MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 18 The Never – Never Nest

MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 18 The Never –  Never Nest

The Never – Never Nest Textual Exercises

The Never – Never Nest Vocabulary

A. Supply a context of your own in which the following expressions take place naturally :

  1. I think it’s wonderful.
  2. But that’s absurd!
  3. I’m afraid we can’t
  4. Oh, that easy.
  5. It’s very nice of you.


1. Sham: Look at my collection of books, Sonu.
Sonu: I think it’s wonderful, Sham.

2. Ram: Rajni beat her son mercilessly.
Mudit: But that’s absurd.

3. Mohan: Would you help me in stealing this car?
Nihal: I’m afraid we can’t…..

4. Kamal: Could you give me a lift on your scooter?
Dalip: Oh, that’s easy.

5. Mukul: Take this cup of tea, uncle.
Uncle: It’s very mice of you.

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B. Rewrite the following sentences using a word, from the text* in place of the word or Words in bold type :

  1. I had to spend Rs. 5000 on the purchase of cots, tables, chairs and cup boards.
  2. One must learn the
  3. habit of careful spending and save some money every month.
  4. Aunt Jane never owed any money to any one in her life, her principle was ‘cash down.
  5. You have a warm and comfortable place, though it is expensive. i
  6. He looks at the cheque and speaks loudly and suddenly, because of surprise, Ten Pounds 


  1. furniture
  2. economy
  3. motto
  4. cost
  5. phew.

C. Write synonyms of the following words :
Villa, mice, angry, expect, infant.
MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 18 The Never – Never Nest 1

D. Pronounce the following words carefully and notice the difference in, their pronounciation.
Bye, Boy, By, Bay, Brie, Buy, Bye-Byes, Byre.
Note the following difference in the pronounciation of die words given below
MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 18 The Never – Never Nest 2


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A. Answer each of the following questions in about 25 words.

Question 1.
Describe Jill’s house and the things that charmed Aunt Jane.
Jill’s house was a Villa at New Hampstead. It had a charming lounge. Writing material was placed on a table. There were two chairs in it. It was curtained. A cosy little room and pretty furniture charmed Aunt Jane. She called the car, piano, refrigerator and the radio wonderful.

Question 2.
What made Aunt Jane worried about her gift cheque?
Jack told Aunt Jane that they owe everything wonderful to her. Aunt Jane had given Jack a wedding present of two hundred pounds. She realises her mistake. Her short amount enabled Jack to purchase so many items. They could buy more items if she had given them a cheque of two thousand rupees. It made Aunt Jane worried about her gift cheque.

Question 3.
What arguments did Jack give in support of purchasing the house and other things on installment basis?
Jack had purchased the house and other things on installment basis. It was uneconomic to go on paying rent every year. He could buy and enjoy a home of his own for ten pounds. One should not remain a tenant for long. Jack could never buy a car cash down. After paying five pounds down he was enjoying all the pleasures of motoring. The rest of the money he could pay by easy installments. The payment for other items will also be made on installments out of his personal loan.

Question 4.
Why did Aunt Jane finally refuse to sit oh the furniture?
Aunt Jane sank weakly in die chair. She realized that she was sitting on Mr. Sage’s piece. She leapt to her feet and shrieked. Jack thought she desired to lie down. She declared that she had no intention to lie in a bed that belonged to somebody else. The furniture, in her opinion belonged to Mr. Sage or Markes and Spencer or some body else.

B. Answer each of the following questions in about 50 words.

Question 1.
What easy sources did Jack speak about to Aunt Jane to repay installments?
Aunt Jane was stunned to learn that Jack was not a tenant. He was the sole owner of the house. He had owned the house after paying ten pounds. He would pay the remaining amount in a few quarterly payments. He would be getting increments in salary. He had owned the car after paying five pounds. He would pay the rest by easy installments. His installments over reached his income.Therefore, he took easy loan from Thrift and Providence Trust Corporation. It would enable him to pay the entire amount of installments.

Question 2.
Discuss the disadvantages of purchase on installments.
Cut your coat according to your cloth is the ideal way of living. A debtor does not get peace of mind of even sound sleep at night. Loan, taken from anybody, even from your father has evil results. Poverty is the worst curse on earth. ‘It forces one to take loans. Take loan and bemoan’ is an apt saying. There are some foolish people who purchase unnecessary items on installments. The creditors tap at their doors at all times. They utter silly and abusive remarks. They threaten them to take up the matter with the court. They rob them of their honour. They have to hide their faces in shame. Therefore, cash down purchases are the best purchases.

Question 3.
Who is the real owner of the house and other things till the payment of all installments? Why do you think so?
The loan giving as agencies or persons keep the relevant documents in their custody. They release the loan only when somebody stands guarantee for the debtor. They also assess his paying capacity. The debtor is bound to clear all the installments within the agreed period- of time. If the debtor plays mischief and fails to pay the amount of the installments, he is dragged into the court. His house and other things are confiscated. The sole reason behind this is that the loan-giving agency is the real owner of the house and other things till full and final payment is made.

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A. Study the following Sentences from a conversation.

Jill: What do you think of our little nest, Aunt Jane?
Aunt Jane: It’s wonderful, really wonderful!
Jill: What on earth made you think of that?
Aunt Jane: Doesn’t it cost a great deal for rent?
We can give the exact meaning without using the speaker’s words.

  • Jill asked Aunt Jane what she thought of their little nest.
  • Aunt Jane exclaimed that it was really very wonderful.
  • Jill asked what on earth she had made think of that.
  • Aunt Jane asked if it did not cost a great deal for that.

Now give the exact meaning of the following without using the speaker’s words.

  1. Aunt Jane: How can you pay seven pounds eight and eight pence out of six pounds?
  2. Jack: Aunt Jane! Is anything the matter? –
  3. Jack: We can pay off the next two months on the car with that.
  4. Jill: There! You are going to be angry with me.
  5. Aunt Jane: How do you propose to pay that back?
  6. Jill: Oh, must you really go?
  7. Jack: Why waste good money on the doctor?


  1. Aunt Jane asked Jack how he could pay seven pounds eight and eight pence out of six pounds.
  2. Jack asked Aunt Jane if anything was the matter.
  3. Jack told Jill that they could pay off the next two months on the car with that.
  4. Jill told her husband that he was going to be angry with her (if she fold him about Dr. Martin’s bill.
  5. Aunt Jane asked Jill and Jack how they proposed to pay that back.
  6. Jill asked Aunt Jane in surprise if she must really go.
  7. Jack asked Jill why she (they) should waste good money on the doctor.

Speaking Activity

A. Enact a scene where two persons are planning to mitigate a loan purchasing house.
B. Enact a scene showing facilities and furniture provided in your newly constructed house to your friends.
C. Express your own views on borrowing books from friends.
D. If you get a chance to go abroad for higher studies and You take a loan. How will you repay it?
Do it yourself.

Writing Activity

A. Write a letter to your cousin telling him/her the consequences of pretense.
V&P.O. Barwala
North Delhi
18th October, 2007

Dear Peeyush,

In my present letter, I shall tell you about the consequences of pretence.

I needed coaching in English and Mathematics badly. I had secured low percentage of marks in them. I requested my parents to j give me rupees one thousand. I told them that I would attend coaching classes every evening in the nearby town. They gave me the money willingly.

I spent the money in hotels and seeing films. I misled my parents. Somehow they came to know the truth. They gave me a severe beating.

Rest when we meet.

Yours sincerely,
Deepesh Bhardwaj.

MP Board Solutions

B. Elaborate ‘cut your coat according to your cloth’.
Success in life requires proper planning. One should avoid hasty action. Sometimes the goal seems to be so attractive that one leaps. The result is failure. Every work is beset with problems. These can be overcome with proper planning. We can plan properly if we  think before acting. There are many persons whose income is quite small but their expenditure far outweighs their income. They have to sell their jewellery o, even house.

That is unwise. One must spend within one’s means. Be Towing and begging degrade one in the eyes of others. Some people buy items of luxury – car, house, freezer, j washing machine, TV set, a mobile phone etc. and fail to pay the instalments. They are summoned in court and are sent on remand in police custody It spoils their show. Therefore, always cut your j coat according to your cloth.

Think it over

A. What difficulties arise where a man spends more than what he earns?
Some people earn less and spend more. They have to beg, borrow or steal. All of these are evil practices. One who begs is humiliated. One who borrows loses his self-respect. One who steals is punished by law. Everybody hates such a person. Even his relatives do not entertain him. The peace in his family is also disrupted.

B. Borrowing is easier than paying. Ponder.
A poor man is forced to borrow under compulsion. He has to pledge.his house or ornaments. He has to pay high rate of interest. Therefore, he finds himself unable to make payment of the loan. It is very difficult to make both ends meet now-a-days. One cannot save money to repay the loan. Therefore, borrowing is easier than paying.

Things to do

Go to different banks and enquire about loan facility for buying a motorcycle and convince your parents for buying a new bike.
I was badly in need of a motor cycle. My parents were unable to spend fifty thousand rupees. Therefore, I went to SBI, PNB, OBC, Andhra Bank and Dena Bank. I enquired about loan facilities for buying a motorcycle from every bank. I was told that loan could be granted to me on the following conditions.

I would give an undertaking to repay the loan within the agreed period. Some person, known to the bank must stand guarantee for me.

I would submit the proof of residence and the necessary documents with the bank. I convinced the bank authorities and my father and took the required loan.

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The Never – Never Nest Additional Questions

Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
Give the qualities of Aunt Jane.
Aunt Jane is a woman of aesthetic taste. She is all praise  for Jack’s furnished house. She is a calculating type of woman. She understood the whole matter. She knew it well that Jack was a low- paid fellow. He was not in a position to maintain a car, a radio, a refrigerator and a piano. When she learnt that all the items were owned on credit she shrieked. She was in favour of cash down purchases. She had no desire to use items not belonging to Jill

Question 2.
What are the qualities of Jill?
Jill is Jack’s wife. She takes pleasure in showing her furnished lounge to Aunt Jane. She takes pride in listening to the radio while cooking. She wished Aunt Jane to appreciate her nest. She was grateful to Aunt Jane for her cheque. She took pride in. possessing the car. She least bothered about the manner of making payment. She called the pleasures of motoring a blessing. She knew it well t that nothing really belonged to her yet she was showy. She spends the money in her own way. She has her own preferences.

Question 3.
What are the qualities of Jack?
Jack takes pleasure in owning a house, a car a radio, a refrigerator and a piano. He is in favour of being an owner, rather than a tenant. He knows the practical difficulties of renting a house. He feels obliged to Aunt Jane for giving them a cheque of two hundred pounds. He pays more amount in installments than he gets as salary  He is overburdened with loan. He has borrowed money even from the Thrift and Providence Trust Corporation. He is not in favour of wasting money on doctors.

Question 4.
What is the role of the nurse in this lesson?
The nurse plays quite a marginal role in this lesson. She has little contribution in the one act play. She presents herself when Jack has gone to leave Aunt Jane at the bus stop. She has to look after the baby Jill asks her to post her letter. The nurse obeys her.

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Long Answer Type Question

Question 1.
Why did Aunt Jane want to go home? How did she depart ? from Jack and Jill?
Aunt Jane was a woman of character and principles. She always bought things cash down. She was offended by the wasteful living of Jack. He did not save any penny for a rainy day. He spent and spent over and above his means to maintain his false show. He did not lead a simple life keeping in view his low salary He found glory in taking things on loan.

She found it humiliating to sit on a borrowed chair or going by a borrowed car. Therefore, she wanted to go home. She kissed Jill good bye. She advised them to purchase everything against cash payment. She advised then to purchase every thing against cash payment. She handed a little cheque to Jill. She asked her to pay off one of their bills with it. Then she departed.

The Never – Never Nest Summary in english

The scene opens in the lounge of Jack and Jill’s villa at Hampstead. A table and two chairs are. lying there. Jack, Jill (his wife) and Aunt Jane (a relative) enter the lounge. Aunt Jane feels delighted on seeing the cost little room and pretty furniture. Jack called his lounge a handy place. Jill enjoys listening to the radio while she cooks.

Aunt Jane fell in wonder. She saw good furniture, a car, a piano, a refrigerator and the radio in -their little nest (house). Jack told her that they owed that to her. She had sent them a cheque of two hundred pounds for their wedding present. Aunt Jane thought that the rent of the house must be very heavy. Jack told her that they were the owners of the house. They had paid just ten pounds and it was theirs. They would pay the balance in quarterly installments. He doesn’t mind it since he gets periodical rises in his salary.

Jack told her that they had also purchased the car on installments. They could enjoy all the pleasures of motoring. They had also purchased the radio, the piano and the furniture on installments from Mr. Sage. Aunt Jane refused to sit on the chair which did not fully belong to them.

Jack told Aunt Jane that they paid seven pounds eight and eight pence a week. Jack earned only six pounds a week. They had borrowed enough, money from the Thrift and Providence Trust Corporation. They would return the same in installments. Aunt Jane shrieked and desired to go. She refused to be driven in a car which did not belong, to them. She wanted them to purchase everything cash down like her. She gave the cheque of ten pounds to Jill to pay off one of the bills. Jack went out to leave Aunt Jane.

Jill addressed an envelope to Dr. Martin. It contained the bill and the cheque; It would be an instalment for the baby. She had sent the nurse to post it. Jack was sorry. He failed to utilise the cheque in paying off the next two months on the car.

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The Never – Never Nest Summary in Hindi

हैम्पस्टैड वाले जैक और जिल के ग्राम्य-गृह के लाउन्ज में नाटक का दृश्य प्रारम्भ होता है। वहाँ एक मेज और दो कुर्सियाँ पड़ी हैं। जैक, जिल (उसकी पत्नी) और आंट जैनी (एक सम्बन्धी) लाउन्ज में प्रवेश करते हैं। आरामदायक छोटे कमरे और सुन्दर फर्नीचर को देखकर आंट जैनी आनन्दित हो जाती है। जैक ने अपनी लाउन्ज को सुविधाजनक बताया। भोजन पकाते समय जिल, रेडियो सुनने का आनन्द लेती है। . आंट जैनी आश्चर्य में पड़ गई। उसने उनके छोटे घोंसले (घर) में बढ़िया फर्नीचर, कार, पियानो, फ्रिज और रेडियो देखा।

जैक ने उसे बताया कि वे सभी चीजें उसी की बदौलत हैं। उसने उनके विवाह में उपहार के रूप में दो सौ पौण्ड का चैक भेजा था। आंट जैनी ने सोचा कि मकान का किराया बहुत ज्यादा होगा। जैक ने उसे बताया कि वे मकान के मालिक हैं। उन्होंने केवल दस पौण्ड दिए थे और मकान उनका हो गया था। वे बकाया धनराशि का त्रैमासिक किस्तों में भुगतान कर देंगे। उसे इस बात की चिन्ता नहीं है क्योंकि समय-समय पर उसके वेतन में वृद्धि हो जाती है। जैक ने उसे बताया कि उन्होंने कार को भी किस्तों पर खरीदा हुआ था।

वे सवारी करने का समूचा आनन्द ले सकते हैं। उन्होंने मि. सेज से रेडियो, पियानो तथा फर्नीचर भी किस्तों पर ले रखे हैं। आंट जैनी ने उस कुर्सी पर बैठने से मना कर दिया जो पूरी तरह से उनकी नहीं थी। जैक ने आंट जैनी को बताया कि वे प्रति सप्ताह केवल सात-आठ पौण्ड और आठ पैंस की अदायगी करते हैं। जैक, प्रति सप्ताह केवल छह पौण्ड कमाता था। उन्होंने थ्रिफ्ट और प्रोविडेन्स ट्रस्ट कार्पोरेशन से काफी धनराशि उधार ले रखी थी। वे उसे किस्तों में लौटा देंगे, आंट जैनी चीख पड़ी और उसने वहाँ से जाने की इच्छा प्रकट की।

उसने उस कार में ले जाए जाने से मना कर दिया जो उनकी नहीं थी। वह चाहती थी कि उसकी तरह वे भी हर वस्तु को नकद खरीदें। उसने बिल का भुगतान करने के लिए जिल को दस पौण्ड का चैक दिया। जैक, आंट जैनी को छोड़ने बाहर चला गया। जिल ने डॉक्टर मार्टिन का एक लिफाफे के ऊपर पता लिखा। उसके भीतर बिल और चैक था। यह बच्चे की किस्त होगी। उसने नर्स को उसे डाक में डालने के लिए कहा। जैक को अफसोस हुआ। वह कार की अगले दो महीनों की किस्तों को चुकाने में चैक का प्रयोग करने में निष्फल रहा।

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The Never –  Never Nest Word Meanings

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