MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 14 Old Blockhead repairs his House

MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 14 Old Blockhead repairs his House

Old Blockhead repairs his House Textual Exercises

Old Blockhead repairs his House Vocabulary

A. Use the following in your sentences: far away, let, suddenly, a few, looking for, set out, a lot, pull down, look after, take care of, at the end.
Our school is far away from here.
Let me sing a song on the stage.
Suddenly, the hare emerged from the bushes.
I have a few friends who will help me.
He is looking for a suitable job.
I set out on a long journey.
Ladies have a lot of work to do.
The bulldozer pulled down the building.
Who looks after the orphans?
A woman alone can take care of the children.
Who is standing at the end of the queue?


B. Give the meanings of :
look, look into, look ahead, look at, look down, look for, look in, look upon, look up, look here.
Word – Meaning
Look – to direct ones eyes, to examine, to glance, at a thing.
Look into – to consider.
Look ahead – to look forward.
Look at – to see attentively.
Lookdown – to look with hatred.
Look for – to expect, to search for
Look in – to see horoughly
Look upon – to regard with specified feeling.
Look up – to respect, to consult
Look here – to pay attention.

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C. Match the words given under ‘A’ with their meanings given under ‘B’.
A – B
1. owner – (a) suffering from decay
2. mistaken- (b) smile radiantly
3. rotten – (c) one who owns something.
4 beaming – (d) very pleasant to the taste
5. delicious – (e) wrong in one’s opinion or judgement.
1. (c), 2. (e), 3 (a), 4. (b), 5. (d).

D. Write different meanings of the following, words and use them in your own sentences, call, idea, save, like, short.
Word Meaning Usage

  1. Call Call to speak in a loud tone. She called her uncle for help.
  2. to pay a brief visit. I shall call at your house tomorrow.
  3. to name. Tara Chand is called Sonu.


  1. a plan. She has an idea to entrap you.
  2. conception. Human brain is full of ideas,
  3. Vague belief. Nuclear families are not good ideas.
  4. intention, aim. What is your idea about your career


  1. to keep for future use. Save some money for the rainy days.
  2. to rescue. Military saves the country against foreign attacks.
  3. Except.’ Who will help you save your relatives


  1. Similar. Sushma is like her brother.
  2. in the manner of. He behaves like a gentleman.
  3. to find pleasing. I like mangoes and oranges.


  1. not long. Her temper is short now we, travelled a short distance on foot.
  2. lacking. The old man is short of money.

E. What is common in the pronunciation of the following words :
man, back, sad, have, thank

MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 14 Old Blockhead repairs his House 1


A. Answer each of the following questions in about 25 words.
1. Describe the condition of the house as narrated by Ma Block¬head. . .
2. Why was the repair of the house urgent?
3. Why did Ma Blockhead dig the road?
4. After walking the dug road, where did old Blockhead reach?
1. One day, Ma Blockhead attracted her husband’s attention towards their house. She said that their house needed repair. Its roof was leaking. Its walls had got holes in them.

2. The old couple lived in a little wooden house. It was far from other people. The roof of the house was full of holes. Besides, the walls of the house were rotten. Therefore, the repair of the house was urgent.

3. Ma Blockhead wanted to persuade her husband to repair the house. Thus they could save some money. Old Blockhead had made many excuses. However he had no money to run the household. So he needed some job to earn money. Ma Blockhead dug the road in order to make her husband work and repair the house

4. Ma Blockhead had dug a winding road. It started from their garden. It passed through bushes and undergrowth. It led back to their garden. Old Blockhead reached the house at the end of the road after walking the dug read. It was his own house.

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B. Answer each of the following questions in about 50 words.
1. How was Old Blockhead persuaded to work?
2. What excuses did old Blockhead make?
3. Describe the reaction of old Blockhead when he came to know that he repaired his own house.
1. The old Blockhead’s wooden house needed repair. Ma Blockhead asked her husband to repair it. He made silly excuses and showed his helplessness. Ma Blockhead told him that they had ; very little food. This persuaded him to work. But he had no place
to work. Therefore, she dug a winding road. She directed her husband to look for work in the house at the end of the road. Thus she urged him to work there.

2. Ma Blockhead asked her husband to repair their wooden house. Their roof was full of holes. Their walls were also rotten. Old Blockhead neither wanted to repair the house nor did he know how I to repair it. Therefore, he made excuses that he was busy tired and sick.

3. Ma Blockhead was. a clever lady. She due a winding road from their garden back to their garden. She made her husband find the job in her own wooden house. She made him repair his own house. She paid him well for the job. The mystery was out when he gave the money to his wife. He was highly delighted to learn that he had repaired his own house. Besides they would buy good food in plenty with his own earnings. He felt himself lucky.

Old Blockhead repairs his House Grammar

A. Read the following extracts of conversation :

  • “My dear husband” said Ma Blockhead sweetly, “I think you should repair this house.”
  • “Me? Did you say—me?” asked old Blockhead.
  • “Actually” said old Blockhead, “I don’t want to do it. And I don’t know how to do it.”

The above sentences are in Direct Naration.
We can give the exact meaning without using the speaker’s words.

  • Ma Blockhead told her husband politely that she thought he should repair that house.
  • Old Blockhead asked if she had said….him.
  • Old Blockhead said that actually he did not want to do that And he did not know how to do that.

The above sentences are in Indirect Speech.
Now, convert the following into indirect speech :
1. Ma Blockhead replied, “This is our house, isn’t it? Then we should repair it.”
2. A few days later, Ma Blockhead said to old Blockhead, “My dear husband, we had very little food left. I think it will be a good idea if you go out and look for work. If you work, we shall have money. When we have money, we can buy the things we needs.”
Old Blockhead asked Ma Blockhead if she knew where he could get a job. She replied, “I’ve heard that the owner of the house at the end of flus road is looking for someone to work there. Why don’t you try there? If you are lucky, you might get the job.”
1. Ma Blockhead gave her husband a counter reply. She declared that that was their house and confirmed if it wasn’t. She further stressed that they should repair it.

2. A few days later, Ma Blockhead informed old Blockhead sweetly that they had very little food left. She thought it would be ; a good idea if he went out and looked for work. If he worked they would have money. When they had money, they could buy the things they needed.

Old Blockhead asked Ma Blockhead if she knew where he could get a job. She replied that she had heard that the owner of the house , at the end of that road was looking for someone to work there. She asked him why he didn’t try there. She further informed him that if he was (were) lucky, he might get the job.

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Speaking Activity

A. Following are the events from the story, Discuss the order of the events among yourselves rearrange them and narrate it :
1. Old Blockhead has finished his work.
2. She dug a winding road.
3. No, no I repaired the house at the end of this road.
4. The roof of their house is at the end of this road.
5. Old Blockhead agreed to work at the house.
6. She took some money from her husband.
7. If you are lucky, you might get the job.
8. This is our house, isn’t it? Then we should repair it.
Order of events in the story.
8, 2, 7, 5,1, 6, 3, 4.

Writing Activity

A. How can an idle person be motivated to work hard? Elaborate. (50 words).
An idle person is a person who is not doing or having any work. He does not spend his time in doing anything particular. He is lazy by nature and avoids doing anything fruitful to self or others’. He simply whiles away his own or others time. He has silly pursuits. It is very difficult to urge him to work. He is the victim of his own nature.

He should be encouraged to work by citing ‘ examples of prosperous and successful persons. He should be prompted to do something by friendly coaxing or instructions. He should be apprised about the horrors of idleness and gainful uses of steady work. He should be told in emphatic words that work is true worship of God.

B. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. Justify the statement. (150 words)
If there is a little tear in. our clothes we should get it stitched at the earliest. If we fail to do so, the number of tears will go on 1 increasing. The proverb means that a small piece of work done now may save a lot of work later. We should act with prudence. The
proverb’one who repairs his gutters repairs his whole house’ conveys the same idea. If we have some disease, we should consult

some reliable doctor and undergo proper treatment. If we postpone the treatment the pimple will grow into an ulcer. It might also cause ; our death. Delays have dangerous consequences. Therefore, do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Accumulation of undone jobs makes your work harder. Therefore, finish your work.on schedule.

MP Board Solutions

Violence and lawlessness should be quelled at the very outset. Postponenment can only complicate matters. Failure to get the damages repaired in buildings or vehicles may cause unnecessary expenditure. All bad habits grow from small indulgences. The French Revolution broke out because the French king failed to take timely action to redress the grievances of the masses.

Think it over

A. A man, who is in the habit of postponing his work, is not liked by people. Why?
Timely action always brings the desired results. Delays have dangerous consequences. If a farmer does not sow seeds timely or waters his fields timely, his entire labour would go water. Every member of the family will dislike him. If a student puts off studying his subjects and shews poor results, his teachers and parents would dislike him. If the government delays in carrying out its duties, the masses will get angry and overthrow it. Nobody liked the French king when he failed to redress the grievances of the public by averting the outbreak of the French revolution. Idlers and shirkers are sinners and enemies of their own as well as of others.

B. Ma Blockhead managed to draw best out of old Blockhead. Putting such people into work is a witty idea. Think of some other ideas like this?
A widow had five sons. They were all idle, stupid, shirkers, quarrelsome and disobedient. They were bullies arid headstrong. They did not listen to any body’s advice or instructions. The widow was sick of them. One day she fell ill and lay on her death bed. She called her sons. She told them that their father had hidden a treasure in the fields. She did not know the exact place. The sons went to the field and turned up the whole soil. They got disappointed not to find the silver or gold there. They sowed seeds. Bumper crop grew. The boys understood the truth of their mother’s statement. They developed the habit of obedience arid working hard. In this way the widow managed to draw best out of dolts or blockheads.

Things to do

1. Arrange your study room systematically everyday.
To be done at home individually.

Old Blockhead repairs his House Additional Questions

Short Answer Type Questions (In about 25 words)

Question 1.
Who lived in a little village? What were they called and why?
There lived a man and his wife in a little village. The man was called old Blockhead because he was a dolt He was quite ignorant of the ways of the world. He was short of brain. His wife was wise and tactful. However she was called Ma Blockhead because she was the Blockhead’s wife.

Question 2.
How did the old couple live?
The old couple led a poor and miserable life. They were short of money. The roof of their wooden house was full of holes. It leaked during the rainy season. Its walls were also rotten. They had no money to get it replaced or repaired. The old man was an evading type. The woman was practical. However, they lived happily. The husband obeyed his wife and followed her directions.

MP Board Solutions

Question 3.
When did Ma Blockhead say, “This is our house, isn’t it?”
Ma Blockhead had asked her husband that they should repair that house. He made many excuses to evade her. He did not want to repair the house. He told her that he had a lot of work to do. 1 Hie was also tired and sick. These excuses irritated Ma Blockhead ‘ and she replied. ‘This is our house, isn’t it?’

Question 4.
Do you like old Blockhead? If not, why not?
I do not like old Blockhead at ail. He is an irresponsible husband. He is not ready even to repair his leaking and rotten wooden house. His words are not reliable. Once he says that he has a lot of work to do. Again he says to his wife if she knows where he can get a job. He doesn’t provide his wife with proper food and shelter.

Long Answer Type Question (in about 50 words)

Question 1.
Compare and contrast the characters of old Blockhead and Ma Blockhead.
Blockhead and Ma Blockhead are husband and wife. Both are aware about their rotten house and shortage of food. Old Blockhead is evasive of his responsibilities. He knows how to repair the house yet he shows his ignorance. He is money minded and blunt i spoken. He is a liar. Ma Blockhead is soft spoken. She is an ideal wife. She urges her husband to work and improve his way of life. She is the bursar, guide and manager of the household.

Old Blockhead repairs his House Summary in English

A blockhead and his wife Ma Blockhead lived in a small village. They lived in a little wooden house. Their roof” was full of holes and their walls were rotten. One day M Block head asked Old Block-head to repair the house. Old Blockhead told her that he was busy, tired and sick. These were all excuses. He neither wanted nor knew how to repair the house. Ma Blockhead had an idea. She dug a winding road from their garden, back to their garden. One day she asked her husband to look for work. Old Blockhead did not know where to get a job.

Ma Blockhead told him that the owner of the house at die end of the road was looking for some worker Old Blockhead followed the winding path and reached a little wooden house. A woman came out. She looked like his wife. Even the house looked like his own ‘ house.

MP Board Solutions

The woman asked Old Blockhead to repair her house. Old Blockhead agreed to replace the roof and the walls. He pulled down the rotten walls and brought down the leaky roof. The woman looked after his food and drink so long as he worked there. He went home every evening. Old Blockhead finished his work in a week. The woman paid him well for the job. Old Blockhead reached home along the winding road through the bushes and undergrowth. He gave ‘ the money to his wife. The wife beamed with a smile. Now they could buy good food in plenty. He got amazed to see how his own house had been repaired. His wife shook with laughter and told him that he himself had repaired it. He learnt that the house at the end of the road was his own house.

Old Blockhead repairs his House Summary in Hindi

एक ब्लॉकहैड (महामूख) और उसकी पत्नी माँ ब्लॉकहैड किसी छोटे गाँव में रहते थे। वे लकड़ी के एक छोटे-से घर में रहते थे। उनकी छत, छेदों से भरी हुई थी और उनकी दीवारें सड़ी हुई थीं। एक दिन माँ ब्लॉकहैड ने ओल्ड ब्लॉकहैड से घर की मरम्मत करने के लिए कहा। ओल्ड ब्लॉकहैड ने उसे बताया कि वह व्यस्त, थका हुआ और बीमार है। ये सभी बहाने थे। वह न तो घर की मरम्मत करना चाहता था और न ही उसे वह काम आता था।

माँ ब्लॉकहैड को एक विचार आया। उसने अपने बाग से लेकर वापस अपने बाग तक एक मुड़ी-तुड़ी सड़क बनाई। एक दिन उसने काम ढूँढ़ने के लिए अपने पति से कहा। ओल्ड ब्लॉकहैड नहीं जानता था कि कहाँ काम तलाश करे। माँ ब्लॉकहैड ने . उसे बताया कि सड़क के सिरे वाले मकान का मालिक किसी काम करने वाले की तलाश में है। मुड़े-तुड़े रास्ते पर चलते हुए ओल्ड ब्लॉकहैड, लकड़ी के एक छोटे मकान के पास पहुँचा। एक महिला बाहर आई। वह उसकी पत्नी जैसी लगती थी। वह घर भी उसके अपने घर जैसा लगता था। महिला ने ओल्ड ब्लॉकहैड से कहा कि उसके घर की मरम्मत कर दे। ओल्ड ब्लॉकहैड, छत और दीवारों को बदलने के लिए सहमत हो गया। उसने दुर्गन्धयुक्त दीवारों और चूती हुई छत को भी गिरा दिया। जब तक उसने वहाँ काम किया, महिला ने उसक खाने और पीने की देखभाल रखी।

वह रोज शाम को अपने घर चला जाता था। ओल्ड ब्लॉकहैड ने एक सप्ताह में अपना काम समाप्त कर दिया। महिला ने उसके काम के बदले उसे अच्छी धनराशि दी। झाड़ियों के बीच से मुड़ी-तुड़ी सड़क पर चलते हुए, ओल्ड ब्लॉकहैड घर पहुँच गया। उसने अपनी पत्नी को धनराशि दी। पत्नी, खुशी से मुस्कराई। अब वे काफी मात्रा में अच्छा भोजन खरीद सकते थे। वह यह देखकर हैरान हो गया कि उसके अपने घर की मरम्मत कैसे हो गई। उसकी पत्नी जोर-जोर से हँसने लगी और उसे बताने लगी कि स्वयं उसी ने उसकी मरम्मत की थी। उसे पता चला कि सड़क के सिरे वाला मकान उसी का अपना मकान था। .

Old Blockhead repairs his House Word Meanings
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