future, or talking about possible future events which are not already decided or obviously on the way, we usually use will (or 1/ we shall) + infinitive.

See workbook pages 50-52.

Now, erwrite the sentences using ‘going to’.

Question 1.
The educational institutes of Madhya Pradesh open in July.
The educational institutes of Madhya Pradesh are going to open in July.

Question 2.
Neha spends her next summer holidays in Ujjain.
Neha is going to spend her next summer holidays in Ujjain.

Question 3.
You were meeting him the next day.
You were going to meet him the next day.

Question 4.
The meeting was to be held the following week.
The meeting is going to be held the following week.

Question 5.
He is certain to address the meeting.
He is going to address the meeting.

Question 6.
They are to be married soon.
They are going to be married soon.

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Question 7.
I was meeting him in Mumbai the next day.
I was going to meet him in Mumbai the next day.

Writing Skill

A. In the light of this lesson prepare a patriotic speech to be delivered by you. (50 words)
Our country is great. I love my country. It had been the ‘world guru’ since its inception. It is known for its unity in diversity. Right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari there are a lot of customs, religions, festivals, languages etc. Still India is one with its national spirits. It has one National Song, one national flag, and one constitution. I feel proud to be a citizen of this country.

B. Write a composition on ‘Service to Humanity is the worship of God’. (150 words)
Man is the supreme creation of God. God has bestowed all his blessings to man. So man rules the word. But there are two aspects of life. One is good and the other is evil. Evil always hindes the.path of good. We should protect our self from evil. So the worship to god is the ultimate way to achieve peace of life. Humanity is a virtue of human being. It makes us love to other creatures. Noble virtues like love, compassion, sympathy, honesty, truth etc. are the human qualities. We must have kindness. We must serve humanity. It is the worship to God.

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