MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 1 Bharat Our Land

MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 1 Bharat Our Land

Bharat Our Land Textual Exercises

Bharat Our Land Vocabulary

A. Match the following.
1. Gallant – (a) Upanishads
2. cowardly – (b) antiquity
3. golden – (c) warriors
4. sacred – (d) land
5. hoary – (e) indifference,
1. (c), 2. (e), 3. (d), A. (a), 5. (b).

B. Find out from the poem the words which mean
1. equal to or better than another in strength.
2. having bright sunlight.
3. to speak of with admiration and approval.
4. showing a dishonourable lack of courage.
5. the state of being poor.

  1. peerless
  2. sunny golden
  3. praise
  4. cowardly indifference
  5. poverty.

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C. Notice how the letter ‘s’ is pronounced Is /or / z/ in the following words.
cups – ‘s’
dogs – ‘z’

Now pronounce the following words carefully :
MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 1 Bharat Our Land 1


A. Read the first stanza of the poem given below and answer the questions.

The mighty Himavant is ours –
there’s no equal anywhere on earth.
The generous Ganga is ours –
which other river can match her grace?
The sacred Upanishads are ours –
what scriptures else to name with them?
This sunny golden land is ours –
she’s peerless, let’s praise her!

Questions :
1. The sunny golden land of India makes it unique. Name two such things that make India unique.
2. The poet describes the Ganga as ‘generous.’ Suggest two more adjectives that can be used with the Ganga.
3. Name atleast two other holy scriptures of India.
1. The mighty Himavant (Himalayas) and the generous Ganga make India unique.
2. The adjectives ‘holy’ and ‘graceful’ can be used with the Ganga.
3. The Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Srimad-Bhagvad Gita are the holy scriptures of India.

B.Read the second stanza of the poem given below and answer. the questions.

Gallant warriors have lived here,
many a sage has sanctified this land.
The divinest music has been heard here,
and here all auspicious things are found.
Here Brahma-knowledge has taken root,
and the Buddha preached his dhamma here.
Of hoary antiquity is Bharat,
She’s peerless, let’s praise her !

1. What is the contribution of the brave and the sages to this country?
2. What is the root of Indian philosophy and culture?
1. The brave people have proved to be gallant warriors.
The sages have purified (sanctified) Bharat, our land.
2. The Brahma knowledge (knowledge or experience of Brahma, the supreme reality) is the root of Indian philosophy and culture.

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C. Read the third stanza of the poem given below and answer the questions.

Danger shall not scare us any longer,
and poverty shall not sear our souls.
Self-interest shan’t drive us to meanness,
and cowardly indiff’rence shall cease for ever.
Here our land overflows with milk and honey,
and perennial is the supply of fruit and corn.
Ours is the famed Aryan land of Bharat:
she’s peerless, let’s praise her !

Questions :
1. Find out the lines that express the idea of abundance of milk, honey, fruits and grain.
2. What negative qualities have we removed from us?
3. Name two specialities which made Bharat unique and famous.
1. The following lines express the idea of abundance of milk, honey, fruits and grain.
‘Here our land overflows with milk and honey.1 and perennial is the supply of fruit .and corn.
Lines 5 and 6 of the above stanza express the idea of abundance of milk, honey, fruits and grain.
2. We have removed the negative qualities of danger, poverty, self-interest and cowardly indifference from us.
3. Abundance of food grains, fruits and potables and absence of danger, poverty etc. (are the specialities which) have made Bharat unique and famous.

Speaking Activity

A. Work in pair. One of the two students will say the following words from the poem and the other repeats the same along with the additional words as given in the text :
MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 1 Bharat Our Land 2

  1. the generous Ganga
  2. the sacred upanishads
  3. the sunny golden land
  4. gallent warriors
  5. the divinest music.

B. Make two groups in the class. Group one will ask questions by rearranging the words given in column A and group two will respond as the example given.
MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 1 Bharat Our Land 3

  1. Where is the Ganga? – The generous Ganga is in Bharat.
  2. What are the Upanishads? – The Upanishads are our sacred scriptures (religious texts).
  3. What music has been heard – The divinest music, has been here? heard here.
  4. Who lived here? – Gallant warriors lived here.

C. We are proud of our motherland. Say a few sentences in praise of Bharat. Some of the clues are given below :

  1. vast land
  2. from Kashmir to Kanyakumari
  3. beautiful land
  4. culture and civilization
  5. unity in diversity
  6. great rivers and mountains.
  7. great personalities.
  8. scientific achievements.

Our Bharat.
Bharat is a vast and beautiful land. It extends from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. It has preserved the ancient Aryan culture and civilization. There are numerous religions, sects, castes and languages here. In spite of that there is perfect unity in diversity here. It is the land of sacred rivers and mighty mountains. Many saints, philosophers and scholars have taken birth in India. The Indians have made many achievements in the fields of science and technology. We are proud of our beloved Bharat.

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Writing Activity

A. Write a letter to your pen friend, living in another country, describing the Indian culture. (50 words)
67/2 (Block C-19)
S.P. Mukharji Park,
New Delhi-110018
15 June, 2007
Dear Michael,
In my present letter, I am telling you about our (Indian) culture. The whole of South-East Asia received its culture from India. Buddhism in the product of India. It has influenced many civilizations of China, Japan, Korea and Tibet. We follow the ancient Indian religious literature. We believe in truth and non-violence. We respect our elders and serve them when they get old or sick. We have brotherly relations with the people of our neighbourly states. We believe in the policy of live and let live.
Yours sincerely,
Hardik Kaushik

B. Write a short speech to be delivered on the Independence Day. You may make use of the clues given below :
Mahatma Gandhi, 1947, freedom fighters, nationalism, sacrifice, non-violence, unity, brotherhood, education.
Independence Day
15th August is a red letter day in the history of India. On this great day in 1947, India won back her freedom. The British rule came to an end on this day. Now, we have become the makers of our own country and destiny. We celebrate this day as a national festival or as a historical day. This day brings us joy and hope. It also reminds us of the sacrifices of our martyrs. They fought with the British empire. The sacrifices of our leaders like Gandhiji, Sardar Patel, Lala Lajpat Rai, Sardar ! Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad. Veer Savarkar, Subhash Chandra Bose etc. won us freedom. Truth and non-violence were Gandhiji’s weapons. The leaders created a sense of nationalism, unity and brotherhood among the people of different castes and religions.

Think it over

A. India is the country of diversity in natural riches. There are lofty mountains, lush green forests, dry hot desert, vast plains, plateaus and deep seas. What are the other diversities? Think over them. You can think of languages, dances, festivals, food habits etc.
There is diversity of languages, dances, food habits etc. in India. India is a vast country. Many languages like English, Hindi, : Urdu, Gujrati, Marathi, Rajasthani, Dogri, Tamil, Malyalam, Assamese, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi etc. are spoken by people of different regions and states. All types of dances like Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipuri, x Bhangra, etc. are practised here. The people eat different food grains like wheat, grams, barley, millet, maize, soyabean, milk products or non-vegetarian diets like eggs and flesh. People of different-castes and religions celebrate the festivals like Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Id, Christmas, Guru Parva etc. Hence, we can say that India is a country of vast diversity.

B. We are Indians, our love and dedication should be reflected not only in words but also in our deeds. What should guide our actions?
Mahatma Gandhi once said, “We have to produce a society of those people who profess different religions, live in different regions with different climates but live like brothers.” In fact, the statement of Mahatma Gandhi has the essence of national integration in India. Lip service does not hold any importance in our life. We must keep harmony between on words, thoughts and actions. We are Indians first and last. We puts develop a sense of love and dedication for all the Indians. The people of all religions, eating practices and faiths should live together like real brothers. This is mine or others is the consideration, of low-minded people.

Things to do

Go to your library and collect some poems of similar theme and write them in your diary.
Class-room Activity for self Attempt

Bharat Our Land Additional Questions

Short-Answer Questions, (about 25 words)

Question 1.
What are your ideas about your ‘Dear India’?
I have a deep and undying love for my ‘Dear India’. She is my mother land. I can fulfil all my dreams here. I find myself fully secure here. Her thought instils joy and hope in us. Everybody is free to work, worship and think here. Even a child is respected like a God here.

Question 2.
What were the main characteristics of the Aryan (Vedic) Age?
The main characteristics of the Aryan Age can be stated as under :

  1. It demonstrated the reversal of pastoral economy.
  2. It exhibited the predominance of the tribal system.
  3. It experienced the spread of agriculture throughout the country.
  4. It witnessed a civilization spread over the whole country.
  5. There was intermixing of the Aryan and the Dravidian culture.

Question 3.
Explain the meaning of the term ‘Upanishad’.
‘Upanishad’ literally means ’the sitting down of the disciples near the preceptors for a confidential chat or communication. Later, it was baptised as a sacred doctrine (session). Upanishads, now impart the knowledge about Brahman.

Question 4.
Write a brief note on Hindu Civilization.
Hindu civilization is immortal. The Bhagvad Gita and the Upanishads will ever go on inspiring the men of action and thought. Many unwanted features of Indian Civilization like animal sacrifice, widow burning, child marriage, joint family system and untouchability have disappeared.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
How can we say that India is a gloroious land?
India is a land of great diversity in its physical features, people, languages and cultures. We have the evergreen luscious forests, rivers, valleys and fertile plains in the North and the South. We have the snowy peaks of the Himalayas in the North. It is surrounded by the mighty oceans on three sides. Uncountable communities live , in 26 states. The people speak different languages and different dialects ‘ for each language. India has a rich heritage, in science, architecture and literature. Our country produces practically everything. We export industrial goods. We are one of the world’s largest film-makers. Our musicians and dancers are appreciated all over the world. We can l call our country a glorious land.

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Question 2.
Which problems do the people of India face now?
The people of India face a host of problems. There is widespread poverty and illiteracy. Also there is a wide gap between the rich and the poor. There are persons who cannot afford two square meals a day. On the other hand there are those who live in five- star luxury even in their own homes. They waste money carelessly. Both the rich and the poor are always in danger. The poor are scared of the rich and the rich are afraid of the robbers, kidnappers and dacoits. Even the custodians of law are mightily scared of the law breakers. Everybody is self-interested. Nuclear families have sprung up.

The aged people are neglected and left to suffer alone. Unemployment is the root cause of all problems. Terrorism, militant activities and, mental tensions are the order of the day. Exploitation, nepotism x and bribery have caused an atmosphere of stress and strain. Everybody has become indifferent to others’ welfare.

Bharat Our Land Summary in English

Bharat is our land. The mighty Himalayas, the generous Ganga and the sacred upanishads are India’s matchless possessions. It is a peerless, sunny golden land.Bharat is the land of heroic warriors, holy sages and heavenly music. It is the land of origin of many religions and sects. It has a well-known ancient past. Indians will no longer be a victim of danger, poverty, self-interest and cowardly indifference. They are rich and self-sufficient. The Aryan land deserves all praise.

Bharat Our Land Summary in Hindi

भारत हमारी भूमि है। शक्तिशाली हिमालय, उदार गंगा और पवित्र उपनिषद्, भारत की अतुलनीय सम्पत्ति हैं। यह धूपवाली तथा अनोखी सुनहरी भूमि है।

भारत, वीर योद्धाओं, पावन संतों और दिव्य संगीत की भूमि है। यह अनेकों धर्मों तथा मतों की उद्गगम भूमि है। इसका पुरातन भूतकाल प्रसिद्ध है। भारतीय खतरों, निर्धनता, स्वार्थ तथा भीरुतापूर्ण उदासीनता के और अधिक शिकार नहीं रहेंगे। वे धनी और आत्म-निर्भर हैं। आर्य-भूमि समूची प्रशसा की अधिकारी

Bharat Our Land Word-Meanings

MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 1 Bharat Our Land 4

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